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If you’re a heavier person, it can be hard to find a comfortable mattress, and so we’ve gone back over our mattress tests here’s our recommendations for the best mattress for a heavy person.

Heavier individuals need to consider several factors when purchasing a mattress. Durability, thickness, and level of support matter. Also, edge support and longevity can be affected and it’s important to consider warranty coverage as many mattresses limit weight to 250 pounds per sleeper.

If you’re a plus size person who weighs 300lbs or more, than you are limited in your mattress choices. But fear not! There are some great mattress options and we’ll help you with the details to give you clarity as you research the best beds for heavy people.

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Best Mattresses for heavy people

An overweight person laying in bed with a mattress that is rated for heavy people
Finding a mattress that supports a heavy individual properly can be a challenge

We’ve gone over the details of our mattress tests and here’s a list we compiled of mattresses that have the features needed to be the best for heavy people.

Taking into consideration the need for more support, durability, and the thickness of the mattress, as well as reinforced edge support, here are the mattresses that are most likely to serve a heavyweight person well.

Mattress Considerations

  • mattress weight limits
  • level of support provided by the mattress construction
  • durability of the mattress (often reflected by the company’s willingness to cover it with warranty)
  • overall thickness of the mattress
  • reinforced edge support
  • high density foam or coil spring systems

Do you need to replace your mattress?

Replacing a mattress can be expensive. If you don’t need to replace your mattress yet, then you’ll save some money. Sometimes people wake up tired and think that a new mattress will solve their problems.

According to studies, most adults in North America (that includes Canada) are not getting enough sleep. You can tell if you’re getting enough sleep by how you feel during the day. If you wake up feeling good and have energy all day without feeling too sleepy, you’re probably getting enough sleep.

But if you have trouble staying awake, feel grumpy, or can’t focus, you might need more sleep. Keeping track of how long and how well you sleep can also help you figure out if you’re getting enough.

If you’re sleeping for less than 7 to 8 hours per night (that’s the recommended amount), then you might be to blame, and not your mattress!

However, if you’re getting enough hours in bed and you still feel tired it could be that you are sleeping restlessly because of your mattress.

If you frequently wake up feeling stiff or achy, or if you have trouble getting a good night’s sleep, it may be time to consider replacing your mattress.

You may need to replace your mattress if you notice visible signs of wear and tear, such as sagging, lumps, or indentations. Most mattresses have a lifespan of about 7-10 years, so if yours is reaching that age, it might be a good idea to start thinking about a replacement.

Highest Weight Capacity: Big Fig Mattress for Heavier People

Highest mattress weight capacity of 1100 lbs!

The Big Fig mattress is specifically designed from the ground up for the “sleeper with a bigger future”. Unlike many other mattresses that are markets to plus size and big and tall demographics, the Big Fig isn’t just a normal mattress with some minor adjustments.

Visit Big Fig Mattresses

The Big Fig is made in Cleveland, but in order to get it to Canada you need to deal with high shipping costs and import fees ($250 USD additional). If the mattress interests you, you can check it out here and get $50 off.

While many people with a bigger figure are happy with the big fig and claim it’s the best mattress for heavy people, we didn’t include it in our official recommendations – but we do want to mention it here.

The Big Fig mattress has thousands of satisfied customers and 5-star reviews, and it comes with a 120-night trial and a 20 year warranty.

Canadian Made, Emma makes a mattress for heavy people

Emma mattresses have a weight limit of 1000 pounds, which is double the amount of weight that most mattresses allow under their warranty terms!

The Emma CliMax mattress was recently replaced by their new and improved Emma Hybrid Comfort mattress. But that’s ok! We found the CliMax to be too firm, but the Hybrid Comfort is super comfortable (you can read our full Emma Hybrid Comfort review).

Both the CliMax and the Hybrid mattresses have the same weight limit, so it would seem that the pure-foam construction of the CliMax required dense firm foam to ensure ample support for heavier people.

On the other hand, the hybrid mattress construction of the Comfort allows for a soft and comfortable top foam layer, while the hard work of supporting is done by the steel springs.

In the end, you’re left with a well supportive mattress that is both soft and comfortable and yet still surprisingly supportive. All at a reasonable price!

While the weight limit is 1000 pounds, it’s still plenty of weight capacity making it the best mattress for a 350 pound person, or really any person up to 500 pounds in weight.

Mattress Overview

Emma Hybrid Comfort Mattress

Emma Hybrid Comfort Mattress

The Emma Hybrid Comfort Mattress is made in Mexico, and starts at only $1409 for a Queen size. This 13" thick mattress is rated as 'Medium Firm'. Emma offers a 365 night trial period and a 10 year warranty.

Materials Used: memory foam, pocket coils, cooling fiber or fabric, breathable foam, removable cover
Certifications: Certi-Pur US
Other: Fiberglass free details

Shop Now $1409 for a Queen

Emma Hybrid Comfort Mattress Construction and Layers

The hybrid mattress is 13 inches thick, and is built from 7 distinct layers, each with their own distinct purpose.

  • The top cover is soft-to-touch, and built with light fibers to make sure it’s very comfortable to lay on. The cover also wicks away moisture, and keeps heat from getting trapped on the surface of the mattress.
  • Underneath the top cover is Emma’s signature Point Elastic Airgocell foam. The foam absorbs and releases excess body moisture and heat, which is ideal for a heavy person that may sleep hot.
  • The next layer is memory foam that molds to the shape of your body and helps provide even pressure distribution to prevent pressure point pain. It also provides excellent motion isolation so you won’t be disturbed by other sleepers.
  • Support HRX foam is a layer underneath that provides just the right level of firmness without allowing for hollows or bumps.
  • The heart of the mattress is the individually-wrapped pocket coils. The coils are designed t enhance airflow and provide just the right level of tension and bounce all over the mattress. These coils are strong enough to support heavier sleepers without any trouble, and they adapt to your spine for longer and more comfortable sleep.
  • Under the coil springs is a firm stabilizing layer of foam that provides the necessary stability and is built to last.
  • All of these layers are wrapped by a anti-slip lower cover with handles to help maneuver the mattress. Interestingly, Emma actually mentions these handles are to help move the mattress, while other companies seem to tell people not to use the handles to move the mattress.

Check out this short animation of the supportive coils in the Hybrid Comfort mattress:

Emma Hybrid Comfort Mattress Sizes

Emma makes their mattresses in all of the common sizes to give you the options you need. The mattress comes with a free 365 night trial, and a 10 year warranty. Financing is available, and there’s free shipping and returns.

Mattress SizePrice   
Twin XL$1,085.00
Full / Double$1,220.00
Cal King$1,889.00

Ghostbed Flex Mattress for heavy people

GhostBed started back in 2001 as Nature’s Sleep – before you could buy a mattress in a box online! In 2015 GhostBed launched their mattress online, and has been innovating ever since.

The GhostBed Flex is one mattress out of their lineup of 8 different mattresses, and falls right in the middle of their luxury range (more expensive than their essential mattress range, but less expensive than their premium collection).

The company itself recommends the Flex as the best mattress for heavy people. GhostBed says that a mattress with a minimum of 10 inches is needed to ensure your bed has “deep compression support” that can handle extra weight.

Mattress Overview

Ghostbed Flex Mattress

Ghostbed Flex

The Ghostbed Flex is made in Canada, and starts at only $3235 for a Queen size. This 13" thick mattress is rated as 'Medium'. GhostBed offers a 101 Night Trial period and a 25 year warranty.

Materials Used: memory foam, synthetic latex, pocket coils, cooling gel

Shop Now $3235 for a Queen

Why isn’t this GhostBed Flex the best mattress for heavy people?

Because of the price. We like the mattress, we think it has all of the features that a heavier person would need. We also like that it’s made in Canada and the USA. If you can afford it, you won’t be disappointed. But if you need a cheaper mattress option, go for the Emma Hybrid Comfort.

GhostBed Flex Mattress Construction and Layers

The GhostBed, just like the Emma Hybrid Comfort mattress above, is 13 inches thick with 8 different layers of cushioning and support.

The Flex mattress also has good edge support that won’t break down when sitting on it.

A heavy person tends to sleep hotter, and the Flex provides better ventilation than other mattresses.

  • Their signature Ghost Ice cover is instantly cool to the touch.
  • Underneath is a 1 inch thick of cooling fiber
  • A layer of 1″ contouring gel memory foam completes the cover
  • The fourth layer is what Ghostbed calls their bounce layer. It’s 1 inch of foam that responds like latex, but isn’t latex. GhostBed says it helps balance out the other foam layers.
  • Underneath the not-latex layer is 1.5 inches of gel memory foam that contours to your body to eliminate pressure points and provide excellent motion isolation.
  • The micro-coils in the GhostBed are only 1 inch tall, but they are individually wrapped and encased in foam to help offer responsiveness like a traditional innerspring mattress – but GhostBed says there’s no need to worry about them sagging.
  • The final layer is a high density base foam layer that works with the coil springs to keep your spine aligned.
  • All of those layers are wrapped with the mattress cover.

GhostBed Flex Mattress Sizes and Options

Mattress SizePrice   
Twin XL$2,825.00
Full / Double$2,925.00
Cal King$3,975.00
Split King$5,650.00

Choosing the best mattresses for heavy people

Choosing a mattress is the same whether you’re a heavier individual or not. Of course price, warranty, and firmness and options are important – but it all comes down to comfort. If a mattress doesn’t give you a good sleep, it’s no good.

Here are some tips for choosing a comfortable mattress for your bed, whether your a back or side sleeper.

Mattress Weight Limitations and Warranty

While you can do anything you want with a mattress once you’ve purchased it, be aware that most mattress companies have warranty terms that limit the weight of the sleepers.

The industry standard weight limit seems to be 250 lbs per sleeper, with a maximum of 500 lbs. This is for queen size mattresses and larger, with a twin or double mattress typically having a weight limit of 250 lbs total.

For heavier individuals, there are only a few companies that have a higher weight limit so it can limit your mattress options.

Of course, your comfort is more important so while it would be best to get a supportive mattress that is rated for heavy bodies, it shouldn’t cause you to get a mattress that doesn’t help you get a good sleep.

Sleeping on your side, you’ll want enough softness to prevent pressure points, but enough firmness to keep from sinking to far.

Best Mattress Firmness for heavy people

A firm mattress will support more weight without squishing into a thin layer and keeping a heavier person from bottoming out on the bed frame. Simply providing a rock hard mattress would provide the necessary support for a person of any weight, but it wouldn’t provide any comfort.

We believe the best mattress for a heavy person will be a hybrid style mattress.

A hybrid mattress combines foam layers with a layer of steel springs, and typically many springs. These hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of springs provide a firm tough layer of support in a mattress while still allowing some give. They also provide a springiness in a bed that’s great for adult activities, and it also helps you bounce out of bed in the morning.

The top foam layers of a hybrid mattress do the job of cushioning a sleeper’s curves and allowing relief on pressure points, while still maintaining support to keep your spine in line.

Heavy people need the Best Mattress Edge Support

A typical mattress doesn’t have great edge support. If a mattress is made to be soft and comfortable, then the edge of the mattress will also be soft – which means it can feel like you’re falling out of bed.

In order to achieve good edge support, a mattress needs to be made with an outer, firmer layer of foam. This firmer edge can surround other softer foams, or in the case of a hybrid mattress, it can surround the pocket coil springs.

For mattresses made for heavier people, the edge support needs to be even more substantial.

When we performed our mattress edge support tests, we used 175 lbs to simulate someone sitting near the edge of the mattress. Some of the cheaper all-foam mattresses were almost fully compressed at that weight – imagine what would happen with a heavier person!

The mattresses built specifically for large people have extra strong edge support to provide the support needed when sleeping near the edge of the mattress, or when sitting on the edge.

Mattresses built for a heavy person can solve common problems

Bigger figures experience a common set of problems with their mattresses. While sleeping, the mattress can sag and provide poor back support. In addition, the edge support just isn’t strong enough to provide real edge support for a heavier person.

Over time, the extra weight of heavier sleepers can also cause the mattress to get softer and lose some of the comfort it had. Materials in the different layers can shift around, and the mattresses just aren’t durable.

A supportive mattress core is crucial for a heavy person as it helps maintain proper spinal alignment and prevents excessive sinking. It provides the necessary structural integrity to withstand and distribute the additional weight effectively, providing a better sleep and reducing the risk of pain or premature wear and tear.

Sleeping temperature is also a big concern for heavy sleepers. Sinking into plush memory foam causes sleepers to be way too hot, and a heavy person may feel more heat retention when sleeping. Look for mattress features like cooling gel that help regulate your body temperature as you sleep.

Pressure relief is crucial for heavier individuals as it helps distribute weight more evenly, reducing the risk of discomfort and promoting better circulation. This can alleviate pressure points and provide a more comfortable and supportive sleep surface for individuals with higher body weight.

Motion isolation is important for heavier individuals to minimize disturbances caused by movement during sleep. A mattress with good motion isolation can help prevent disruptions and ensure a more restful sleep experience for both the heavier individual and their sleep partner.

A mattress for heavy people will combat these common problems by building heavier duty, with higher quality materials, and with firmer foams.

What mattress material is best for heavy sleepers who sleep hot?

A mattress with gel-infused memory foam or latex is a good option for heavy sleepers who get hot when they sleep. These materials can help to spread out body heat and let air move through, which can keep the sleeper cool.

Mattresses with breathable covers and open-cell foam designs can also help heavy people who tend to get hot while sleeping.

Do heavier people need a firmer mattress?

While a plus size person doesn’t necessarily want a firm feeling mattress, a firm mattress is the best choice for heavier people because it provides the support needed without allowing for so much mattress sagging.

Generally speaking, a firm or medium-firm mattress is required in order to encourage proper spinal support. While a lighter person may experience not enough sag that makes their spine be curved upward unnaturally, a heavier person can experience too much mattress sag which causes their spine to be curved too much in an unnatural way.

Why do heavier individuals need more mattress firmness?

Mattress firmness can be an especially important consideration for a large person. Heavy people put more weight per square inch onto a mattress and without sufficient mattress firmness, the mattress won’t perform – it will just flatten.

If you suffer from back pain, it’s likely because your mattress isn’t firm enough – and it’s allowing you to sink to far into it causing your spine to curve, rather than keeping it straight.

Same with neck or shoulder pain – they can be caused by a mattress firmness that is too soft.

If you have trouble getting out of bed, then your mattress is probably too soft – especially the edge support.

What makes a mattress the best for heavy sleepers?

When reviewing mattresses, the most common question we get is what makes this mattress the best?

Everyone knows that a mattress is very personal depending on sleep position, body type, and more. We really can only give you the best mattress recommendation based on what we’ve tested and discovered, and we hope that that information will be helpful to you.

So what makes the best mattresses for heavy people? Unfortunately, a discount price mattress won’t cut it. Cheap mattresses just don’t typically come with the high quality materials needed to provide the support and firmness needed for mattress for heavy people.

Is a memory foam mattress good for a heavy 300 lb person?

In order to provide proper support for a heavy person, a foam mattress needs to have substantial foam density ratings. Typically, that would mean a foam mattress core with a density of 2.3lbs or higher. That can be hard to find in a pure foam mattress, making a memory foam mattress suitable for heavy people difficult to find.

Latex mattresses typically have a density of 4 pounds, providing ample support for a plus size sleeper. We also like the extra support that hybrid mattresses provide, allowing for a softer foam layer on top and firm, strong support springs underneath.

Is a special mattress foundation needed for a heavier person?

Heavier people should be sure that the bed they are sleeping on is made to support their weight. Sleeping on a mattress that isn’t rated for your weight can cause discomfort, but if you are using a bed frame or foundation that isn’t rated for the weight it could be dangerous as it could fail and collapse.

Once the base of the bed is ready, then you can start researching about the best mattresses!

A sturdy bedframe will have a center rail and extra feet locations. If you’re using a platform bed or slatted foundation, make sure the slats are close enough together to support the sleepers.

What about an adjustable bed and mattress?

Adjustable mattresses can be beneficial for heavy individuals. These mattresses allow for customized positioning, which can help alleviate pressure points and provide better support for the body, especially for individuals with higher body weights.

Adjustable mattresses can offer enhanced comfort by allowing users to adjust the angle of the bed to find a position that is most comfortable for their specific needs. It is important for heavy individuals to ensure that the adjustable base and mattress combination can support their weight effectively.

Competition for the best mattresses for heavy people

There are a few other companies that make mattress for heavy people. Saatva makes a mattress called the Saatva HD, DreamCloud makes the DreamCloud Premier, and there’s the Titan Plus Luxe mattress.

Because of cost and availability, we didn’t count these as the best mattresses. If you can get your hands on one and you like the looks of it, it would be worth trying them out.

Remember – all of these mattresses you can buy online come with great trial periods, so don’t be afraid to take the plunge! Just keep in mind that if a mattress ships from the USA, redeeming or getting a refund during the trial period could be more difficult (and that’s really your only insurance when spending big bucks on a mattress), so make sure to ask all the questions you need before purchasing.

Is the Puffy Mattress best for Heavy People?

The Puffy Lux and Puffy Lux Hybrid are rated to 350lbs per sleeper on the queen and king size mattresses. Puffy mattress are a good mattress choice, but they just don’t have the weight capacity rating needed for an overweight couple to use the mattress unless you are under 350 lbs per head, and the limit is lower than other mattress options at 500 lbs per sleeper which could lead to quicker sagging and a less than ideal feel.

What about the Helix plus mattress?

Helix mattresses have the tagline of “mattresses for every body”. They even have a Helix plus mattress specifically designed for plus size and big & tall sleepers. Helix says they prioritize durable support to avoid sagging and without sacrificing pressure point relief.

Helix says their mattress is great for side or back sleepers, and we’d consider recommending the Helix mattress, but it’s $250 of shipping plus duties to ship to Canada so it doesn’t make our list.

Best Amazon Mattress for heavy people? Not the Suiforlun King Mattress

Some other Canada specific sites recommend the Suiforlun king mattress for a heavy person. We could find nothing on the Amazon listing about the weight capacity for the mattress, and while we did like the construction method and the 960 pocket springs to help distribute weight evenly, there are lots of reviews of the mattress sagging quite quickly.

Plus, at the cost of almost $1000, we’d recommend going with one of the other dedicated mattress-in-a-box companies for a better quality mattress and a better quality sleep trial.

What about a bariatric mattress?

A bariatric mattress is a type of mattress specifically designed to support and accommodate individuals who are overweight or obese. These mattresses are constructed to provide extra durability, support, and comfort to meet the unique needs of heavier individuals.

There is no significant difference between a bariatric mattress and a mattress designed for heavy individuals.

Both are tailored to provide extra support, durability, and comfort for people with higher body weights. These mattresses are often constructed with high-density foam or specialized coil systems to offer enhanced support and prevent premature wear and tear.

The terms “bariatric mattress” and “mattress for heavy people” are often used interchangeably to refer to mattresses designed to meet the unique needs of individuals with higher body weights.

They are often made with high-density foam or specialized coil systems to offer enhanced support and prevent premature wear and tear.

Bariatric mattresses can help distribute weight more evenly, reduce pressure points, and provide a more comfortable and supportive sleeping surface for individuals with higher body weights.

Often, medical equipment companies will require a prescription to purchase a bariatric mattress.

Reviews for mattresses for heavy people on websites like Sleepopolis

While we appreciate the depth and quality of the mattress reviews done by other sites, we like to think that none of them compare to the Canadian specific comparisons we provide on this site!

If you don’t mind reading about mattresses that you can’t get in Canada, then check out some of those other sites. When we shop, we find it frustrating to read about products, services, and opinions from a tester that doesn’t even apply in Canada. It’s not an ideal experience.

Sleeping tips for heavy people

We asked our testers, and here’s some sleeping tips for heavier individuals:

  1. Choosing a mattress with good support and pressure relief.
  2. Using pillows strategically to support the body’s natural alignment.
  3. Incorporating light exercise and getting sunlight during the day to promote better sleep at night.
  4. Avoiding consuming heavy meals right before bedtime to prevent discomfort during sleep.
  5. Considering sleeping on one’s side with a pillow between the legs for added comfort and support.

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