Online reviews play an important role in helping you decide, and you need unbiased mattress reviews Canada! As more companies start selling mattress-in-a-box online, it’s more important in 2023 than ever to make sure that you’re getting unbiased information.

Our Unbiased Mattress Review Summary: Comparing facts rather than opinions helps us stay unbiased. It lets you choose the mattress that’s the best fit for you regardless of what we think of it.

You can’t touch, feel, and lay on a mattress before you buy it online.  And many of these mattress companies don’t sell mattresses in the store where you can see them in person, so you have to rely on what the company says about their own mattress, and what others say about it as well.

When looking for a new mattress, Canadian online mattress companies have lengthy trial periods and money-back guarantees to help you make sure it’s the right mattress for you. Even still, it’s best to skip the hassle of hauling, unboxing, sleeping on, and then returning a mattress just for fun.

Mattress on a frame showing unbiased mattress reviews Canada

Ideally the mattress you purchase will be the one that you love and keep, and that’s why unbiased mattress reviews are important.

But how can you tell if the information you’re being told is useful or reliable? Unbiased mattress reviews are hard to find, and it’s hard not to become skeptical of all mattress reviews.

Often, mattress reviews will be full of information about how a person felt sleeping on the mattress. Every mattress in Canada has glowing reviews from people that love it and had the best sleep of their lives, and just as many reviews from people that hated it and how it made their back hurt even more.

We want to give you unbiased mattress reviews you can use to choose the best mattress for you!

We do objective testing like measuring how deep a specific weight sinks into the mattress, and how much the mattress costs. We’ve set out to test and compare as many bed in a box mattresses in Canada as we can.

Body shapes, body weights, height, and sleep preferences are all personal so we try to avoid opinions like “this is the most comfortable mattress in Canada!”

Keep reading to learn how we try to keep our mattress reviews unbiased.

Review Contents:

How to Spot Biased or Unbiased Mattress Reviews Canada!

Without naming specific websites, here are some tips on how to tell if mattress reviews are biased or not.

1. Does the mattress review contain any information that is different from the companies website? Some ‘review’ websites simply gather information from the mattress company website and reword it. That’s not a problem in itself, as we do that here at CanadaReviewed (like on our fiberglass free mattress page where we gather information on each mattress company about whether mattresses contain fiberglass or not). But if it’s poorly worded, fluff content, it’s likely they haven’t actually touched the mattress and are just hoping for clicks.

2. Does the website disclose whether or not they receive commissions from recommending the mattresses? It’s actually required by the Canadian government, which is why we have a disclosure on the top of our home page and at the bottom of every page. Again, while receiving a commission isn’t a problem necessarily, it can sometimes lead to biased mattress reviews based on the amount of money received for each specific mattress (see the section below on how mattress reviews have a bad reputation).

3. Is the mattress review full of subjective content? Many websites, even those claiming to have unbiased mattress reviews in Canada, have lines like “this mattress made all the difference” or “it’s like sleeping on a plush, comfortable cloud”.

We get it – and we actually give our opinion on the mattresses we’ve tested, but in all honesty, you can find glowing reviews for every mattress in the world. We make sure that the objective, unbiased mattress review content is at the top of our mattress reviews to help you compare details like firmness from one brand to another.

How Our Mattress Reviews are UnBiased

Years ago, you’d hear from a friend about the best mattress they bought and how comfortable and amazing it was, and then you’d go and buy the same one. These days, your ‘friend’ can be anybody sitting behind a keyboard – like us and many other mattress review sites!

Since you don’t personally know us, it’s virtually impossible to tell if a mattress review is unbiased. We receive a commission payment if you buy a mattress from many of the Canadian bed in a box companies, so you might think that we may be dishonest in order to increase our payout.

Here are 2 ways we keep our mattress reviews unbiased:

  1. We have listed every mattress available online in Canada
    We have a mattress comparison chart where we have added over 500 mattresses for you to compare! Every time we learn of a new mattress in a box in Canada, we add it to the list. If we were biased, we would list our top choices and stop at that. We list mattresses that we don’t get paid to list and we don’t get paid to promote, because we really do want to be a trustworthy source of information for you to choose the best mattress in Canada.
  2. We test every mattress the same way
    We have a series of mattress tests that we run on every mattress we can. These tests are measured and repeated the same way – every time. We do a bounce test, a motion isolation test, an edge support test, and we take pictures and videos of the unboxing process. We also look at the mattress tags and open the mattress covers to see what materials are used in building the mattress.

Testing motion isolation for our unbiased mattress reviews

Data is unbiased so we track multiple data points in our mattress reviews

Unbiased mattress reviews testing using weights and measuring sticks

We aren’t a pop-up and disappear website – we’ve been at this for years, and we’re building a website brand that Canadians can trust for honest product reviews.

Mattress Reviews by Price

Everyone knows how to compare by price! It might even be the easiest way to have an unbiased mattress review. And comparing the price of the mattresses delivered to you in Canada is a great place to start.

Regardless of whether a sample mattress was provided for review, or if we receive a commission for helping sell a mattress or not, money talks. Pricing doesn’t lie, and you can use our Canadian mattress comparison chart to sort by mattress price.

If finding the best deal on a mattress is important to you, you might want to check out these articles:

Mattress Reviews by Feature

If you’re looking for something specific in your mattress, then you can trust an unbiased review – at least as far as we’ve been told by the manufacturers!

Many people are searching for a Made in Canada mattress in a box, and we’ve compiled a list for you of all the Canadian made mattresses available online in 2023 (and we’re constantly updating it as it seems new companies are always starting up!).

Others want an organic mattress, or an all natural mattress, and so we have spent hundreds of hours on the painstaking details so that you can be sure you’ve been given all the best options for a mattress that meets your needs and wants.

Mattress with the best warranty

Mattress warranties are an important consideration. If you’re planning on getting a new mattress, you want to make sure it will last for years. The best mattress warranty is one that offers years of coverage and will allow you to exchange your mattress for a new one should a defect arise or sagging appear.

We list every mattress’s trial period and warranty so that you can make an unbiased Canadian mattress comparison.

Online Mattress Reviews Have a Bad Reputation

It’s no secret that online reviews have a shady past. Amazon has issues ensuring that reviews for their product listings are created by real people, and by customers. Unscrupulous sellers pay or give gift cards for good reviews in order to make their products appear above their competitors (you can read about that issue here at Wired) and sometimes they’ll even ask for negative reviews on their competitor’s products!

Online mattress reviews are important because they provide insight and feedback from individuals who have actually used and slept on the mattress – but if they can’t be trusted, what good are they?

Then, there’s things like mattress companies pressuring review sites to feature them in specific places, and being unhappy if their mattress doesn’t rank above their competitors.

Casper is sort of infamous for this, as back in 2016 the company sued 3 mattress review sites that had written negative reviews of their mattresses. The lawsuit famously ended by Casper helping fund a company that bought out one of those review sites –  Sleepopolis.

The parent company – Jakk Media – that acquired Sleepopolis with a loan from Casper also owned other review sites like Mattress Clarity. To further murkey the waters, Jakk Media no longer exists, but you can view their site on the Web Archive. According to one of the founders of Jakk, the company was acquired by Pillar4 Media. Pillar4 Media’s site lists 5 different mattress review sites under their “Our Brands” page.

There’s also – the Canadian company with multiple mattress brands like Douglas and Juno. operates the website. They commissioned third party engineering firms to perform standardized tests so they can make unbiased mattress comparisons. [If you’re a data nerd, check out their 259 page engineering report]

Every page of the Mattress Reviews site has a disclaimer right at the top saying that the site is owned by, so you can’t claim that they’re being sneaky, but since it’s managed by a company that makes mattresses, it might lead people to wonder if the mattress reviews are unbiased.

Other companies have extensive comparison pages and articles directly on their own mattress sites.

  • Tuft & Needle has a Compare page that has charts and articles with the tagline “It’s not us vs. them. It’s us vs. bad sleep.”
  • Nectar has a Compare page “Compare how Nectar offers more zzzs for less— and the best rest, guaranteed.” They even have a section that has customer reviews from people who purchased the Nectar mattress after returning some of the ‘other’ company’s mattresses
  • Polysleep has a “How we’re better” page and a blog with articles comparing their Canadian mattress in a box to the competition. Strange yet entertaining, their mattress review videos are all done by a person in a Panda costume!

All of this isn’t necessarily bad. After all, why would a company create a mattress that they didn’t think was the best out there? If they created a junky mattress and then lied about unbiased mattress reviews saying it was the best mattress in Canada, it just wouldn’t make for a good business model.

However, we do think there’s still a need for a way for you to compare mattresses, and that’s why we’ve invested hundreds of hours in creating mattress reviews to do just that!

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