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Looking online for a mattress? We’ve rounded up and reviewed your options for the best mattress in a box Canada. If you don’t just want to take our word for it, you can use our interactive chart to compare over 500 Canadian Mattress in a Box.

The mattress-in-a-box trend started back in 2009. As online shopping became more popular, and Canadians started researching product purchases online rather than visiting a store, companies in Canada saw an opportunity to produce mattresses in Canada and skip the in-person showrooms and markups.

Since then, the industry has exploded, and by 2018, over 20% of the mattresses sold in North America were sold online.

The mattress in a box Canada industry has grown so much it’s forced long-time mattress companies in Canada to get involved or risk becoming extinct. Around 2016, Sealy started their mattress-in-a-box brand Cocoon by Sealy, and in 2018 they started selling their online mattress in Canada. Later in 2018, Serta Simmons merged with Tuft & Needle. In 2018, Sleep Country Canada expanded their Bloom mattress in a box Canada sub-brand to include 4 different mattress models [src], and in 2021 they announced an exclusive deal with Casper [src].

Now, there are over 15 different companies that are competing to create the best mattress in a box in Canada. While almost any of these mattresses will be a good fit, each company tends to focus in on a specific area of the market, and that’s where they really excel.

Initially, these online bed-in-a-box companies shipped mattresses that were purely foam – they would vacuum pack and tightly roll up the foam mattress and pack it in a box. Now, you can get a mattress in a box that is made of memory foam, latex, has inner pocket springs, has an air-filled adjustable firmness setting, or has any combination of these things.

Review Contents:

Why listen to us about the best mattress in a box Canada?

For many products on this site, there are objective matters that we can compare. For choosing the best mattress, however, a large portion of what makes the best mattress in a box will be different from person to person.

In order to still give useful recommendations, we have gone to great lengths to compare the materials used in making the mattresses, and we’ve also done tons of hands-on testing. We have spent hundreds of hours reading customer mattress reviews and we have scoured website after website learning the history of the Canadian mattress in a box companies.

We’ve reached out to companies to ask specifics about where the mattresses were manufactured, and whether or not the mattresses contain fiberglass and other harmful chemicals.

The end result is our comprehensive Canadian mattress in a box comparison chart, and this list here of what we think are the best bed in a box choices for most people.

Companies that sell Mattresses in a Box in Canada

In alphabetical order, here are the companies that sell online mattresses in Canada. If we’ve missed one, please contact us and let us know. In this list, we’ve only included stand-alone companies (we haven’t listed every small brand available on

Choosing the best mattress in a box Canada is difficult with so many choices including Douglas mattresses


Avocado Green Mattress has organic mattress options. It’s been rated as America’s #1 best rated organic mattress, and it’s endorsed by the American Chiropractic association.

Avacado mattresses feature 100% organic latex, 100% organic wool, and 100% organic cotton. Their pocketed coil mattresses are needle-tufted by hand, and it’s made in their company owned factories in either Los Angeles and New Jersey.

Bloom by SleepCountry

Bloom is SleepCountry’s mattress in a box. SleepCountry pulled on their 25 years of experience in making mattresses that will help you sleep better and awake refreshed.

The Bloom mattress has multiple foam layers, and comes in different models depending on your sleep needs. It has gel-infused memory foam to relieve pressure on joins, and has a removable and machine-washable cover.

Available online, the Bloom mattress in a box is also available in many stores across Canada like Walmart and BestBuy.


The Casper mattress is designed by sleep experts at Casper Labs to optimize your sleep. They are one of the original mattress in a box companies that helped disrupt the entire mattress industry in Canada!

Casper now offers 4 different mattress choices in Canada, with ‘Snow Technology’ on their top of the line mattress.

Shop Casper Mattress


Cherry is the budget Canadian mattress-in-a-box by the company. It’s price point puts it in direct competition with online-only budget bed-in-a-box mattresses from overseas, but with the advantage that it’s made in Canada by a Canadian company. It’s made with CertiPUR-US foams and doesn’t have any fiberglass layers or harsh fire retardant chemicals.

Shop Cherry Mattress


Under the Brooklyn Bedding brand, there is a mattress line called the EcoSleep. It’s a mattress in a box that’s made in Arizona. It was rated the best natural pillow top mattress in a box in 2021 by CNet.

There is a shipping charge to send to Canada (currently listed at $250 USD per mattress in a box, but the shopping cart only charged $65 USD to our address in a test). And we aren’t sure how the returns would work from Canada.

With 10 year warranty and a generous 120 night trial, it’s a long enough time to make up for any possibility of customs delays when shipping the mattress in Canada.


Endy was founded in 2015, and by 2018 it was selling so many mattresses in a box in Canada they were acquired by Sleep Country Canada. Their signature Endy mattress launched them to fame, and they’ve since added the Endy hybrid mattress as well as pillows and bedding.

Shop Endy Mattress


Essentia makes performance organic mattresses. They are hand made in Canada using certified organic ingredients. Over 17 years ago, Essentia’s founder patented Essentia’s Beyond Latex organic foam that’s at the core of each mattress in a box.

MyEssentia offers free shipping, 120 night sleep trial, and a 20 year warranty. They have financing options available as 0% APR to help you get the best mattress in a box Canada! They currently offer 3 collections of mattresses – the Performance, Lifestyle, and ProCor P1 series Canadian mattresses.

The more expensive lines, ProCor and Performance, include EMF protection and active cooling to help your body recover for the next day’s activities.


GhostBed was founded by Marc Werner, a member of the family that started the #1 ladder company in the world – the Werner Ladder Company. After having trouble finding a comfortable pillow and mattress, Marc decided to invent his own. That was 20 years ago.

Ghostbed has a Classic mattress line, Flex, Luxe, Natural, and even a line that was designed in conjunction with Venus Williams.

All of the mattresses in a box that come from GhostBed have a generous 20 year warranty, and they’re made in Canada.

And to top it all off, they’re regularly ranked at or near the top in mattress reviews.

Shop GhostBed Mattress

Shipping their first memory foam mattress in 2009, is a pioneer in the space. To help people past the idea that they couldn’t lay on the mattress in store, they created the first in-home, risk-free trial for mattresses purchased online.

By 2013, started offering free shipping and extended their sleep trial to 120 nights. As new brands were added – Douglas the Great Canadian Mattress, Logan & Cove, Recore & Brunswick – is one of the largest online-only mattress in a box Canada companies. is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, with manufacturing facilities nationwide.

Every bed in a box is designed and manufactured in Canada, and there are over 225,000 Canadians that sleep on a mattress every night. Sub brands include Douglas, Juno, Novo, Cherry, Brunswick, Recore, Logan & Cove, Apollo.


After selling mattresses for years, and noticing the trend towards online bed in a box mattresses, Hamuq founders Jordan and Nathan sold the first rollable hybrid mattress online. All their mattresses are made in Toronto, Canada, and go beyond the strictest CertiPUR-US standards. They top it off with carbon neutral shipping.


Haven takes a slightly different approach in it’s aim to be the best mattress in a box Canada – they let you choose the components of your bed and they make it just for you, exactly the way you want it.

Their mattresses are approved by chiropractors and are built to give higher levels of support where you need it so the bed doesn’t sag. They also include ‘cool-tech’ layers like moisture wicking bamboo, cooling copper, air-vented Talalay latex, and natural cooling gel materials.

All of the Haven bed-in-a-box mattresses are made from plant-based and vegan materials which means they are naturally antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal.

Canadian materials and labour make up between 90% and 100% of a Haven mattress.


Starting out in 2017 as a Canadian company making weighted blankets, in 2019 they appear on Dragon’s Den and get offers from all 6 dragons! In 2021, they started into the mattress in a box Canada space with the Hush Mattress.


Juno is a value mattress in a box. It’s from the Inc. company, which calls it “Canada’s Best Value Mattress.” The Juno foam mattress is made in Canada, and uses Canadian foams that are CertiPUR-US rated as safe and durable. There’s only one mattress as Juno is more of a mattress model than it’s own mattress brand, but it’s an 8inch thick dual-layer foam mattress with cooling technology and a 15 year warranty!

Shop Juno Mattress


Layla is a USA based company, but they do ship bed-in-a-box mattress to Canada for a fee. They focus on copper-infused memory foam mattresses to help recharge with deeper sleep cycles.

Nature’s Embrace

Based out of Vancouver, BC, Nature’s Embrace started more than 35 years ago. They manufacture all of their organic latex mattresses in house to keep prices affordable and quality high.


Naturepedic started out when the founder Barry set out to find an acceptable mattress for his new grandchild. Finding nothing suitable, Barry and his two sons set out to found Naturepedic as a non-toxic and organic mattress-in-a-box manufacturer.

They pride themselves on leading the industry with patented food-grade waterproof surfaces and chemical free mattress foams, and they have over 10 certifications and awards for sustainability, environmental and health standards to prove it!


Nectar by Resident claims to be the #1 mattress company in the United States – with over 100,000 five-star reviews, 5.5 million happy sleepers, and 195 awards across their 3 sub-brands. They’ve recently launched their .CA website to try and become the best mattress in a box Canada, too!

Their ‘mattress magic’ began in 2016 when they launched Nectar with the noble goal of creating the mode comfortable and affordable memory-foam mattress you could buy online.

One unique offer from Nectar is their ‘Forever’ warranty. It’s a 10-year warranty where Nectar sends you a new mattress, and after 10 years, Nectar fully repairs your mattress should a defect in workmanship or materials arise.


One co-founder’s son, Noah, was the inspiration behind the name of the brand because Noah means “to bring peace and comfort”. NOA Mattress in a box believes that everyone should love their home. Pulling on extensive experience in the Asia Pacific region, and leading one of North America’s leading furniture retailers, NOA is able to provide best-in-class home furnishings and designs that are priced to wow.


100% Canadian, Polysleep products are designed and constructed by locals in Montreal. With antimicrobial foam, stability contour, and a breathable top, Polysleep cuts out the middle man to spend more money on development. The result is a mattress in a box that gets delivered straight to your home. “The best mattress Canada ever made”.

Shop Polysleep Mattress


Claiming to be Canada’s most comfortable mattress, the Puffy mattress in a box Canada is the culmination of 4 years of research, foam formulations, and sleep trials. Puffy mattresses are especially useful for customers with back pain.

In order to minimize damage to the foam of the mattress, they are compressed and packaged in smaller batches so they are only compressed for a week or two before you receive it.

The Puffy mattress is made in Canada with premium materials – without ozone depleters, flame retardants, mercury, lead, formaldehyde.


Two engineer brothers, Tony and Terry Pearce, decided in 2013 to combine all the cushioning knowledge they had gained in creating world-famous cushions for wheelchairs, shoe inserts, and more.

They spent millions designing a piece of equipment large enough to mold their Hyper-Elastic Polymer into pieces the size of a king-sized mattress.

The Mattress Max was created, and in 2016 the Pearce brothers started using it to make mattress-sized pieces of the Hyper-Elastic Polymer at production rates and costs that allow them to sell it affordably online as the Purple Bed.


Serta is an American company based in Illinois that started in 1931. It’s one of the largest mattress brands in the United States, but it was a little bit slow to start offering mattresses online. It would seem that Serta was caught on it’s laurels with internet shopping.

Focusing on it’s previous success with in-store sales, 27 of 34 U.S. Serta manufacturing licenses were held by a company called National Bedding Co. – and that company was purchased by two private equity groups in 2005. Ares Corporate Opportunities Fund, and the private equity arm of the Ontario Canada Teachers’ Pension Plan partnered together to purchase the company. The senior vice president of the Ontario Teachers’ said that Serta was an “excellent fit for our growing private equity portfolio.”

Bennet Rosenthal, a partner at Ares, said that they were pleased “that the senior management team will remain in place.” He went on to say that Ares was looking forward to the opportunity to “increase their support of the company’s growth in the $5 billion bedding industry.”

Years later, however, by time Serta realized how popular online mattress in a box sales in Canada and the U.S.A. were, they were behind. They announced a merger with Tuft & Needle in 2018, but the company is still suffering financially. So much so, that in January 2023, Serta filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

Serta does sell the Spectrum mattress-in-a-box in Canada via Amazon, and offers it’s sub-brand Simmons and Beautyrest mattresses online in the country as well, but only through their specific brand website (or in stores).

Silk & Snow

In 2017, Albert and Kenneth started Silk & Snow with a dream of making your home and the planet a better place to live. That thoughtfulness is at the core of everything they do, and all of Silk & Snow bed-in-a-box mattresses are made with high quality materials that will ensure your mattress in a box lasts for years to come.

Shop Silk & Snow Mattress

Simba Sleep

Starting way back in 1979, Simba made thread for a mattress factory in Derbyshire. Since then, the family thread business grew to be used in over 50 million mattresses in over 35 countries!

In 2002, Simba decided to start using their popular thread in their own mattresses. They brought together experts and created Simbatex foam that allows 30 times the airflow of normal memory foam. Simbatex is used in all of Simba’s best mattress in a box options.

Simba is headquartered in London, UK, and all of their pocket coil springs are made from 100% British Steel. The rest of the mattress is made in Toronto, Canada.

Shop Simba Sleep Mattress


Founded over 6 years ago, Sleepenvie believes in understanding natural sleep habits, lifestyles, and comfort preferences in order to match you with the perfect mattress.

Using gel memory foam, and some with pocket coils, these mattresses are comfy. There’s an in-depth sleep quiz so you can be sure you’ll find the best mattress in a box Canada for your sleep needs!

SleepEnvie donates 1% of sales to The Shoebox Project to help women affected by homelessness.


Slmbr wanted to be able to give Canadians a chance to work at their best by offering the best in class mattress at an affordable price. Built with hypoallergenic bamboo fabric and cooling gel, Slmbr guarantees you’ll be happy with the mattress in a box, or they’ll handle the return for up to 120 nights.

Tuft & Needle

Starting in 2012 from the frustration of buying a mattress, JT and his friend Daehee started Tuft & Needle to bring premium sleep products at an honest cost. And then in 2018 they partnered with Serta Simmons Bedding to elevate their mission to a much bigger platform.

Still true to their roots, Tuft & Needle believes in quality craftsmanship without any gimmicks. They pour and cut their foam in Canada and the United States, and finish the mattress construction in Toronto, Ontario.

Over 1.5 million people sleep on a T&N every night, so you might want to try Tuft & Needle when choosing the best mattress in a box Canada.

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