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Last updated October, 2021

At the risk of being too simplistic, here is a list of our choices for the best foam mattress Canada!

We understand that the best Canadian foam mattress for you will be different than the ‘best’ foam mattress your cousin would choose, so we have taken great care (hundreds of hours of research to be specific) to list the features and benefits of each mattress.

Our hope is that this information will provide you with all you need to choose the best foam mattress for your budget, body weight, and sleep style!

We have started to compile all foam mattresses available in Canada, and we’re adding more as new products are offered. We’re relentless in our hunt for the best value foam mattress in Canada, so if we’ve missed something please let us know in the comments below.

If you already know what you want in a foam mattress, you might want to check out our massive mattress comparison chart that has over 360 mattresses, and allows you to sort by size, cost, eco-features, and more. Mattress Comparison Chart

Who makes the best foam mattress in Canada?

According to PolySleep, along with the help of chemists specialized in foam design, they “created the best foam mattress in Canada” and “offer you better quality foam mattresses than any of [their] competitors.”

Endy says that they have “Canada’s Best Mattress” and because of the proprietary open cell comfort layer, Endy is “better than the rest”. Hush claims that “We made Canada’s #1 Mattress”. GhostBed says it has the “Best Cooling Mattress”. And the list goes on.

We aren’t saying these claims or false, and we like it that these guys have confidence in the product they’ve created. It’s just gets confusing when everyone claims to have the best foam mattress Canada.

Best Foam Mattress Made in Canada

We wanted to find the best foam mattress in Canada for most people. In our research, it turns out most people looking for a foam mattress are looking for something for their children or for the guest room. Because of this, we looked for the highest quality foam mattress with a very reasonable price point. If you’re looking for the best foam mattress for the master bedroom, you’ll likely want something thicker, with more foam layers.

Juno Mattress

We really like the Juno foam mattress. It's a cheap foam mattress compared to others, but doesn't skimp on warranty or trial period. Juno is also a company that makes the mattresses in Canada with Canadian Materials, and they're careful to cut corners and use harmful materials to try and make it cheap.

The Juno Mattress is made in Canada, and starts at only $399.00 for a Queen size. This 8" thick mattress is rated as 'Medium Firm'. offers a 120 Night Trial trial period and a 15 year warranty warranty.

Materials Used: cooling gel, viscose
Certifications: Certi-Pur US
Other: Fiberglass free details

Shop Now $399.00 for a Queen

Cheapest Foam Mattress Made in Canada

Cherry Budget Mattress

For an even cheaper option from the same company that makes the Juno, and also made in Canada, there's the Cherry. While it might not be the most comfortable or best foam mattress Canada, it's a decent quality mattress at an entry-level price. It's made in Canada using foams that meet the CertiPUR-US standards for materials, emissions, and durability.

It's only 6 inches thick though, so don't expect luxury comfort. But for the price, and with it's extensive warranty, this would be a great budget foam mattress for children or students, or for a guest room (we would've recommended for an RV but they don't make it in the Short Queen RV foam mattress size).

The Cherry Budget Mattress is made in Canada, and starts at only $299.00 for a Queen size. This 6" thick mattress is rated as 'Medium Firm'. offers a 120 Night Trial trial period and a 15 year warranty warranty.

Materials Used: cooling gel
Certifications: Certi-Pur US
Other: Fiberglass free details

Shop Now $299.00 for a Queen

Best Soft Mattress

It seems like mattress in-a-box companies mostly like to play it safe. They make their mattresses and rate them as ‘medium-firm’. This is the most common firmness that people look for when buying a foam mattress, but it isn’t right for everyone. If you’re looking for a soft foam mattress, your options are definitely limited.

Serta Spectrum

Serta makes their Spectrum mattress in three different thicknesses. The thickest, their 10 inch model, they rate as plush.

This mattress is made right here in Canada and comes with a 10 year warranty, and Serta uses CertiPur foam. We think this is the best soft mattress available in Canada.

Since it is so soft, this is also the best Canadian foam mattress for side sleepers. All for under $700!

The Serta Spectrum is made in Canada, and starts at only $603.39 for a Queen size. This 10" thick mattress is rated as 'Soft'. Serta offers a trial period and a 10 year warranty warranty.

Materials Used: memory foam, cooling gel, breathable foam
Certifications: Certi-Pur US
Other: Fiberglass free details $603.39 for a Queen

Best Memory Foam Mattress

If you’re set on the cloud-like feeling of sinking into a memory foam mattress, you’ll want to keep reading. After scouring memory foam mattress reviews, and contacting companies to learn about the materials used in the construction of these mattresses, we’ve chosen what we think are 2 of the best memory foam mattresses in Canada.

Tuft & Needle Original

Tuft & Needle makes their adaptive foam mattress in Canada. The comfort layer of foam is their proprietary memory foam, and it's all materials that are free from harmful chemicals.

Over 1 million people sleep on a Tuft & Needle mattress every night in North America, and 95% of customers keep their mattress after the trial period, so chances are pretty good you'll like it too.

The T&N adaptive memory foam mattress uses advanced graphite and gel bead technology to help pull heat away from you while you sleep. The mattress also comes with a 10 year warranty, and it still makes it in under $1000.

The Tuft & Needle Original is made in Canada, and starts at only $915 for a Queen size. This 10" thick mattress is rated as 'Medium Firm'. Tuft & Needle offers a 100 Night Trial trial period and a 10 year warranty warranty.

Materials Used: synthetic latex, cooling gel, quilted cover, graphite
Certifications: Certi-Pur US, GREENGUARD Gold
Other: Fiberglass free details $915 for a Queen

Polysleep Mattress

Polysleep uses a custom memory foam that is ISO certified antimicrobial foam.

There's no cooling gel like the Tuft & Needle mattress, but the Polysleep memory foam mattress uses a liquid repellent cover that has sides made of mesh to provide better airflow and breath-ability. The mattress cover is also removable for cleaning.

They have also added a proprietary support frame to give 'true edge support' to the memory foam mattress to give you a stable and balanced sleep surface. The mattress has multiple layers of different density foams to provide great motion isolation. If you don't believe us, check out the creepy panda video below!

The Polysleep Mattress is made in Canada, and starts at only $1050 for a Queen size. This 10" thick mattress is rated as 'Medium Firm'. Polysleep offers a 100 Night Trial trial period and a 10 year warranty warranty.

Materials Used: viscoelastic foam
Certifications: Certi-Pur US
Other: Fiberglass free details

Shop Now $1050 for a Queen

Best Value Foam Mattress in Canada

We’ve learned of a class action lawsuit against Zinus because of the fiberglass used in their fireproof layer. While we understand why they use it, and there are many people who have purchased a Zinus mattress and have been happy with it, we can’t recommend this foam mattress anymore as we wouldn’t buy it to use in our own homes.

Zinus Cloud Mattress

The Zinus has over 24,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.5/5, so it's not a bad mattress.

Recently, there have been complaints about the fiberglass inner layer that gives the foam mattress it's needed fire protection. If that concerns you, steer clear and take a look at the Juno best foam mattress above.

If it weren't for the fiberglass, this would still be one of the best inexpensive foam mattress.

The Zinus Cloud Mattress is made in China, and starts at only $305.55 for a Queen size. This 8" thick mattress is rated as 'Medium Soft'. Zinus offers a trial period and a 10 year warranty warranty.

Materials Used: memory foam, viscoelastic foam, quilted cover
Certifications: OEKO-Tex 100, Certi-Pur US
Other: Contains fiberglass details $305.55 for a Queen

What makes the best foam mattress? And how to choose…

Choosing the best foam mattress can be a little tricky. There are many factors to consider including longevity, price, modern features like air circulation to help you sleep cool, and antimicrobial features to help you sleep clean.

Consider how you (and your partner, if there is one) like to sleep. Do you like to sleep hot or cold? Do you like to have the window open, or do you wake up sweating? Specifically designed foam cooling mattresses are better at cooling than others, and a memory foam mattress is typically hotter to sleep on as it cradles and envelopes your body more than a non-memory foam mattress does.

Sleep position is also important to factor into your decision. The best foam mattress in Canada for side sleepers will be softer to allow support but ease pressure on the shoulders and hips. A back sleeper will want a firm foam mattress, and a stomach sleeper will want a very high density foam mattress to keep their body in an even plane across the surface of the mattress.

What is the best density for a foam mattress?

Depending on your weight, and your sleep position, the best density will be different for different people.

A low density foam mattress will allow a lighter weight person to sink into it, but a heavier person may feel the bed frame through it or sink so far that they have a hard time getting out of bed! As a general rule, a lighter person will want a low density foam for a soft feel, or a medium density foam for a firm feel. A heavier person will need a high density foam mattress to provide the support they need to get a ‘firm’ feeling mattress.

Multi-layered foam mattresses typically have a firm base layer, with a softer top layer – similar to the old pillow-top mattresses. A multi-layered mattress will give you a better overall feeling as the top can provide soft cushion, while a firmer lower layer can provide a firm feel. If you’re looking for the cheapest foam mattress, however, don’t expect to get any more than 1 or 2 layers of foam.

Are high density foam mattresses good?

High density foam mattresses are good – they provide a medium firm sleeping feel (or very firm if you weigh less) and they last a long time. The lower density foam, since it distorts and gives more under weight, will wear out faster than a high density foam.

Since high density foam mattresses use more materials, they typically cost more than a low-density mattress.

Is high density foam better than memory foam?

The two can’t really be compared, as they are created for different functions.

Memory foam is designed to contour to your body and provide a soft body-shaped dent to cradle you while you sleep. High density foam is dense and firm to keep you from sinking in too deep and provide the support your body wants.

In fact, many times a memory foam mattress will have a high-density foam base with a memory foam top layer to provide the best of both worlds.

If you don’t like sinking in, or feeling cradled, then steer clear of memory foam mattresses and memory foam toppers.

One other less-common consideration is temperature. Memory foam responds to body heat, meaning that the layer next to your body becomes even softer as you lay there. The other side of that is that in the cold, memory foam can be quite firm and unforgiving. If you are looking for a mattress for your winter cabin (where the room temperatures are very cold during the night as the fire dies down), then you might want to avoid memory foam.

What is the best memory foam mattress in Canada?

In our opinion, memory foam just isn’t designed to support your body in a meaningful way. It’s purpose is to provide soft-as-a-cloud body cradling while you sleep.

That means that the best memory foam mattress in Canada will not be a 100% memory foam product. Our choice would have a thick base layer – either made of pocketed coil springs like in a hybrid mattress, or of high-density foam. Then it would have a soft, supple layer of memory foam on top to provide comfort all night long.

What thickness memory foam is best?

If you’re trying to fix a mattress that’s too firm by adding a memory foam topper, you’ll want a 3 inch thick memory foam topper. For a full mattress, however, 3 inches is too thin and can cause you to ‘bottom out’ when pushing up with your elbow, or when you’re dropping down into your bed after a tiring day. The cheaper memory foam mattresses are 6 to 8 inches thick, while the best memory foam mattresses are up to 12 inches thick.

Cheaper foam mattresses will have fewer layers, while more expensive foam mattresses will combine more layers to help add to the plush yet-firm-and-supportive feeling.

The Best Foam Mattress Canada Has Multiple Densities of Foam

Finding a cheap foam mattress in Canada

Any really cheap foam mattress will likely not give you a good nights sleep. When you’re looking to buy a foam mattress in Canada, if you can test the mattress in person (like at Ikea or Wal-mart), then go for it. If you are going to buy a foam mattress in Canada online, however, stay away from the cheapest options (these are mattresses that are less than about $300 CAD).

These cheap foam mattresses don’t come with many guarantees, and if they do, they can be more complicated to complete a return. Typically these cheap foam mattresses will only last a year or two before becoming severely saggy in the middle. They’re designed for small children or for a guest bedroom that gets minimal use.

As you get closer to the price level of a mattress under $1000 CAD, you’ll realize that a high-density foam mattress will cost more. Since high-density foam takes more materials to build (it’s heavier in the end), and it sags less which means manufacturers can offer longer warranties, the price will be higher than a low-density foam mattress.

There are lots of options to pick from in the middle range of $500-$800 CAD when looking for a cheap foam mattress.

And, if you’re looking for the best Canadian foam mattress, there are a couple of companies that build the mattresses right here in this country.

What about fiberglass in the cheapest foam mattresses?

Certain cheap foam mattresses have started to get negative press because of fiberglass. It’s user as a cheap fire-protection barrier, in response to something more healthy than the chemicals that many companies used to use in the past.

The fire protective barrier is located just below the mattress cover, and isn’t supposed to come into contact with the sleeper. Further leading to the problem, however, is that some of these mattresses have a zipper on the protective cover. Even though there are warnings on the tag not to remove the cover, the zipper makes people think they can remove the cover and wash it. This can stir up fiberglass fibers into the air, and there are some horror stories on the internet about glass fibers getting into the air, onto clothing and furniture, and into carpet. There are even some class action lawsuits.

In addition, since fiberglass strands can bend over time and break into shorter, smaller pieces, fiberglass fibers can start to poke through the mattress cover and actually scratch and poke the sleeper through their sheets.

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