Our goal is to help people choose the best products for their needs. If there is something you think we missed, or something you’d like us to look into, send us a message and let us know!

Are you a small business in Canada?

We are looking for small and unique products that are built and crafted right here in Canada. This is for products inbetween the one-off, hand-made stuff that ends up on Etsy, and the large commercial stuff.

If you’re a skilled craftsman, send us a message. We’d like to include you in our Made-In-Canada section.

Looking to feature your product on our site?

Send us a product to review. We’re always looking for new cool products, and we can review ’em, and then give them to a local charity, or use them in a giveaway on our site.

Send them to our mailing address:
Attn: Canada Reviewed
31559 Sunnyside Crescent, Abbotsford, BC
V2T 1Y6

Affiliate Partnerships

Are you a business that wants to get in front of our audience? While you can’t buy a position on our rankings, if you carry any of our recommended products and you’re interested in establishing an affiliate partnership, let us know.

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