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Looking for a low-cost Zinus bed frame Canada? We searched for a budget platform bed with wood slats to support the cheap mattresses for our tests and mattress reviews. There are tons of beautiful bed frames out there, but we were looking for something cheap, strong, and something that met all of the requirements of a bed frame in order to satisfy the warranty requirements of the mattresses we would be testing.

Zinus Bed Frame Canada
Zinus bed frame metal platform bed with mattress and covers on it

There are some beautiful bed frames built in Canada by Canadian companies, but none can compete with the pricing of an overseas company.

Zinus is a relatively ‘no name’ company, but they have been around for years and have been selling mattresses in Canada for years. While we don’t currently recommend Zinus for the best foam mattress in Canada because of some of the materials they use, we figured that a bed frame wouldn’t have those same concerns. So we set out on deciding which Zinus bed frame Canada would be the best for our needs.

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How to choose a platform bed frame for a foam mattress

We have meticulously scoured warranty requirements of mattress-in-a-box companies in Canada to see what they require in order to submit a warranty claim. While each of them has different requirements of support for their bed in a box, in general they require a firm solid surface or a slatted surface with slats that are a maximum of 3 inches apart.

Zinus Bed Frame Canada Choices

Zinus has many bed frame options in Canada. They have metal frames, they have wood frames, and they have upholstered bed frames. Then, each of their frame models has different height legs to give you more or less overall bed height depending on the thickness of your mattress.

You also have the bed frame choice of having a headboard included, or leaving your bed frame without headboard, or adding your own headboard in the pre-drilled mounting holes.

Here’s a few of the most popular bed frames. Ultimately, we settled on the Zinus Arnav metal platform bed frame for what we needed. It combined a modern look that we wanted with strong structural support, and (not quite – read below) sufficient support for our mattress warranty requirements.

ZINUS Arnav Metal Platform Bed

Image of Budget Zinus Bed Frame Canada Review ZINUS Arnav Metal Platform Bed Frame

With wooden slates, this bed frame will support a foam or latex mattress without any additional support. The slats measure 3.5" apart, so if your mattress requires 3" maximum spacing you'll have to add 1 extra slat.

With a simplistic silhouette that can complement a variety of design ambitions, this rock-solid foundation looks as sturdy as it feels with durable steel construction and closely spaced wooden slat.

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ZINUS Wen Wood Platform Bed

Image of Budget Zinus Bed Frame Canada Review ZINUS Wood Platform Bed

This beautiful wood frame is around $300, which is the best wood bed frame price you'll find in Canada!

With its natural wood knots and beautiful cherry finish, the Wen Deluxe Wood Platform Bed will fit perfectly and look flawless in any bedroom. And no one has to know you weren't the craftsman who made it.

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ZINUS Luis Metal Platform Bed

Image of Budget Zinus Bed Frame Canada Review ZINUS Luis Metal Platform Bed Frame

We like the simplicity of this Zinus bed frame Canada called the Luis, but the metal supports are too wide apart to support a foam or latex mattress without a boxspring (even though the listing says it can).

If you’re looking for versatile, modern style that’ll optimally support your beloved mattress without any tedious setup, then the Luis QuickLock metal platform bed will check every single box. It can support up to 700 lbs, and the extra support legs are set back from the edge of the frame to prevent stubbed toes.

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ZINUS Joseph Metal Platform Bed

Image of Budget Zinus Bed Frame Canada Review ZINUS Joseph Metal Platform Bed

Available in 4 different heights - 6", 10", 14", 18" - this bed frame from Zinus has a modern look to it. Some may not like the bar around the bottom which makes storing anything under the bed more difficult.

Less is more, especially with this modern and structurally sound foundation that lends both strength and understated sophistication to your bedroom - two qualities that never go out of style.

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Zinus Bed Frame Canada Review

Our Zinus bed frame arrived in a large, heavy box – and clearly the delivery person thought so too as the box was damaged on the end. It looked like it may have been dropped, but the pieces didn’t seem to be right up against the end where there was damage so we decided to tear open the box and get to putting our bed frame together.

With the provided tools, and the simple instructions, the bed frame was easy to get assembled. On every joint where 2 of the pieces would need to be bolted together, there were numbered stickers so it was quick and easy to figure out which piece went where.

We had two small issues assembling the Zinus Bed Frame Canada. The first issue was where the square bracket from the leg needed to be inserted into the bed rail, and the bed rail was slightly deformed (possibly from the damaged box). Since it wasn’t a square anymore, the piece we were trying to insert was running into a depressed side. We had to insert on that side first, and then bump the piece with our fist and it slipped right in.

The second issue we had was that on one of the bed rails the 2 holes didn’t line up perfectly, and required us to loosen off all of the bolts on that bed rail and get all of the bolts started. Then it went together smoothly and we could tighten up all the connections.

This bed frame is sturdy! We like how the bed legs have plastic feet on them to protect your flooring, and how the legs are firmly and securely attached to the rails keeping the whole frame from wiggling around.

The bed slats have a velcro strap on them to keep them in place, and where they cross the center support beam of the Zinus bed frame, there’s a rubber strip to keep them from squeaking and sliding around. After getting the bed frame all assembled, we measured the gap between the bed slats and realized it it almost 3.5 inches!

Our foam mattress requires a 3″ maximum gap between slats, so we will have to add an extra slat at the head of the bed (where the least weight will be) and then we can slightly squish the slats together to be only 3″ apart. If Zinus included one more slat (instead of 12, 13 slats or even 14 if they want to stay with even numbers) then this sturdy but budget bed frame would receive top recommendation from us!

Zinus Bed Frame Warranty

All Zinus bed frames come with a 5 year limited warranty. The ‘worry-free’ warranty applies to all platform beds and bed frames purchased as new from an authorized retailer (which includes Amazon and Walmart).

The Zinus bed frames in Canada come with a warranty against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 5 years. The warranty only becomes valid after the return window from the dealer has expired, and it’s only available to the original purchaser of the product. Read the full warranty here

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