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The right mattress can make the difference between a restful night’s sleep and a restless one. We know that in order to find the best mattress for your needs, you need more than just our opinions about how the mattress feels to us.

If you’re anything like us, you can quickly become overwhelmed with the staggering number of mattress review sites.

We’ve had our hands (and our bodies) on these mattresses, and we’ve scoured deep into the company’s warranty terms and FAQ pages to give you a complete picture of what you’re getting into with each of these mattress.

Empty boxes from our mattress testing
Review Contents:

What we focus on in our mattress reviews

The objective details of mattress shopping (think mattress cost, materials used, type of mattress etc) can be used to narrow down your mattress choice, and we have spent hundreds of hours organizing the data.

And there is an ever-growing number of over 500 mattresses that you can buy online in Canada!

But mattress choice is only partially objective, and mostly personal! While we do provide our opinions on mattress comfort, don’t forget to consider your own needs, sleep styles, etc.

Mattress companies realize that it’s hard to know for sure until you’ve laid on a mattress, so all companies offer extended trials with free mattress returns just in case you don’t love it once you’ve got it in your house.

We sincerely hope you can sense our dedication in helping you find the best mattress in Canada for your needs.

Best Hybrid Mattress (tested in 2023)

Hybrid mattresses typically look lumpy after unboxing for a few days

Hybrid mattresses are mattresses that have some foam layers and some not-foam layers. They typically have a layer of steel coils, topped with one or more layers of different density foam or latex – hence the term hybrid. A hybrid bed splits the difference between the firmness and bounciness of an innerspring mattress with the motion isolation and sink-in snuggled feeling of a memory foam mattress.

Look for a hybrid mattress if:

  • Consider a hybrid mattress if you want that hotel-room feeling – most hotels use hybrid mattresses. However, not every hybrid mattress feels the same – they come in varying firmnesses. We found the Simba Organic hybrid mattress to be way to firm for our comfort.

Avoid a hybrid mattress if:

  • A hybrid mattress might not be for you if you’re on a tight budget. Because of the more sophisticated construction of these mattresses, expect to pay more than you would for an all foam mattress.
  • Your a light sleeper and you share the bed with someone. Hybrid mattresses are not as good at motion isolation as foam mattresses, so if you’re a light sleeper and your partner is a tosser-and-turner then look for a memory foam mattress for maximum motion isolation.

Our Pick – Simba 5000

It’s hard to explain the nuanced comfort of this mattress. It leaves me feeling like a coffee connoisseur trying to explain how coffee can have notes of chocolate and a nutty flavour profile.

This mattress has a supple, yet supportive feel. The mattress doesn’t feel like a firm mattress with a pillow top, it’s even more subtle than that.

Of all the mattresses we laid on, we found the Simba 5000 pro flex mattress the most comfortable.

Laying on the mattress is firmly supportive in all the right ways, and yet has a relaxing plush feel to it. This mattress would suit side and back sleepers as well as stomach sleepers.

It’s also supportive enough to keep heavier sleepers from feeling that sinking feeling common in all foam mattresses.

Perhaps that’s because of the 5 engineered layers of comfort. In the Simba 5000, there are 5000 steel micro-coils made in the UK, while the rest of the mattress is Made in Canada.

The Simba Hybrid 5000 Mattress

The Simba Hybrid 5000 Mattress

The The Simba Hybrid 5000 Mattress is made in Canada, and starts at only $1999 for a Queen size. This 14" thick mattress is rated as 'Medium Firm'. Simba offers a 100 Night Trial trial period and a 10 year warranty.

Materials Used: memory foam, wool, pocket coils, breathable foam, graphite
Certifications: Certi-Pur US
Other: Fiberglass free details

Shop Now $1999 for a Queen

Simba is a UK company, and has been making mattresses for over 40 years, and now that the technology exists to compress a hybrid mattress and ship it to the customer, they’ve been selling online with great success.

Want to read more? Check our our full, in-depth review of the Simba 5000 hybrid.

Another Great Hybrid – Emma Hybrid Comfort

For a little less money, the Emma Hybrid Comfort is another super comfy hybrid mattress. We didn’t like it quite as much as the Simba 5000, but with the difference in price this is a great way to save some money.

Emma Hybrid Comfort Mattress

Emma Hybrid Comfort Mattress

The Emma Hybrid Comfort Mattress is made in Mexico, and starts at only $1409 for a Queen size. This 13" thick mattress is rated as 'Medium Firm'. Emma offers a 365 night trial trial period and a 10 year warranty.

Materials Used: memory foam, pocket coils, cooling fiber or fabric, breathable foam, removable cover
Certifications: Certi-Pur US
Other: Fiberglass free details

Shop Now $1409 for a Queen

The Emma Hybrid has a longer trial period of 1 year, rather than the 100 days of the Simba. If Made in Canada is important to you, then pass on the Emma Hybrid Comfort – it’s made in Mexico.

Still not ready to buy? Read our full review of the Emma Hybrid Comfort

Best Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses return to shape in less than an hour after unboxing

Foam mattresses are great for that feeling of sinking into a soft bed after a long day. Concerns have risen in the past about the chemicals used in the foam, so many of the foam mattresses are made with low-VOC and even CertiPUR certified foams that are safe to sleep on.

Memory foam used to be a novelty, but all foam mattresses in Canada these days seem to have a top layer of memory foam. It can make it harder to move around and if you’re not too nimble or if you move around a lot in bed, you might not like the feeling.

Memory foam also tends to keep you warmer, but there’s all sorts of technology that mattress companies are putting into their foam to help keep you sleeping cool. Even with all the cooling gel beads and intricate patterns and pathways in the foam to keep air flowing, if you’re a hot sleeper you might not like a thick, soft layer of memory foam.

Look for a foam mattress if:

  • You like the body-conforming feel or struggle with pressure points. A foam mattress will be a good choice for you if you like the hugging feeling of a soft foam mattress.
  • You’re a light sleeper. Foam mattresses are great at motion isolation to keep you from being disturbed by your fellow sleepers.

Avoid a foam mattress if:

  • If you sleep hot, you might want to skip a memory foam mattress as foams tend to trap heat.

Our Pick: Douglas Original, Alpine or Summit

The Douglas mattress is a great mattress that hits the spot between cost and comfort.

It comes in three different trim levels, with the Douglas Original being the cheapest and the Alpine and Summit mattresses having more layers of foam for added comfort.

The Douglas Original was pretty comfy, and then the Alpine was even better, and then the Summit was even more enjoyable! Of course each level up increases the price, but any of these Douglas mattresses would be a comfortable choice.

The Douglas Mattress

The Douglas Mattress

The The Douglas Mattress is made in Canada, and starts at only $779 for a Queen size. This 10" thick mattress is rated as 'Medium Firm'. offers a 365 Night Trial trial period and a 20 year warranty.

Materials Used: memory foam, cooling gel, cooling fiber or fabric, tencel, removable cover
Certifications: Certi-Pur US
Other: Fiberglass free details

Shop Now $779 for a Queen
Douglas Summit Mattress

Douglas Summit Mattress

The Douglas Summit Mattress is made in Canada, and starts at only $1299 for a Queen size. This 12" thick mattress is rated as 'Medium Firm'. offers a 365 Night Trial trial period and a 20 year warranty.

Materials Used: memory foam, cooling gel, cooling fiber or fabric, tencel, removable cover
Certifications: Certi-Pur US
Other: Fiberglass free details

Shop Now $1299 for a Queen

Best Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are well known for their longevity. Some latex mattresses have been used for 50 years and still have their springy responsiveness.

They’re also sought after by people who have allergies and health concerns. Natural latex mattresses are used for people with sensitive immune systems (those with lime disease and other ailments), and since it’s a natural resource it’s renewable and eco-friendly.

Many health professionals such as chiropractors and physical therapists also recommend latex mattresses for patients with back pain or joint pain.

Latex mattresses are more expensive because of the work that does into making them, so if you come across a cheap latex mattress make sure it isn’t made of synthetic latex.

Look for a latex mattress if:

  • You want a long lasting mattress. Latex mattresses are all long lasting and durable, just take care when moving them. The latex can tear easily but that’s not a concern unless you grab a fistful of it to try and drag the mattress around.
  • You usually get hot while you sleep. Latex is breathable and keeps you cooler much better than a foam mattress.
  • You are a heavier person. Since latex lasts so long and doesn’t have the compressing and sagging problems that foams do, it’s an ideal material for people who weigh more than 200 pounds or who are bed-ridden and will be spending lots of time in their bed.

Avoid a latex mattress if:

  • You want a soft mattress. While latex does come in soft, medium or firm options, it still has some spring to it and doesn’t cradle you like memory foam does.
  • You need motion isolation. If you are a light sleeper and share the bed with someone that moves around lots, a latex mattress might not isolate those movements enough.
  • If you have an allergy to latex, this is definitely not the mattress for you.

Budget Latex Mattress Pick: Eco Dream Green

This is an all natural latex mattress for a great price. It’s one thick slab of latex that comes in 3 different firmness options.

It’s only 6 inches thick, but depending on your body weight and the firmness chosen, this won’t be an issue with a properly supporting bed. You could also buy a 2 inch latex topper in a softer firmness to create your own layered mattress.

Dream Green Organic Latex Mattress

Dream Green Organic Latex Mattress

The Dream Green Organic Latex Mattress is made in Canada, and starts at only $1099.99 for a Queen size. This 6" thick mattress is rated as 'Medium'. Naturelle offers a 90 day trial trial period and a 25 year warranty.

Materials Used: natural latex, organic latex, removable cover
Certifications: GOLS, GOTS, OEKO-Tex 100, Certified Organic Cotton
Other: Fiberglass free details $1099.99 for a Queen

Luxury Latex Mattress: Essentia Organic Mattress

Essentia put a ton of research and development into this mattress. They have a top layer that they say is the “first-of-its-kind dome-shaped” comfort layer for comfort.

This is a fully vegan mattress and it’s also certified organic.

Essentia Stratami Organic Mattress

Essentia Stratami Organic

The Essentia Stratami Organic is made in Canada, and starts at only $3509 for a Queen size. This 8" thick mattress is rated as 'Medium Firm'. Essentia offers a 120 Night Trial trial period and a 20 year warranty.

Materials Used: natural latex, organic latex, cotton, quilted cover, removable cover
Certifications: GOLS, GOTS, OEKO-Tex 100, Certified Organic Cotton, GREENGUARD Gold
Other: Fiberglass free details

Shop Now $3509 for a Queen

Best Cheap Mattresses

The Juno mattress after being unpacked

A cheap mattress used to mean something under $500 for a queen, but with inflation and prices rising that’s a really hard target to beat. As companies cut corners to keep their costs down, it’s led to overseas mattresses with questionable materials being sold in Canada.

There have been recent discoveries and viral content and news articles around fiberglass in mattresses. We’ve done a ton of research on that which you can read about here. We found that almost all of the mattresses under $500 contain fiberglass, and so that’s really limited our ability to recommend them to you.

A cheap mattress will also lack features like edge support and higher quality fabric in the covering. They’re also thinner, so it increases the chance that your knee will feel the bedframe when climbing in and out of bed.

Since they’re all foam, cheap mattresses can still have good motion isolation properties.

Look for a cheap mattress:

  • You’re on a tight budget. We don’t recommend going into debt to buy a mattress and these cheap mattresses will save you hundreds of dollars.
  • You’re looking for something for a guest room or RV. These budget mattresses serve their purpose well if they are only going to be used part time. None of your guests will complain about sleeping on one of these mattresses instead of having to sleep on the floor!

Avoid a cheap mattress:

  • If you just want to save money. We think spending a few hundred dollars more on one of our foam mattress picks from above will make you a much happier sleeper. Quality sleep is important to your health and attitude and productivity. If you divide the extra cost of even $500 over a period of 5 years, that’s only $0.27 extra per day for a good night’s sleep. Now if you don’t have the money, or you have to go into debt (which we don’t recommend), then the best cheap mattress is all you can afford and we get that.

Fiberglass Free Cheap Mattress: Juno

The Good Morning company, that also makes the Douglas Mattress, has created a budget brand called Juno. While not as thick or as comfortable as the Douglas, the Juno comes with a long trial period so you can make sure it works for you.

While it’s rated as medium-firm just like the Douglas, we found that it felt more firm.

Juno Mattress

Juno Mattress

The Juno Mattress is made in Canada, and starts at only $578 for a Queen size. This 8" thick mattress is rated as 'Medium Firm'. offers a 120 Night Trial trial period and a 15 year warranty.

Materials Used: cooling gel, viscose
Certifications: Certi-Pur US
Other: Fiberglass free details

Shop Now $578 for a Queen

Super Budget Option: Cherry

We haven’t actually had our hands or our bodies on the Cherry mattress, but it’s worth a mention here because it’s even cheaper than the Juno. It’s also thinner, and only has a single foam layer so we imagine it will be even less comfortable too. But it’s so cheap and yet it’s still fiberglass free, and Made in Canada.

Cherry Budget Mattress

Cherry Budget Mattress

The Cherry Budget Mattress is made in Canada, and starts at only $379.00 for a Queen size. This 6" thick mattress is rated as 'Medium Firm'. offers a 120 Night Trial trial period and a 15 year warranty.

Materials Used: cooling gel
Certifications: Certi-Pur US
Other: Fiberglass free details

Shop Now $379.00 for a Queen

Competition for the Best Mattress in Canada

We spent a really long time researching all of the mattress options available in Canada – from mattresses made in Canada, to the best mattresses recommended by others, to reviews, we scoured the farthest corners of the internet.

We found that Zinus makes a great budget mattress, and it’s been purchased and loved by tens of thousands, but there are also some that have had severe issues with it. In order to meet the fire-retardant, Zinus uses a fiberglass mattress ‘sock’ under the mattress cover, but some people have had big troubles. Because of this, we’ve removed the budget Zinus Green Tea mattress from our listings above. Read more about fiberglass in mattresses here.

For people that know and love the Tempur-Pedic brand, they have a Tempur-Adapt mattress that Wirecutter loves, so we originally put it on our list of the Best Mattress in Canada. However, it seems to be impossible to find in stock in Canada, so it didn’t get to stay on our list for 2023.

How to choose the best mattress

There are only a few main types of mattresses – spring, foam, or a hybrid that combines springs and foam. The foam can be memory foam, polyfoam, latex, or a combination. In some cases, it can be something unique like sheep’s wool or buckwheat hulls.

Foam mattresses do more to conform to your body and cradle you – memory foam will allow you to sink in deep while still being supported. If that doesn’t sound good to you, you’ll likely be looking at an innerspring mattress that holds you up without strangling you. A pillowtop on a spring mattress can still feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, so just because it has springs, don’t rule it out of your search for the best mattress.

It used to be that buying a mattress in a box meant that you wouldn’t have any innersprings options, but mattress companies have figured out how to compress and ship these types of mattresses too, so you’re no longer limited!

What position do you sleep in?

If you’re a stomach sleeper, than the best mattress in Canada for you will be something with a firmer feel. If you sleep on your stomach, sinking in too far can cause your neck to be sore when you wake up in the morning.

Back and side sleepers will want a softer and plusher mattress feel that will allow them to sink in and minimize pain points on their hips and shoulders, while still allowing their spine to stay aligned throughout the night.

If you are a heavier person, then a medium-firm foam mattress won’t support as well as a hybrid style mattress.

Are you a hot or cold sleeper?

If you are a hot sleeper, then you’ll want to avoid foam mattresses – they’re known for trapping heat. Some mattress manufacturers are now offering mattresses with different cooling options – with gel, or air channels or other fancy things to keep you cool.

Hybrid mattresses, with coil springs underneath a memory-foam top, are better at transferring heat away from you then a full foam mattress. A full spring mattress that allows your heat to travel down into the coil area and disperse is even better, but those typically don’t arrive compressed in a box.

Latex could be a good in-between option – they sleep cooler than memory foam but are springier than the best synthetic poly or memory foam mattress.

Are you or your partner a restless sleeper?

If you are a light sleeper and you share the bed with someone, you’ll want to make sure that your mattress isolates enough motion that your sleep isn’t interrupted. Depending on the type of mattress, some do this better than others.

Obviously the mattress is connected so there can’t be complete isolation, but memory foam mattresses do a pretty good job. They kept our water from sloshing too much when we flopped around and dropped a weight on the mattress.

Latex mattresses don’t do a great job at motion isolation as they are quite springy.

Hybrid mattresses do a decent job at this, typically because they have pocket coil springs that are individually wrapped so that they don’t transfer movement. And they’re usually topped with memory foam.

Full memory foam mattresses are the best at motion isolation, and the Douglas mattresses did a great job.

What is the best mattress trial and return policy?

The mattress trial period is how long the company lets you test out their mattress and decide if you want to ship it back or not. 100 night seems pretty standard, but the fine-print can vary. Some companies will provide free return shipping, while others will want you to donate it to a local charity. A few companies charge a recycling fee of $100.

If you’re looking at buying a mattress in a box, or online, you can’t lay down on it in the store like you can with a traditional mattress store. Online mattress companies started offering 30, 60, or even 90 day trial periods to give you a chance to really test out your new mattress.

Before buying a mattress, make sure that it has a trial and return policy that you are happy with. It’s important to us, so we included it as one of the comparison factors when determining the best mattress in Canada.

Mattress returns are a real cost to the manufacturer, as Canada has rules that don’t allow those returned mattresses to be re-sold. Usually, a company partners with a non-profit in the area and donates the returned mattresses to them.

There are a few companies that don’t offer a free return, and either charge a small recycling fee, or in the case of one of the customizable mattresses, the company doesn’t allow returns at all.

Their reasoning is that since the different mattress layers can be re-organized to provide up to 16 different firmness options, the mattress will feel good for everyone. If that concerns you, make sure to go with a different mattress.


Most of the warranties are pro-rated, meaning that in the last year of warranty, they’ll only give you a 1 year’s worth of discount on the next mattress, rather than a full replacement. Of special note is that latex mattresses warranty against sagging, which is a problem that plagues most old mattresses that aren’t latex.

What about VOCs, off-gassing, and flame retardants?

This isn’t just for those health nuts (we use the term affectionately for ourselves) or those with sensitivities – chemicals releasing from a mattress are absorbed by breathing. And if you’re sleeping every night like a normal person, than your mattress would be perhaps the single place you spend your most time.

Foam mattresses are culprits of off-gassing. The unpleasant, new, ‘plasticy’ smell is the releasing of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Some are better than others, like ones that are CertiPUR-US certified.

If you are looking for a zero-chemical, all natural mattress, your options are limited. We like Essentia because they manufacture and build a natural mattress right here in Canada. Click here to see all your options for the Best Natural Mattress Canada.

More of our research on mattresses

Still unsure? Check out some of our other articles about how to choose the best mattress.

The Bed in a Box Mattress Market

review of the best mattress in canada
Competition in the Canadian mattress market is fierce! The world record tallest stack of mattress was 7.416 meters tall!

As the bed-in-a-box mattress (a.k.a. mail delivery mattress) market grows in Canada, there are more and more Canadian companies coming on the market. All of them offer certain features or options that could make them the best mattress in Canada for your needs.

Polysleep is 100% Canadian, and proud of it! Their mattresses are designed and constructed in Montreal, and they even claim to offer the “Best Mattress Canada Ever Made”. Privately owned, Polysleep customers drive the direction of the company and “not a board of foreign executives”.

There are many other brands, and over time we’ll be adding mattresses from them to our mattress comparison chart. These brands include Silk & Snow, Douglas, GhostBed, Casper, Essentia, Novosbed and more. It’s no wonder choosing the best mattress in Canada is a daunting task!

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