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FYI We are currently testing the Rock Ceramic frying pan and the Rock Ceramic oNatural pans.

The search for the best non stick frying pan Canada. As technology improves, it seems that every few years there’s a new wave of non stick frying pans that come out. It wasn’t too long ago, it was the T-Fal non-stick pans.

As we explained in our write up on the best stainless steel rice cooker available in Canada, we want a frying pan with a chemical free solution to the traditional non-stick coatings as they contain PFOA and other harmful substances – we aren’t fans of chemicals in our food or in our bodies.

But it also has to work – it actually has to keep food from sticking!

Our Instant Pot has a stainless steel inner pot that is relatively easy to clean with a scrub pad, and our rice cooker has a stainless steel inner pot. But stainless steel frying pans really do seem turn things into a mess – like our gluten free pancakes, or eggs!

That’s when we came across a pan at Canadian Tire with ‘The Rock’ finish.

It’s built to mimic the texture of a cast iron pan. With thousands of tiny little bumps and dips, they seem to immediately cook a thin layer of your food, keeping it from sinking down into the dips, which means your food is sitting on top of thousands of tiny bumps – easy to lift out of the pan.

The Rock Tec surface claims to be 50% harder than comparable cookware, and has 40% better scratch and wear resistance too. When compared to other options for the best non stick frying pan Canada, the Rock Tec surface has “3X superior release performance” when compared to other surfaces.

Now it seems that everywhere you look there are pans with The Rock coating (and we really like them). Ninja has now come out with a non stick frying pan that is supposed to be even stronger, and more durable, and more heat resistant than The Rock coated pans.

Since we first wrote this review, there have been a bunch of other best non stick frying pans that have showed up for sale that have similar rock style finishes. Their names vary, but they all indicate the same finish – Rock Tec, Granite Ware, Granite Stone, Rock Finish etc. And, due to the popularity of the rock finishes, some cheaper pans we saw in stores in Canada have a paint pattern that looks like a rock finish – you can tell by feeling the pan surface and, if it’s smooth, it’s painted on.

Review Contents:

Chemical Free - The Rock Zero Ceramic

Image of Best Non Stick Frying Pan Canada Starfrit The Rock Ceramic Non Stick Frying Pan

With the same non-stick Rock coating of our recommendation for the best non stick frying pan Canada, the ceramic coating on this pan makes it completely chemical free - which is why it's called the 'Zero'.

It's only about $5 more than the other Rock frying pans, and it's the only option that is completely chemical free with it's natural ceramic coating.

After being pelted with tiny metal beads, the dimpled surface of this non stick frying pan is coated with a natural ceramic coating that is 100% chemical free. No PFOA, no PTFE, no nickel, no cadmium etc.

Get the best price Starfrit The Rock Ceramic Non Stick Frying Pan in Canada from:

Top Choice - Heritage The Rock Non Stick Frying Pan

Image of Best Non Stick Frying Pan Canada Heritage The Rock Non Stick Frying Pan

In our experience, the Rock coating makes this the best non stick frying pan Canada. The only downside is if you have a fancy induction cook top this pan will not work for you.

The Rock non-stick fry pan is manufactured with a technology that makes the cooker surface 3 times more durable than regular non-stick pan surfaces. It's also 40% more scratch and wear-resistant and 50% harder than comparable plans!

This 12" non stick frying pan Canada has an extra thick forged aluminum base to provide even heat distribution and prevent warping.

If you can find this non-stick frying pan when it's on sale, Canadian Tire will have it at half the price of other online retailers.

Get the best price Heritage The Rock Non Stick Frying Pan in Canada from:

Heritage The Rock Stainless Non Stick Frying Pan

Image of Best Non Stick Frying Pan Canada Heritage The Rock Stainless Steel Non Stick Frying Pan

If you like the look and weight of a stainless steel frying pan, then you might opt for this non stick frying pan from Heritage.

It comes with the same Rock coating as our top choice, but it also has an additional layer of stainless steel on the outside - which does make it cost a little more.

If you have an induction stove, or if you just want a stainless steel pan because you love the way it heats up, or the weight of it in your hand, than this is it.

From Heritage, this Rock Tec non stick frying pan is the same as the cheaper aluminum version, except for it has an extra outer layer of stainless steel.

Get the best price Heritage The Rock Stainless Steel Non Stick Frying Pan in Canada from:

New Entry - Ninja Foodi Neverstick Frying Pan

Image of Best Non Stick Frying Pan Canada Ninja Foodi Neverstick Frying Pan

It's still new, so long term tests are impossible to find - but this could be the new best non stick frying pan Canada!

Wanting to get in on the popular non stick frying pan market, Ninja released their Foodi Neverstick series in mid-2020. They tout it as stronger and longer lasting than the competition. Because of this, Ninja says you can use metal utensils in this non-stick frying pan and put it in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

Instead of losing nonstick properties at high stove heat (like traditional non stick frying pans do - which is why they always say to use on a maximum heat of medium-high), the Foodi Neverstick frying pan can survive. That's because Ninja uses a super hot manufacturing process of 30,000°F to apply the non-stick coating. So crank the heat, don't worry!

This non-stick frying pan coating is free of PFOA, PFAS, Cadmium and lead.

Ninja backs their claims with a NeverStick Lifetime Guarantee - which has a curious condition. "When used as directed. Lifetime based on 5 years."

Get the best price Ninja Foodi Neverstick Frying Pan in Canada from:

Budget Pick - Starfrit Stainless Steel Non-Stick

Image of Best Non Stick Frying Pan Canada Starfrit The Rock Stainless Steel Non-Stick Frying Pan

This Starfrit frying pan always seems to be a little cheaper than the Heritage pans, so if you're on a budget you can still get Rock.Tec coating. Just don't expect these to last as long as the thicker, sturdier versions from other companies.

From Starfrit, this non stick frying pan with Rock.Tec treatment provides superior non-stick performance. Plus, since it's stainless steel it works with induction stoves.

Starfrit says nothing sticks, it never warps, and it lasts longer.

Get the best price Starfrit The Rock Stainless Steel Non-Stick Frying Pan in Canada from:

Upgrade Pick - Hexclad Non Stick Hybrid Frying Pan

Image of Best Non Stick Frying Pan Canada Hexclad Non Stick Hybrid Frying Pan

Part non-stick, part indestructible stainless steel, this frying pan lots costs more, but it's backed by a lifetime warranty - and it'll work on an induction stove.

Hexclad has come up with a high-tech way to have the non-stick properties of a more delicate cooking surface and the scratch resistance of stainless steel.

They call it a hybrid pan and it features laser-etched hexagon shapes. The depressions are coated in non stick, and the tiny stainless steel portions are raised up, protecting the non-stick finish from metal utensils.

Get the best price Hexclad Non Stick Hybrid Frying Pan in Canada from:

Another Hybrid Option - Frieling Black Cube Hybrid Frying Pan

Image of Best Non Stick Frying Pan Canada Frieling Black Cube Hybrid Nonstick Fry Pan

100% scratch resistant, this hybrid stainless steel/nonstick frypan has the best of both worlds!

The Black Cube texture cooks like stainless steel, but has the benefits of non-stick cleanup. Metal utensils are safe to use and they won't scratch or alter the cooking surface because of the raised, textured, stainless steel pixels.

Get the best price Frieling Black Cube Hybrid Nonstick Fry Pan in Canada from:

Alternate Pick - T-fal Titanium Non Stick Frying Pan

Image of Best Non Stick Frying Pan Canada T-Fal Titanium Non Stick Frying Pan

If you've always been a T-fal person, you might prefer this new and improved non-stick from T-Fal rather than stepping into new territory of a Rock.Tec pan.

We label this the budget pick, but if the Heritage Rock pans go on sale, they're often cheaper than this T-Fal Titanium pan.

If you've always been a T-fal person, then you might want to check out this improved non-stick finish pan - scratch resistant and PFOA free).

Perfect for everyday use, this frying pan uses T-Fal's best non-stick coating for the ultimate in scratch resistance making it safe for use with metal utensils.

Get the best price T-Fal Titanium Non Stick Frying Pan in Canada from:

What if I have an induction cooktop?

The Rock technology works on gas, electric, ceramic, and halogen stovetops. However, if you have an induction stovetop, you’ll want to make sure you get a frying pan made out of stainless steel and not aluminum (and you can expect to pay a little more).

The good news is that stainless steel pans typically last longer before warping, but with these non-stick pans you’ll likely have a limited lifespan before the non stick properties turn to be only sorta-non-stick.

How long will a Rock Tec pan last?

We loved these so much that we bought 2 different sizes – a large non stick frying pan with a lid, and a smaller one without a lid.

The large one is now about 4 years old, and the coating is not as effective, and the bottom has warped – meaning it takes a really long time to preheat on our ceramic cooktop because only the middle of the pan is making contact with the heating surface.

The smaller non stick frying pan is over a year old now and still looks brand new. We’ve been careful not to use the pan at high temperatures and there are no signs of it warping anytime soon.

How do I care for a non stick frying pan?

Rock Tec surfaces need to be treated just like any other non-stick cooking surface. When cooking, don’t use metal flippers and spoons. Instead, use plastic, bamboo, or silicon scrapers and flippers.

When washing your non stick frying pan, Canada, don’t use scrub pads! If you have food stuck to your pan (stray pieces of egg, little drips of pancake batter etc), let the pan completely cool and then fill with water and let it sit. We have only had to do this for egg that has spilled on the vertical sides of the pan, and soaking only takes a few minutes and the egg can be gently scraped off the best non-stick frying pan with a plastic spoon.

What brand makes the best non stick frying pan Canada?

Since we first wrote this review, there have been a bunch of other non stick frying pans that have showed up for sale that have similar rock style finishes. Their names vary, but they all indicate the same finish – Rock Tec, Granite Ware, Granite Stone, Rock Finish etc.

We still like the Heritage non stick frying pans the best. Some of the other bands are cheaper at normal pricing, but they’re thinner (and lighter, and feel a little cheaper). The thinner base material is what makes a pan heat or cool quickly and can lead to the bottoms warping faster. The Heritage pans have a triple ply thick forged metal base that just gives them a premium feel.

Best non stick frying pan canada thickness comparison

Depending on what you’re willing to spend, or if you are willing to wait for a non stick frying pan to go on sale, then our choice is the Heritage brand available from Canadian Tire and Amazon. We were able to get ours for 75% off, putting them at the same price as the thin-metal based entry level pans.

What’s better – Hybrid style non-stick or rock finish?

The hybrid style pans use laser etching to provide a raised stainless steel finish that, since it is slightly higher than the non-stick finish, protects the non-stick finish from being scratched with utensils or while cleaning.

The rock style finish is a non stick technology that is more durable and PFOA free.

So what makes the best non stick frying pan? It depends…. if you really want your food to cook like you’re using a stainless steel frying pan, then the hybrid style will do that. If you want the best non-stick performance for an entry-level price, then the rock-style non stick frying pan will be your best bet.

This comparison video does a great job of putting the two frying pans against each other. As you can see, the shrimp browns faster in the hybrid pan, and the shrimp doesn’t stick at all but it’s held in place enough you need a flipper.

In the granite rock pan, browning is slower, but the shrimp doesn’t even stay in place allowing you to swish and flip them without a utensil.

Are non stick pans really a health risk?

They seem to be, yes. The original Teflon-style coatings actually release chemicals when heated too high, and can release hydrofluoric acid and a variety of organofluorine compounds that are toxic to humans (and birds!).

Since this was discovered and widely reported, non-stick coatings have stopped using PFTE with PFOA, but the replacement product is turning out to have the same issues. Lab tests on rats have shown that the new chemical causes many of the same health concerns as PFOA (

The granite and rock style non stick frying pan surfaces are blasted with tiny stainless steel balls to harden and add texture to the surface. Then a non-stick coating is applied to the textured surface. To completely avoid all coatings, you can also get ceramic rock tec pans that have a ceramic texturized coating. By using a textured ceramic surface, the non-stick performance is increased above those of smooth ceramic frying pans.

We’ve found information from Starfrit (the company that makes the Rock Tec pans) that the non stick coating does not contain PFOA but still contains PTFE (October 2020 src in the ‘Questions’ tab). For completely chemical free non stick cooking, look for the textured ceramic coatings like the Starfrit Zero pan above.

What about ceramic  copper non stick frying pans?

There are a few different copper ceramic frying pans that claim to have superior strength and non-stick properties to the other options. We haven’t personally tested any of these (yet), but here are some things you should know if you’re interested in buying one.

The coatings are not a copper and ceramic combination – the pans have a copper layer, as it’s a better metal for even heating in your best non stick frying pan Canada. On top of the copper layer, a ceramic coating is applied.

The ceramic coatings are strong and durable, and some of the As-Seen-On-TV type infomercials even show an electric mixer being used in pans like the Red Copper non stick frying pan and the Gotham Steel non stick ceramic copper frying pan.

And if you aren’t set on the copper layer, but you’re looking for the best non stick frying pan with a chemical free ceramic coating, check out the nonstick GreenPan Valencia. The FoodNetwork chose GreenPan as the most eco-friendly non stick frying pan. GreenPan uses a diamond infused coating derived from sand so that no toxic fumes are emitted, even if you accidentally overheat the pan.

Here’s an amazing video putting the Red Copper non stick frying pan through the same paces as the TV Infomercial, and they even drive a car over the frying pan.

However, just like any of the best non stick frying pan options, you’ll get more life out of your pan by taking care of it.

That means hand washing (yes, even though the pans are dishwasher safe), and it also means using a silicon, plastic, or wooden utensil instead of the metal ones (yes, even though the pans are metal utensil safe).

Non stick frying pans that are Made in Canada

Paderno is a company that has been around for close to 40 years. They’ve been making cookware and kitchen tools since 1979 when the first Paderno plant opened in 1979 in P.E.I.

In 2017, Canadian Tire purchased Padinox, which is the company that owns Canadian rights to the Paderno brand. This allows Canadian Tire to be the exclusive Paderno retailer.

All manufacturing remained in P.E.I., although now it seems that some of the Paderno non-stick pans are being made overseas. The more expensive, higher-quality stainless steel non-stick pans are still listed on Canadian Tire’s website as being “Proudly made in Canada.”

But are Paderno non-stick frying pans any good? The answer seems to be it depends. There are reviews that say the pans are horrible, and then there are others that love them, but Canadian Tire really lowers the risk with its lifetime warranty.

If you’re interested in buying a Paderno non-stick frying pan Canada, keep these things in mind:

  • The Paderno pans carry a lifetime exchange warranty at any Canadian Tire store, but it doesn’t cover wear and tear or damage to the non-stick coating
  • These are the typical pans from CanadianTire. Regular price is very high, but if you’re patient, they often go on sale for up to 70% off.
  • If you have an induction cooktop, it doesn’t matter. Even the aluminum Paderno non stick pans say they are compatible with induction cook tops (although we aren’t sure how?)
  • The pans are listed as being PFOA free, but there is no mention of if they are PTFE free as well

36 thoughts on “Best Non Stick Frying Pan Canada”

  1. I have a Heritage The Rock Diamond 20cm frying pan for about 4 months now. I noticed that the pan didn’t sit well on my induction stove. My husband notice that the bottom of the pan separated from the base. I went back to Canadian Tire for a exchange because of the warranty and they refused it because I didn’t have a receipt… they suggested that I contact the company for a RN #… I’m out looking for information on how to get contact email or phone number so I can contact the company…

    Hopes in hearing from you soon

    1. Hi Jeannine, sorry to hear that!
      This is what their website says, sounds like they might require proof of purchase too?

      You can contact them at or by calling 1-800-361-6232

      READ CARE AND USE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING YOUR NEW COOKWARE. Our The Rock cookware are covered by a 3-year warranty on the non-stick coating and a lifetime (25 years) warranty against warping, with proof of purchase only. Warranty covers any defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 3 years, STARTING FROM THE DATE OF THE
      The owner must follow care and use instructions for this warranty to apply. This warranty does not cover damage caused by incorrect use, professional use or if the utensil is banged or dropped.
      Normal wear of the non-stick coating does not affect the performance of the product thanks to the Rock Tec permanent textured surface and thus, is not covered by this warranty. Stains, discoloration and minor scratches on the inside and the outside of the utensil constitute normal use, do not affect performande and are not covered by this warranty. Exterior paint is strictly cosmetic and does not affect the performance of the product thus, is not covered by our warranty.
      Any complaints / claim must be registered within the warranty period, with proof of purchase.

  2. I have a Heritage The Rock One Pot and it’s, hands down, the best pot I’ve ever owned, bar none. It’s been used and abused for 3 years and it still looks and performs like new. I’ve cooked chili in it and forgot to reduce the heat. It was boiling like crazy for near 45 minutes. Not one bean stuck to the pot. I have one of those Gotham copper fry pans. It’s garbage. It gets scratches and the surface is pitted. I’m waiting for a sale I’ll be getting a One Pot frying pan. They’re often on at Canadian Tire for $40 or $50.

  3. Bull**** for sure non scratch haha funny yeah right also drop one of my pot and warp wow never again i have older pots that works better then that

    1. Hi, are your older pots also non-stick? Have you dropped any of them to test? For some reason people expect a $30 non-stick pan to last their lifetime. Going out for a single dinner costs more than that, why would a $30 pan owe you anything if it’s mistreated or if you’ve used it for longer than a few years? We have been using The Rock pans daily for over 2 years and it shows minimal wear on the rocky ‘bumps’, and yes the edge isn’t perfectly round anymore because we dropped it.

  4. Had ‘the Rock’ pans from Canadian Tire. I wouldn’t recommend them if you plan to use them for more than a year or so. The coating will slowly fade away and, to me the biggest point is then tendency to wrap if used on hig heat. The center will end up been the lowest conctact point on any vitro ceramic cooktop and won’t diffuse the heat properly. It is probably not a concern on gas stove though.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Most of the Rock cookware says ‘Never warps’ on it – and Canadian Tire has a 3 year exchange warranty on the pans. Sounds like you should try getting a new pan? I did see that you mentioned it warps on high heat – all non stick pans recommend using only on low to medium heat, and that could be why the non-stick coating was slowly fading away also. Perhaps you should look at the Ninja Foodie series as they use a high-temp process that is supposed to be able to handle high heat used for searing meats etc.

      1. Thanks for the recommendation, already past the 3 years and I wouldn’t bother getting the same..

        And true it was specified low heat, but in every day usage, you mostly end up in high heat while frying, especially for meat.

        I will have a look at the Ninja one’s but also keep an eye on the semi non-stick stainless one’s as I am curious about them. You can stir fry or sear in a stainless one if you hit the right temperature which requires some experimentation. And as you or someone else mentioned, you can’t duplicate cast iron without the required maintenance it’s asking for. Some dutch ovens have been passed down two generations 😊

        1. Fair enough! These non stick frying pans are not lifelong tools like a cast iron pan is, but if you manage to get the Rock pan on sale and it lasts 3 years that you’re looking at $10 per year of usage for the convenience of non stick over cast iron care.

  5. Two iRock pieces from a pots & pans set have patches of the iRock ‘coating’ materials peeling off like it’s some kind of cheap coat of speckled Teflon that’s just peeling off in patches, after less than a half dozen uses!

    1. Do you mean iRock, or The Rock? And if you mean the Rock, then wow, that was definitely not our experience! Return them, this is exactly what they would cover under the 5 year warranty. And let us know how it goes!

    1. They are safe to use on glass top stoves. The base is aluminum, so it shouldn’t scratch. Just to be safe, however, it’s a good idea not to slide along the cooktop.

  6. hi
    I have used the Rock set, but after 2 months it hasn’t been non stick anymore! the pan color is strange and I am disappointed now!
    any solution?

    1. Hi Mahsa, talk to the store you bought it at. The Rock pans from Canadian Tire have a 3 year exchange warranty. Make sure you don’t use metal utensils, and you don’t use the pans on high heat, same as any other non-stick pan.

  7. I have bought Heritage The Rock pans for a few years now. The first one lasted about 5 years. The one I have now is still okay, sort of, but the sides are encrusted. I have just bought my third, intending to keep it in the cupboard until the one I’m using is no longer good. My question is about the heat. How do you stir-fry on medium heat? Or sear meat? This new pan, “The Rock Diamond” claims to be able to take the heat. Is it true? I have a gas stove. Also, is there a difference between the Canadian Tire Heritage and the Walmart Starfrit? Everything, from the descriptions in the catalogues, seems identical.

    1. Hi Jane, there are a few different companies that use the Rock coating – and Starfrit definitely does. So there really isn’t a difference in the non-stick coatings between the Starfrit and the Heritage non stick frying pans.

      As for searing, the Rock Diamond pans say they are good in the oven to 450 F, which is around the searing temperature you want (between 450 – 500 F). Check out this video that compares searing steaks in the Lagostina Ceramic Rock non stick frying pan, and a simple cast iron pan. The cast iron pan holds the heat better which means the temperature doesn’t drop as fast when you lay your meat in the pan, which makes for a better seared crust.

      Honestly, if you’re cooking with oil and searing meat, then you don’t need a non-stick anyways? We love the non-stick for cooking eggs and pancakes and other low temperature foods that we cook without oil or butter.

  8. I purchased the Rock frying pan about 6 months ago and love it. I have a gas stove but usually cook on a medium heat so I haven’t seen any damage or warping at all. My question is I would like to purchase a set but now there are different types such as forged non stick, diamond set, and now I see Walmart has Rock wave. It gets confusing. Any suggestions? Thanks

    1. Glad to hear it! That’s similar to our experience with the Rock frying pan on a gas stove.

      The Rock Wave uses the Rock coating on the inside, while the Wave part refers to a non-slip grip texture on the handles. As for the ‘forged’ and ‘diamond’ sets, these are just fancy names. The forged refers to the construction method – typically a ‘forged aluminum base’ – and actually all of the Rock pans have that. As for the diamond set, they seem to have nicer handles – at least in our opinion.

      The short of it is that all of those have the Rock-tec coating so you can’t go wrong!

  9. Purchase The Rock Pan about two months ago. It is absolute garbage. The “Rock” coat is already wearing off, and it is not non stick.

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for the feedback. Can you tell us what temperature you typically cook at, and what type of utensils you used in the pans? Our Rock non-stick frying pans are still going strong after 2 years. The only defect we’ve noted is that the edge of the pan is slightly out-of-round after the pan was dropped by one of my kids.

  10. I have a small magnet fastened to my cane. If a magnet sticks to the bottom of a pot or pan then it will work on an induction stove. I have noticed some frying pans have a perforated steel plate moulded into the bottom to make them induction.

  11. The Rock cookware is junk as I have had my set for a few years now and the coating is coming off exposing the aluminum and it leaches into the food. I have stopped using them and will never buy them again. I have a pan from Wearever and have had it for 10+ years and the coating has not come off at all. Just a few minor scratches but still in great shape. I wish I could get these back again.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. If you use the Rock sale price as a comparison, the Rock pans are $25-$40 (depending on size), and the Vollrath Wear-ever pans are $140-$155 and some up to $230 at Walmart Canada. How many years should we expect out of a frying pan? Also, if you were using the Rock for the last few years, does that mean your Wearever pans were getting a break for the past few years, so they haven’t really been heavily used for those 10 years?

  12. yes the Paderno frying pans DO work on induction stove… the material is ‘primary’ aluminium but the bottom seems to be stainless steel.. they do work great and great price when on sale BUT the coating seems to easily scratch off and I had to replace them after about 3yrs… time to switch and try ‘harder’ non stick material

  13. Just purchased The Heritage the Rock cookware. Haven’t used then yet. Considering also buying Ninja Foodi Never Stick Premium cookware. Which is the better of the two?

    1. Hi Rose, we are currently testing some new pans – the Rock Ceramic Zero and the Ninja Foodi Never Stick. Once we’re done, we will be able to give you an opinion on which is the better of the two.
      P.s. Let us know how you like the Heritage Rock cookeware!

  14. Hi. I just bought a 8” paderno nonstick & APFO free pan and it was mentioned above that they are made in Canada. As I’m reading the package it’s wrapped with it says it’s made in China imported by Padinox. Have they changed where these are made ???
    It also says its reinforced with titanium and ceramic ( is this just a sales pitch or is this for real ? )

    1. On the Canadian Tire website, the stainless steel non-stick pans specifically say “Proudly Made in Canada”, but the aluminum non-stick pans don’t. Perhaps those are the ones made overseas?

  15. So now I’m really confused—can someone please clarify the heath risks of non stick pans tfal safe or not safe? Paderno? The rock?

    1. All of the ‘new’ pans are safe – the ones that are PFOA free. However, that’s what they used to think about the old non-stick pans. If you want to be certain, then go for a ceramic ‘Zero’ non stick pan, or, you could opt for a cast iron pan.

      The real hazard is when the pan is overheated, or when the coating flakes and scrapes off. To prevent damage to the coating, don’t use metal utensils. To prevent overheating your non stick pan, never use high heat, or, buy the Ninja pan that uses a super-high-heat coating that your stove won’t be able to damage.

  16. As an owner of the “Heritage The Rock” non-stick skillet above, I’d like to know where you get the idea that “The only downside is if you have a fancy induction cook top this pan will not work for you.”? This statement is absolutely FALSE. I’ve been using my “Heritage The Rock” non-stick skillet on my induction cook top for a few years already. It works perfectly well on the smooth, glass induction surface, just as any other flat-bottomed skillet would! I suggest you edit your article and change that, because any other owner of this skillet who sees this article will also be wondering why you’ve said that!

    1. Hi Elaine, can you confirm if you have a glasstop cookstove (with the glowing red elements underneath when heating), or an induction cooktop? Induction cooktops aren’t supposed to work with aluminum cookware. However, there are a few of The Rock non stick frying pans that are made with stainless steel, specifically for use on induction cooktops.

  17. Hello,
    Just curious about a few things. Why wouldn’t you review Paderno frying pans that are apparently made and sold in Canada. It may have something to do with earning a commission on products sold through this website, so are we getting a truly impartial view. Also, I noticed that some of the prices on Amazon for the “same product” are less than half the price as those quoted on Canadian Tire site. Makes me wonder if they are they same product or some Chinese junk misrepresenting themselves. Take look for yourself. Ninja Foodi Never Foodi Neverstick 30 cm frying pan is $59.80 on Amazon and $199 on the Canadian Tire site.
    There are many more examples.

    1. Hi Lynn, thanks for the comment!
      We’ve don’t have any experience with the Paderno pans, but you’re right – they are made in Canada. So, we added a section that discusses that in our writeup above.
      As for the price difference between Amazon and Canadian Tire, it’s true. Canadian Tire seems to often have a pretty high price on things, and then they often have substantial discounts.

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