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We spent hours researching electric skateboards, and here’s what we’ve come up with. Here are your top choices for the best electric skateboard Canada!

If you are looking for area specific information, check out our blog post about electric skateboards in Vancouver.

Although we’ve tried to keep this list up to date, there are so few electric skateboard companies that sell online, that you’re basically limited to something from Razor (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), or a no-name company from overseas.

If you’re close to a skateboard shop in a big city, we recommend getting outside and going to the store – I know, it sounds scary ha! They will know best what’s available and what comes with a reasonable warranty.

If you aren’t near a skate shop, then keep reading for some of your best options for buying an electric skateboard online in Canada.

Review Contents:

Electric Skateboard Canada Comparisons:

Hey Canada! This section helps you compare the features of these products to help you choose the best option for you! Click on the product name to jump down to that specific review.


When choosing an electric skateboard, one of the first specifications listed is the motor power. It's rated in watts, and the more watts, the more power the electric board will have. Keep in mind this isn't about top speed, this is about the acceleration power, and the power to go up steep hills. Top speed has more to do with the gearing ratio of the motor and the wheel size. This also seems to be one of the factors that is related to cost - look for low motor power if you want a cheap electric skateboard.

ZYLFN Portable Electric Skateboard700w (dual 350w brushless)
HBSYL Portable Dual Motor Electric Skateboard600w (dual 300w brushless motors)


Range determines not just how far you can ride your electric skateboard, but for how long you can ride it before you need a recharge (or a battery swap if your board allows). For commuters, this is especially important to keep in mind. You'll want enough to make it to work (to charge there), or enough to make it there and back if you can't recharge at work. Remember that during cold winter months, the range of your board may be reduced so make sure there is a margin of safety available in the range of the electric skateboard you choose.

Top Speed

Electric skateboard top speed is mostly for bragging rights - rarely, when driving in traffic, will you be able to cruise at top speed. Keep in mind that if you're buying for a child, you may not want an electric skateboard with a very high top speed because of safety concerns. If you're an ultimate thrill seeker, then you will want to spend more on a board that can give you the speed you need.


If you need to carry your skateboard any distance, you'll want to make sure it's a manageable weight. The trade off, of course, is range. Since the battery is typically the heaviest part of the electric skateboard, the longer the range (ie. the larger the battery), the heavier the board will be. Another factor is the size of the deck - if you're comparing an electric longboard to an electric skateboard Canada, you'll definitely notice the longboards are heavier.


As with most things in life, the better the product is, the more it costs. This holds true with these electric skateboards Canada. If you want a faster top speed, a longer range, or a more powerful motor, the price goes up.

If you don't need a high performance electric skateboard like the TeamGee board, and if you aren't on a super-tight budget that only allows for the cheapest board, then somewhere in the middle of the pack will be the sweet spot.

The UrbanPro electric skateboard is near the middle of the pack price-wise, but has higher than average top speed and range. The HiBoy S11 has an average price and above average lightweight build, but the electric skateboards top speed is average, and the range is below average.

Weight Capacity

Make sure you check out the weight capacity of the electric skateboard you are interested in. Performance like top speed and hill climbing ability will not match what is advertised if you weigh more than the skateboard is rated to handle.

If you're purchasing for a child, the cheaper boards will work great - but if you weigh more than 150 lbs, stear clear of the Phoenix Ryders - it seems to be made as an electric skateboard for youth.

And if you weight more than 220 lbs, then you'll need to look at either the UrbanPro or TeamGee electric longboards that can handle more than 250 lbs.

Which electric skateboard is best?

Everybody has their opinions, but the best electric skateboard is the one that is best for you. It needs to fit your budget, it needs to have the range and top speed you need and want, and it needs to last long enough for you to feel like it was worth it.

For a child, you don’t need the same amount of motor power as an older, heavier rider would need. Plus, high power electric skateboard motors cost more, and can go dangerously fast. Look at some entry-level boards like the RazorX products – they are available in many retail stores which makes seeing them in person, and if necessary, returning them, easier.

For a commuter, think of the route to your job or school and figure out what sort of range you will need the electric skateboard to have, and what sort of inclines you need to be able to climb (and descend!). If it’s a steep commute, make sure the board can handle steep inclines and that it has powerful brakes.

For reliability, look to a company that has been making electric skateboards in Canada for a few years already – like Boosted and RazorX.

Newer electric longboards may seem cheaper at first, but may cause extra headaches or just plain might not work. Make sure to check into the skateboard company’s warranty terms.

Now that electric skateboards have been around for a few years, there are lots of copycats coming from overseas. The good news is that it has pushed overall prices down, but it has lead to some headaches as these companies list under strange names on Amazon and other online retailers.

In fact, that’s why there iare2 boards from different ‘companies’ on our list that look identical – the Atezch and the Hbsyl boards use the same imagery, and from what we can tell, the only difference is that one is a single motor and the other is a dual motor electric skateboard.

Finding the best electric skateboard in Canada

Added to your challenge in finding the best electric skateboard is that you need an electric skateboard in Canada. The online selection is very much reduced compared to the USA, but the most reliable boards available online in the USA are also available in Canada.

Plus, there are local skateboard shops in the big cities like Vancouver and Toronto that are starting to carry electric skateboards. If you live near one, go check out some electric skateboards in person. Some board shops even have trial days that let you test out different boards. There’s no better way to find, for you, the best electric skateboard Canada!

RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard - Best electric skateboard (reasonably priced)

Image of Electric Skateboard Canada RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard

The RazorX DLX electric skateboard is a step up from the Ripstick Cruiser electric skateboard. It has a more powerful motor, a longer range, and a faster top speed. However, for a serious commuter - as opposed to an electric skateboard for kids - this might not be the best choice. That being said, if you are new to skateboarding and want to get an electric board for your commute, this is an entry-level priced way to give it a try without investing too much. Plus, you have the added benefits of a brand that's been around for a while so you know you can expect quality, safety, and service just like Razor is known for.

Razor insists the DLX electric skateboard battery pack will last for up to 40 minutes of continuous riding, which should give a range of about 12 kms.

There are lots of satisfied owners, with even some people who have a top-of-the-line Boosted Board buying a Razor DLX as a play-around electric skateboard toy.

There are also some complaints about reliability, with the DLX board not taking a charge after only a few weeks of use. Sometimes the battery becomes a little loose in the plastic case under the deck, so you can wedge some cardboard into the case against the battery pack to hold it tight against the contact points. This only seemed to happen to some people, and with Razor's 90 day warranty and company history, it's not a deal breaker.

Get the best price RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard in Canada from:

RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard - Best electric skateboard (reasonably priced) review details:

Range12 kms
Top Speed19 km/h
Weight5.6 kgs
Weight Capacity220 lbs
Read our full review of the RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard in Canada

RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard - Best Cheap Electric Skateboard

Image of Electric Skateboard Canada RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

This entry level electric skateboard is great for kids

The RazorX Cruiser electric is an entry level cheap electric skateboard from Razor. Performance is less than some of the leaders in the industry, but the price is also substantially less, making it a great first board, and one of the best electric skateboard for kids.

Razor says the lithium-ion battery pack is good for up to 40 minutes of continual use, and since the electric motor is hooked to the rear wheels by a gear (rather than an in-wheel motor), you should be able to replace the wheels with any other skateboard wheels when they wear out.

RazorX Cruiser is recommended for ages 9 and up, but at the same time the 5 ply maple deck and 125w motor can support riders up to 100 kgs.

If you're looking for a cheap electric skateboard, this is about as cheap as they come. You can get one cheaper, but it'll be some no-name company. This has the brand reputation of Razor behind it, which is why it made it to our list of the best electric skateboards in Canada.

Get the best price RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard in Canada from:

RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard - Best Cheap Electric Skateboard review details:

Range8 kms
Top Speed16 km/h
Weight4.75 kgs
PriceBelow Average
Weight Capacity220 lbs
Read our full review of the RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard in Canada

TeamGee H20 Electric Skateboard - Best Overall

Image of Electric Skateboard Canada TeamGee H20 Electric Skateboard - Best Electric Skateboard overall

If you want to go fast, this is the electric skateboard you need. It's top speed puts it at the top of the class of electric skateboards in Canada.

Being a newer board, there aren't many reviews, but TeamGee has an H5 that is very much liked, so we expect this to carry the same sort of quality build.

From first glance, it's clear this board is focused on performance and speed.

With 2-huge 540w motors - for a total of 1080watts of acceleration power - this electric longboard can accelerate quickly to 42 km/h. It has enough power to climb 30% grades, and the 7400 mAh battery pack can take you up to 30 kilometers.

It's rated waterproof to IP54 standards so there's no worries about riding in the rain.

TeamGee even has a 3 month free repair warranty, and reader reviews for older boards from TeamGee are full of stories of the company replacing remotes or doing their best to make things right.

The price of the TeeamGee board is higher than others, but none match the performance and quality of this board. Plus, it's still cheaper than the Boosted boards ever were!

Get the best price TeamGee H20 Electric Skateboard - Best Electric Skateboard overall in Canada from:

TeamGee H20 Electric Skateboard - Best Overall review details:

Motor1080w (dual 540w hub motors)
Range30 kms
Top Speed42 km/h
WeightHeavy - 9.5 kg
Weight Capacity286 lbs

Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard

Image of Electric Skateboard Canada Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard

This electric skateboard is no longer available online in Canada - but still appears on (with no option to ship to a foreign address).

The HiBoy S11 isn't a bad board, it's just average in every respect. It has an average top speed, below average range, slightly below average weight (it's fairly light). And don't expect much ability for hill climbing - it's only rated at 8 degrees.

It's right in the middle of the pack price-wise too. If you don't have the money to spend on one of the top-of-the-line electric skateboards, this would be an acceptable 'cheaper' option without being a toy.

Get the best price Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard in Canada from:

Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard review details:

Motor350w hub motor
Range10 kms
Top Speed20 km/h
Weight3.8 kg
Weight Capacity220 lbs

UrbanPro Electric Skateboard

Image of Electric Skateboard Canada UrbanPro Electric Skateboard

As with the Hiboy electric skateboard, this one from UrbanPro is still on but is no longer for sale in Canada. We expect this might change as the weather gets warmer and more people are looking for best electric skateboard in Canada.

Putting this board a step above most of the electric skateboard options is a strong 11 layer maple deck, top speed of 32 km/h, and slightly above average range of 16 kms. Hill climb capability is rated at 20 degrees which is above average, plus it has an allowable rider weight of up to 265lbs - so we'd expect a lighter rider to be able to climb even steeper inclines.

Being an electric longboard, however, the overall weight of this board is significant. It doesn't necessarily weigh more than other electric longboards, but compared to the skateboard style boards, the weight is substantially more. If your commute contains parts of carrying the board, make sure to take that into consideration.

Get the best price UrbanPro Electric Skateboard in Canada from:

UrbanPro Electric Skateboard review details:

Motor400w brushless
Range16 kms
Top Speed32 km/h
WeightHeavy - 9.5 kg
PriceAbove Average
Weight Capacity265 lbs
Read our full review of the UrbanPro Electric Skateboard

Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard

Image of Electric Skateboard Canada PHOENIX RYDERS Electric Skateboard

Beware that this little guy only has a weight rating of 50kg! If you're a larger rider, you'll have to continue your search for your electric skateboard Canada.

This electric skateboard is small! It's only 20 inches long and 7 inches wide. For some, that will be too small - and for others that will be it's main feature. It's small enough to carry under your arm and store in your locker.

With a 2200mAh lithium-ion battery pack, it's good for more than 500 charge-discharge cycles. And a 7 layer Northeast maple deck give the board the necessary strength and durability to last as long as the battery pack.

The wireless remote has a small digital LCD screen that shows your speed, battery capacity, and direction. It also has a button that allows 'cruise control' to maintain your current speed.

Another great advantage of the Phoenix Ryders board is that they provide 6 months warranty for the board and remote, and, if you should have any troubles with the electric board, they even have a service center set up in LA.

Get the best price PHOENIX RYDERS Electric Skateboard in Canada from:

Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard review details:

Motor250 w
Range15 kms
Top Speed20 km/h
WeightLight - 3.6 kg
PriceBelow Average
Weight Capacity110 lbs

Atezch Electric Board - Lightest electric skateboard

Image of Electric Skateboard Canada Atezch Electric Skateboard

This is a new entry in the electric skateboard Canada category, so there are no customer reviews. However, we think it's worth considering - if you do buy it, let us know what you think of it!

We included this electric skateboard review because it's $40 cheaper than the RazorX Cruiser board (at time of publishing), it weighs 1kg less, and has a 300w motor instead of a 125 watt motor, which could make it a great entry-level electric skateboard for a new rider. And it appears to be a quality product - with a 7 layer maple deck and a reverse feature on the brushless motor.

With 3 different driving modes, it allows beginner riders to set the top speed to only 5km/h while getting used to the electric board. The 300watt brushless electric motor provides plenty of power to reach speeds of up to 20km/h and climb hills as steep as 15 degrees.

Get the best price Atezch Electric Skateboard in Canada from:

Atezch Electric Board - Lightest electric skateboard review details:

Motor300w brushless
Range8 km
Top Speed15 km/h
WeightLight - 3.65 kg
Weight Capacity220 lbs

HBSYL Portable Dual Motor Electric Skateboard

Image of Electric Skateboard Canada HBSYL Portable Dual Motor Electric Skateboard

Another new electric skateboard Canada product with no user reviews.

This is very similar to the Atezch board except that this appears to be the dual motor version. With 2 - 300watt motors, the total power on this skateboard is 600 watts.

Although the range and the top speed aren't affected, 600 watts of get-up-and-go power will mean a more exhilarating riding experience. But it does drive the cost of this electric skateboard up as well. A larger, 4000 mAh battery is supplied so that the motors can still give you 20 kms of range even with more power consumption by the second motor.

This board isn't rated as being waterproof. It could be just to save on cost, or on warranty claims, but it's worth keeping in mind if you plan to ride this electric ckateboard in the rain.

Get the best price HBSYL Portable Dual Motor Electric Skateboard in Canada from:

HBSYL Portable Dual Motor Electric Skateboard review details:

Motor600w (dual 300w brushless motors)
Range20 kms
Top Speed20 km/h
Weight3.8 kg
PriceAbove Average
Weight Capacity220 lbs

ZYLFN Portable Electric Skateboard

Image of Electric Skateboard Canada ZYLFN Max-3 Portable Electric Skateboard

I don't know if the random letter names are just a way for Chinese-made copycats to get around the listing rules on Amazon, but there are a bunch of these that popup, have decent specs, and than shortly disappear after.

If you're looking for an electric skateboard in Canada that will have after-purchase support, I'd steer away from all of these options from companies that you've never heard of and have no reputation or history.

This electric skateboard has dual motors for total motor power of 700 watts, which gives it the power necessary to climb up to 15 degree slopes. A sturdy 7-layer maple deck, with a convenient handle cutout, allow this board to receive a waterproof and dustproof rating which makes this a durable electric board suitable for all weather conditions.

Total battery pack charging time is rated at taking 2 hours, which means that after riding to school or work, the skateboard will be fully charged by the time you're ready to head home.

Upgrades to the Max-3 includes improved stability, speed, increased battery life, and less difficulty getting started.

Get the best price ZYLFN Max-3 Portable Electric Skateboard in Canada from:

ZYLFN Portable Electric Skateboard review details:

Motor700w (dual 350w brushless)
Range10 kms
Top Speed20 km/h
Weight4 kg
Weight Capacity155 lbs

Tips when thinking about buying and electric skateboard in Canada

As summer starts each year, there is a surge of interest in buying electric boards for sunny day fun. If you can wait until spring time, you can expect to find some deals on the skateboards. Typically, the pre-summer sales will be the best prices you can get. Of course this mostly applies to the boards that are widely available like the Razor electric skateboards. A board like the Boosted might not go on sale at all, and if it does, it will be to clear out old stock for a new upcoming model.

Be sure to check into local laws. There’s an increase in awareness of alternate transportation methods as governments look to incentivize green methods of travel. However, there are still some cities in Canada that have strict rules against riding electric motor powered skateboards and bikes on public roads – if you plan to use it for commuting, check into the local bylaws.

There’s been such a wide amount of interest in these electric longboards and skateboards that people who have never skateboarded before are buying them. If that’s you, don’t jump in for the most expense, highest power board you can find – you might not enjoy the learning curve and it may end up being money wasted.

If you have skated lots before, keep in mind that typically a skateboarder will propel themselves with their other leg, and they will stop themselves by skidding or jumping off the board. While you do have an advantage of being used to balancing on a board, it’s a completely different feeling to be accelerated and stopped by the board itself, and it will require some practice before you’re zooming around on your electric skateboard like a pro.

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  1. Well I don’t know what to make of what I just read other than to say that that article and your recommendations are total crap. I hail from Santa Cruz California and own for electric skateboards one Evolve, two by Backfire and one by Meepo. As for regular skateboards well that’s a different matter altogether probably around 80 to 90 decks and somewhere between 20-30(not including those that have SOMEHOW ended up loaned out permanently or those that I end up giving away to friends or some stoked out grom..try it…… There’s nothing quite like seeing the look a grom gets when you give em their first skate. .)operational boards at the moment. And yes my quiver tends to have a little bit of everything a couple boards for the ramp more than enough for the street and just enough longboards to satisfy that type of riding. I’ve written about 15 different boards and let me tell you there are pros and cons for every company, board composition, style, concave shape to motor size, batteries and accessory imaginable……not to mention the tires and bearings to sandpaper, trucks and bushings…….shall we go on? Anyways my resume started probably around the age of four and five when it comes to skating. I’ve been fortunate enough to work at NHS and a couple of surf shops growing up. Instead of lending your eyes some gnarly diatribe of senseless I know this and I know that, I’m just going to say this there are a lot more companies out there than what you mentioned in your article most of them much better than those that you have included repetitively as the number one two three or four fifth or sixth place bologna. I will say this until you’ve written about 12 to 15 different makes and models and have at least a couple years of riding under your belt don’t try to come across to the world as some type of pro that knows it all that being said you should pull your article do some research and see me next year. Can’t believe you included the razor brand what a joke

    1. Hi John thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. The main purpose of the write-up was to list electric skateboards that can be found in Canada, and while some of the companies you mentioned to sell in Canada, to be honest they are hard to find outside of Vancouver or Toronto maybe. If you read why we included the Razor, it’s because its more than $1000 less than the other models you mention, and because it’s for beginners who don’t even know if they will enjoy an electric skateboard. You have valid points, but I think we do to. Thanks for the details

    1. Thanks for letting us know! Some of these electric skateboards aren’t available anymore, so we’ve removed them or updated the links to a similar model.

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