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Top Choice: Boosted Mini x is the Best Electric Skateboard Canada

In March 2020, Boosted went out of business, so for this reason we no longer recommend you purchase a Boosted Board. All of their inventory was purchased, and is being sold by No previous warranties will be honored, but any boards purchased through BoostedUSA will have a 60 day warranty. BoostedUSA also provides repair services.

The Mini X doesn’t have the fastest top speed, but it does have a powerful 1000w motor which makes it great for climbing steep hills. Being a small board makes it great for commuting and is easy to store (and lighter to carry), but also makes it a little bit trickier to ride at high speeds. In that respect, the board may be better suited to riders with previous boarding experience.

Another thing to note about this electric skateboard Canada, is that with a composite deck, it may be more well suited to a wet climate commute than an electric board with a plywood deck.

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