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Last updated June, 2021

In 2019, these are your top choices for the best electric skateboard in Canada!

Some of these electric skateboards are no longer available. If you’re looking for the updated version of this list, check out this page of Electric Skateboards Canada

Best Electric Skateboard in Canada (2019) Comparisons:

Hey Canada! This section helps you compare the features of these products to help you choose the best option for you! Click on the product name to jump down to that specific review.


Motor power is the amount of force the motor can put on the electric skateboard wheels to get you up and moving. Not so much a judge of top speed, it's more the amount of acceleration and umph for going up hills. Of course, the higher wattage motors typically have a higher top speed, and a higher cost!

Ninestep Dual1000 watt


In 2019, battery improvements allowed electric skateboards to be lighter and hold more power - resulting in higher ranges than in previous years. If you're looking for a board for commuting, make sure you get one that is rated for farther than you need to go - so that as your battery pack ages, and if you are using it in cold temperatures, you'll still be able to make it to your destination with some charge left.

Top Speed

If this is an electric skateboard for a kid, you don't want one with a high top speed - unless of course it allows you to limit the speed and increase it as their skill level increases.


The battery pack is one of the heaviest parts of the electric skateboard, so if you need a longer range electric skateboard Canada, then you'll end up with a heavier board. The only other way to save on weight is to go for a board with a smaller deck size. If lightweight is important, stay away from the electric longboards.


Weight Capacity

Which electric skateboard is best?

If you’re a kid saving up for a toy, then you should go with one of the Razor boards. Buy it from a store for ease-of-return if it has an issue in a week or two.

If you need something for commuting, then spend enough money on it that you can be confident it will work when you need it to – and that includes stopping when that car pulls in front of you.

The first boards to market, like Boosted, and Lou, both Kickstarter projects from 2016 and 2017, have improved on their electric skateboard over the years and have some of the best reviews and reliability out there. Newer to market electric longboards made in China may seem cheaper at first, but may cause extra headaches or just plain might not work. Make sure to check into the store’s return policy as well as the board company’s warranty terms.

Finding the best electric skateboard in Canada

This list included all of the boards that were available online to purchase in 2019. Many of them are no longer available, because technology is improving and electric skateboards are always being re-engineered and improved upon. Check out our latest list of Electric Skateboards in Canada 2020

Boosted Mini X - Best Electric Skateboard in Canada (2019 Choice)

Top Choice: Boosted Mini x is the Best Electric Skateboard Canada

In March 2020, Boosted went out of business, so for this reason we no longer recommend you purchase a Boosted Board. All of their inventory was purchased, and is being sold by No previous warranties will be honored, but any boards purchased through BoostedUSA will have a 60 day warranty. BoostedUSA also provides repair services.

The Mini X doesn't have the fastest top speed, but it does have a powerful 1000w motor which makes it great for climbing steep hills. Being a small board makes it great for commuting and is easy to store (and lighter to carry), but also makes it a little bit trickier to ride at high speeds. In that respect, the board may be better suited to riders with previous boarding experience.

Another thing to note about this electric skateboard Canada, is that with a composite deck, it may be more well suited to a wet climate commute than an electric board with a plywood deck.

Get the best price Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard in Canada from:

Boosted Mini X - Best Electric Skateboard in Canada (2019 Choice) review details:

Range22 kms
Top Speed32 km/h
Weight7.6 kgs

Swagtron Nextgen 2 - Great choice commutes with steep hills

The NextGen 2 is one of the best electric longboards available in Canada. With dual 450watt motors (for a total of 900 watts of power), it can easily climb hills as steep as 15 degrees. With the dual motors, both wheels on the rear of the board have a powered wheel giving it more traction on wet or uneven surfaces then electric longboards with only a single in-wheel motor.

This is the heaviest board on our list, but it is also the longest board so it has the largest deck and that contributes to the overall weight.

One of the features, Canada, that puts this electric skateboard on some peoples must-have list (and on others not-haves list) is the AI touch-sensitive control. While the board does come with a hand-held controller, the longboard can also sense your desired actions based on intuitive weight shifts and can accelerate and brake.

Get the best price Swagtron Nextgen 2 in Canada from:

Swagtron Nextgen 2 - Great choice commutes with steep hills review details:

Motor900 w
Range17.5 kms
Top Speed28 km/h
Weight9 kgs

RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard - Best electric skateboard for a decent price

The RazorX DLX electric skateboard is a step up from the Ripstick Cruiser electric skateboard. It has a more powerful motor, a longer range, and a faster top speed. However, for a serious commuter - as opposed to an electric skateboard for kids - this might not be the best choice. That being said, if you are new to skateboarding and want to get an electric board for your commute, this is an entry-level priced way to give it a try without investing too much. Plus, you have the added benefits of a brand that's been around for a while so you know you can expect quality, safety, and service just like Razor is known for.

Razor insists the DLX electric skateboard battery pack will last for up to 40 minutes of continuous riding, which should give a range of about 12 kms.

There are lots of satisfied owners, with even some people who have a top-of-the-line Boosted Board buying a Razor DLX as a play-around electric skateboard toy.

There are also some complaints about reliability, with the DLX board not taking a charge after only a few weeks of use. Sometimes the battery becomes a little loose in the plastic case under the deck, so you can wedge some cardboard into the case against the battery pack to hold it tight against the contact points. This only seemed to happen to some people, and with Razor's 90 day warranty and company history, it's not a deal breaker.

Get the best price RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard in Canada from:

RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard - Best electric skateboard for a decent price review details:

Range12 kms
Top Speed19 km/h
Weight5.6 kgs
Weight Capacity220 lbs
Read our full review of the RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard in Canada

RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard - Best Cheap Electric Skateboard

This entry level electric skateboard is great for kids

The RazorX Cruiser electric is an entry level cheap electric skateboard from Razor. Performance is less than some of the leaders in the industry, but the price is also substantially less, making it a great first board, and one of the best electric skateboard for kids.

Razor says the lithium-ion battery pack is good for up to 40 minutes of continual use, and since the electric motor is hooked to the rear wheels by a gear (rather than an in-wheel motor), you should be able to replace the wheels with any other skateboard wheels when they wear out.

RazorX Cruiser is recommended for ages 9 and up, but at the same time the 5 ply maple deck and 125w motor can support riders up to 100 kgs.

If you're looking for a cheap electric skateboard, this is about as cheap as they come. You can get one cheaper, but it'll be some no-name company. This has the brand reputation of Razor behind it, which is why it made it to our list of the best electric skateboards in Canada.

Get the best price RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard in Canada from:

RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard - Best Cheap Electric Skateboard review details:

Range8 kms
Top Speed16 km/h
Weight4.75 kgs
PriceBelow Average
Weight Capacity220 lbs
Read our full review of the RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard in Canada

Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard

The Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard is no longer seems to be listed for sale in Canada

With nearly the fastest speeds and longest range in our electric skateboard comparison, the Boosted Stealth comes in as our upgrade pick. It's almost twice the cost of the Boosted Mini, so it seems a little like overkill to us. However, it has by far the most powerful electric motor rated at 2100 watts!

All of this is a trade off as the Boosted Stealth electric skateboard weighs in at 7.7 kgs.

As with all Boosted boards, expect top notch customer service, and reliability that is second to none.

Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard review details:

Motor2100 watts
Range22 kms
Top Speed38 km/h
Weight7.7 kgs

Ninestep Dual

Ninestep Dual is a contender for the best electric skateboard, losing out because of some reliability complaints, but making up for it with significantly lower prices than our top choice

The Nine-step electric board calls itself a 'professional' electric skateboard. Built with high quality components, like the LG 6.6 amp hour battery pack and the dual electric brushless electric motors, the Ninestep says it can power up a hill as steep as 30 degrees! If steep inclines are a part of your commute or planned pathway, then consider this electric skateboard, Canada!

It also comes with the longest advertised range of 30 kms per charge. All of that is traded off in the weight - it's over 8 kgs so don't plan on carrying it a long way.

While the price is less than the Boosted brand of boards, this is built in China and reliability seems to be less than stellar. That's the only reason this board isn't our top choice for an electric skateboard in Canada.

Get the best price Ninestep Dual in Canada from:

Ninestep Dual review details:

Motor1000 watt
Range30 kms
Top Speed40 km/h
Weight8 kgs

Maxfind Max 2 Electric Skateboard

While not a cheap board, the Maxfind electric skateboards give the Boosted boards some decent competition. They are cheaper than the Boosted boards, but provide similar performance, especially when compared to the Boosted MiniX.

Get the best price Maxfind Max 2 Electric Skateboard in Canada from:

Maxfind Max 2 Electric Skateboard review details:

Range26 kms
Top Speed36 km/h
Weight7 kgs

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