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I know what you’re thinking – if these are the top kitchen accessories available in Canada, why wouldn’t I need them? You might want them, and you might need them, but you might not.

Kitchen gadgets have come a long way over the years. It wasn’t too long ago when kitchens just had a good set of pots and pans, and a knife block. Now, kitchen gadgets in 2020 have exploded so that there is a specific kitchen accessories appliance for every type of food.

So when reviewing these cool, popular, and top kitchen accessories, keep in mind that they take up space in your cupboards and they empty your wallet.

Do not buy any of them unless they solve a problem you know you already have, not a problem you think you might come across one day! For example, don’t buy an egg poacher if you never make poached eggs, and don’t buy a milk frother if you drink your coffee black. Get it?

KitchenAid Hand Blender

The ever-popular Kitchenaid Hand Blender is a lightweight, 200 watt immersion blender that makes small blending tasks easy. Blend, puree, and crush easily with 2 speeds that provide control for soups, smoothies, and baby food.

There are other immersion blenders available in Canada with more speeds and features and accessories, but this simple 2-speed Kitchenaid hand blender is a great compromise between cost and power. And it comes with the reliability and history of the Kitchenaid company.

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Best Selling Cast Iron Dutch Oven

While not a high-tech kitchen accessory, a dutch oven is none-the-less an important part of any cook's collection of top kitchen accessories.

Amazon's #1 best seller in the Dutch Oven category is this covered cast iron dutch oven by AmazonBasics.

Coated in enamel, this dutch oven is made with cast iron for heat distribution and comes with a lid. It's heat safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, so the dutch oven works great for one-dish meals - browning or sauteing on the stove-top, and then finishing in the oven (like the Instant Pot Canada) or even on the BBQ.

The cast iron dutch oven Canada comes in different colors - green, blue, red and white.

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Most Popular Rice Cooker in Canada

The price on this makes it tough to beat - which is why it's usually the top selling small appliance kitchen accessory in Canada.

If you aren't picky about features on your rice cooker, and you only need 6-cups of cooked rice or less, you can't beat this Salton automatic rice cooker. It's regularly the top-selling rice cooker in Canada, and it's under $20!! If you're looking for other options, go here for our write-up on the Best Rice Cooker Canada.

The 6-cup rice cooker comes with a cook and automatically switched to a warm function when your rice is cooked. With a glass lid, you can see through the rice cooker lid and monitor the cooking process.

The rice cooker comes with a non-stick rice bowl, a measuring cup, a plastic steaming tray, and a recipe book.

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Best Selling Air Fryer in Canada

We've included this in our list of top kitchen accessories because this is the most popular air fryer choice for Canadians in 2020.

The Cosori Air Fryer is the #1 best seller in the Deep Fryers category because it has a host of features that come at a higher cost from other companies. One of the features that sets the Cosori apart is that it has a pre-heat option, which only takes 2-5 minutes, but makes the food cook even more like a deep fryer.

Plus, this 5.8 quart capacity air fryer is available in red, black, or white finished to be a workhorse and showpiece on your kitchen counter.

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Brita UltraMax Water Filter Dispenser

The UltraMax water filter dispenser has a space saving design that allows it to fit easily in your frigde. And with the easy-pour spigot, you don't even need to remove it to fill your glass.

The 'longlast' style Brita water filter means you can fill the equivalent of 300 - 500 ml bottles (120 gallons) before you need to replace the filter.

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Dash Mini Waffle Maker Machine

This is one of those top kitchen accessories that is very popular, and pretty cool. However, resist buying it unless you plan on using it often. Otherwise, it just clutters up your kitchen.

For under $20, you can use this non-stick mini waffle maker machine to make fun snacks and treats. Using any wet batter, you can use this to make paninis, hashbrowns, and even biscuit pizzas or hamburger sliders.

Available in 4 colors, and available in an option to create heart shaped waffles.

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Instant Electric Meat Thermometer

An electric meat thermometer is part of the top kitchen accessories everyone should have, and it doesn't take up a big chunk of counter space.

If you cook meat often, and you aren't a professional cook, get this thermometer. It's an instant read electric thermometer, which means you stick it in your food, click the button, and see what the temperature is.

Never undercook or overcook your grilled chicken or hamburgers again. It works great for cooking in the oven, on the stove, or the BBQ.

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Overload! Too Many Top Kitchen Accessories

This list is only the beginning – there are literally hundreds of top kitchen accessories. Many of them are great inventions and cool products designed to help you in the kitchen.

top kitchen accessories

But, it’s easy to end up with too many kitchen accessories, and not enough desire to use them, or not enough space to store them. Especially with the small kitchen appliances that require a spot on your kitchen counter, it’s easy to end up with a cluttered kitchen that doesn’t give you any joy.

If that’s you, don’t buy any of these top kitchen accessories. Instead, spend some time paying attention to what recipes you cook often, and what accessories you don’t use (or you use once a year etc).

Think about that electric turkey carving knife, or the vegetable juicer that you never use, and get rid of it! It will free your mind up to enjoy spending time in your kitchen again.

Check out this video with 10 things to toss out of your kitchen

Or, check out this list of 6 steps to Declutter your kitchen

Then, slowly, you can thoughtfully buy the top kitchen accessories that will actually help you – and save you prep time and cooking time. Happy cooking!

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