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The ever-popular Kitchenaid Hand Blender is a lightweight, 200 watt immersion blender that makes small blending tasks easy. Blend, puree, and crush easily with 2 speeds that provide control for soups, smoothies, and baby food.

There are other immersion blenders available in Canada with more speeds and features and accessories, but this simple 2-speed Kitchenaid hand blender is a great compromise between cost and power. And it comes with the reliability and history of the Kitchenaid company.

With a 5 foot power cord, you can use this immersion blender almost anywhere in your kitchen - even right on the stove in the soup pot. The Kitchenaid hand blender comes a 3-cup BPA free jar and a user manual and a 1 year warranty.

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KitchenAid Immersion Blender Tips

Cleaning the KitchenAid hand blender is easy because with a simple twist, the 8-inch blending stem can be removed from the motor for cleaning. However, this also means that if the stem manages to twist while you’re blending, then the stem will fall off mid-blend.

This is only reported to happen when a vacuum is created – by holding the blender blade assembly flat against the bottom of a bowl or pot. Then the vacuum is created by the blender flinging out the ‘blended’ food and with a simple twist, the base falls off.

We wouldn’t call this a flaw, but be warned that you can fix this by holding the blender at a slight angle at all times.

Another caution is that if the head of the hand blender isn’t fully submerged in the soup or food, it will splash and splatter.

And the blades on the 2-speed KitchenAid hand blender are sharp! Keep your fingers clear of them, even when cleaning. In fact, New York Times even reported on the number of injuries caused by blenders in the kitchen.

KitchenAid Hand Blender Canada

KitchenAid Hand Blender Features

Speed Control and One-Touch Power Button

Located on the front of the motor body and activated by pressing and holding during blending. To stop blending, simply release the power button. The speed control dial provides easy adjustment of the speed.

Motor Body and Powerful DC Motor

The motor body is designed for a comfortable, non-slip grip. The DC motor provides powerful blending action and is designed for quiet, long-life operation.

Twist Lock Stainless-Steel Blending Arm

Simply seats onto the motor body and is rotated to lock together. The sharp stainless-steel blade is covered to help prevent splashing while blending.

3-Cup BPA-Free Blending Jar

The blending jar is handy for individual blending jobs and features a non-slip base. Lid seals the top of the jar to store blended ingredients.

5-Foot Power Cord

Long enough to take the hand blender to the cooktop or work area and rounded with no grooves for easy clean up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a KitchenAid Hand Blender crush ice?

Sure it can. The only limitation is that you need to use ice cubes that are small enough to fit up inside the stainless steel covering around the blade.

Can you blend nuts with a hand blender?

You may have to soak the nuts first, but using the small cup provided with the hand blender, you can do a decent job of blending up nuts and dried fruits because the container is very small.

Is an immersion blender the same as a hand blender?

Yes - A hand blender, immersion blender, stick blender are referring to the same type of kitchen appliance.