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Designed for riders up to 220 lbs, this electric Xprit scooter Canada can climb 11 degree inclines effortlessly. Quick charging gets you back out and riding in 2 to 3 hours.

The tires are large, 10″ anti-slip solid rubber, and it’s equipped with a rear disc brake.

3 speeds allow you to select eco, comfort, or sport driving modes.

There are multiple version of the Xprit Scooter in Canada, but this review is specific to the 10" wheel model - sometimes referred to as the Xprit 10. We aren't dealing with the 6.5" (which is more of a toy version). Xprit also has an 8.5" wheel version that is slightly cheaper (and has a less powerful motor), but we think the larger wheels and larger motor provide a much better rider experience and it's worth the little bit of extra cost.

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Xprit Review Canada

After looking at the different scooters available in Canada, we realized the Xprit may come from a ‘no-name’ company, but its packed with so many features at a reasonable price that it can’t be ignored.

Here is a summary of the overall Xprit electric scooter review complaints we found on different websites that had the Xprit Scooter Canada for sale.

Xprit Electric Scooter Quality

Most of the complaints about the scooter have to do with it arriving and not working right out of the box, or a day or two later. While this can be disappointing, it’s well within the standard 30-day return policy of online shopping sites. It delay you getting out and riding an electric scooter in Canada, but it doesn’t put your money at risk because you can choose to return or exchange it, so it doesn’t affect our overall rating, just puts a ‘caution’ note on it.

Careful when folding this Xprit Electric Scooter

A few complaints had to do with wires in the handlebars being cut. Since the electric Xprit scooter Canada folds and the wire is internal to the pivot/folding point and runs up inside the steer tube, we can only assume that the wires are being pinched when the scooter is folded and unfolded. Be aware that you will have to watch when folding the scooter to prevent this from happening to you.

Xprit Scooter Canada

In this picture, you can see the wires running up the front tube of the Xprit electric scooter. Make sure the wires stay in place, in the depression that allows space for the wires to keep them from being pinched.

In fact, in updated versions of the scooter, Xprit added a coil spring around the wires at this pivot point to help prevent pinched and damaged wires.

Xprit Scooter Canada Review – Mind your hills

While Xprit rates this electric scooter in Canada as being able to handle 11 degree inclines, several reviews state that the hill climb ability is not very impressive – and that’s likely because of the high weight capacity of the scooter (264 lbs) and the low motor power. Hill climb is such a subjective opinion.

If you weigh 100 lbs, and you hit a small/short hill at full speed, the scooter can probably climb something really steep. On the other hand, if you weigh 250 lbs, and are trying to start off on a hill, the angle of the hill can probably not be very steep at all.

If you are near the weight limit, and you have lots of hills on your desired route or commute, then look for an electric scooter with a high-wattage rating on the motor. Check out the electric scooter comparisons here.

Replacement Parts are Available for Xprit Scooters

On the Xprit Inc. website there are replacement chargers available for the 10″ wheeled scooters. What we noticed is that there are no replacement 10″ tires, and there are no replacement brake pads or other parts. There are some negative reviews from Canadians that it took a long time to get parts shipped.

Portability of the electric Xprit Scooter Canada

Even with the huge 10 inch wheels and a large enough battery pack for 24 km of range, this electric scooter is still relatively portable. Weighing in at 27 lbs, it has a quick and easy fold down handeblar and a lock that allows you to easily pick up and carry the electric scooter with you.

Portable Xprit Electric Scooter in Canada

As you can see in the picture above, the tires are a solid (non-air-filled) honeycomb style tire that will never go flat, and still provides somewhat of a cushion to smooth out your ride. The Amazon listing only offers the solid rubber tires, while on there are both the solid rubber and the honeycomb rubber tire types available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Xprit Electric Scooter have shock absorbers?

Some of the older versions of the Xprit foldable electric scooters have springs and shock absorbers to soften the ride. These all seem to have 13 mile range, and appear to be the last version created, where as the current version of Xprit Scooters in Canada have larger air filled or honeycomb tires instead of shock absorbers.

Does the Xprit 10" electric scooter have multiple speeds

Yes, sort of. They aren't actually different speeds, but they are different driving modes that control the power that goes from the battery pack to the motor. In Eco mode, the speed is limited to 9 mph, and will give you the most range. In sport mode the maximum speed is 15 mph, and range is around 15 miles.

Does the Xprit Scooter Canada come with a headlight?

The Xprit 10" electric scooter comes with an LED headlight and an LED taillight that flashes when braking.

What is the range of the Xprit 10" Electric Scooter?

The Xprit Scooter Canada, with 10" solid rubber tires, has a range of 24 km in eco mode. Eco mode limits the top speed to 15km/h.