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Upgraded, the Gotrax GXL V2 Canada electric scooter comes with a better braking system, an upgraded headlight for increased visibility, and a single gear drive for simple and practical control.

No specific rating is given for the incline this scooter can handle, but GOTRAX says that this electric scooter “tackles steep small hills with ease”

The GoTrax V2 is often rated the best affordable scooter because of its air-filled 8.5 inch tires, 25km/h top speed, and its big lithium ion battery that gives it up to 19 km of range. All for under $500!

A big addition is the safety feature of dual braking systems. There is a foot activated brake for the rear wheel, and there is an 'EBAS' button by your left thumb to apply braking power to the front wheel.

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GoTrax GXL V2 Canada Reviews

The reviews vary from site to site. On the BestBuy Canada website, there are only a handful of reviews, and they are all negative. On Amazon Canada, however, there are still only a handful of ratings and yet they are all positive.

On other websites, like the Reddit group for electric scooters, the GoTrax GXL V2 Canada is a very well respected and highly rated choice for your commute. In fact, on that group, GoTrax is even a manufacturer member that can respond directly to any questions or complaints you might have.

One main complaint that has come up recently is the warranty that GoTrax offers. It’s currently only a 90 day warranty, but that is on par with some other scooter companies. If you pay more for a Ninebot scooter or the Xiami Mi Canada, you’ll be rewarded with a longer warranty period.

Customize your GXL V2

Since the first version of the GXL has been around since 2018, there are lots of people that own a GoTrax GXL electric scooter. And they’ve been customizing them to suit their needs.

One of the most extensive jobs is by an Imgur user named Stogie561. He’s added front headlights, turn signals, and a go-pro to his GoTrax electric scooter to make it safer for his early morning commute. And, in case he runs into trouble with any big dogs that don’t want to share the sidewalk, he even has a baton holder. With over 600 miles on his scooter, he still loves it!

GoTrax GXL Review


Folding up the GoTrax GXL V2 Canada

GoTrax GXL V2 Canada folded up for transport

Although this electric scooter isn’t exactly tiny or light (it weighs 12kg), it does fold up to something that is 44″ long and it fits in most vehicle’s trunks – from a medium sized sedan like a Subaru WRX, to a compact SUV like a Hyundai Tucson. The large air-filled tires make it a less compact scooter, but make up for it in the smoothness of the ride (get the best bike pump for keeping them full).

It’s a simple one-step process to fold up the GoTrax GXL V2 Canada – and has a special red safety that protects the handle from accidentally folding down while you’re riding the electric scooter!

GoTrax GXL V2 Canada Portable Electric Scooter

The small form factor and overall portability of the GoTrax GXL V2 makes it easy to carry into school or into a restaurant or shop. It takes the worry out of leaving it locked up outside – and that’s something you can do with an electric scooter that you can’t do with a bicycle.