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The Schwinn Tone 3 electric scooter is available in Canada. While the 200 watt motor isn’t strong enough to get it into the Best Adult Scooter for Adults Canada comparison, it does give it a weight rating up to 175 lbs which means this could be an ideal lower-cost option for the lighter rider or teenager.

The Tone 3 scooter has a 25 volt lithium-ion battery pack that can travel up to 12 kms per charge, and plugs into a standard wall outlet to recharge.

Durable, 152mm hard rubber tires provide flat-free riding and an electric brake allows for smooth and consistent stops.

Schwinn designed this electric scooter to be user friendly with a large LCD that displays your speed and battery charge status. Simple thumb controls for the throttle and brake make the Schwinn electric scooter easy to control.

And, if you’re using it for commuting, the lightweight aluminum frame fold up for transport or storage. Plus, there’s an integrated loop that allows you to lock it up with a standard bike cable lock.

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