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Ninestep Dual is a contender for the best electric skateboard, losing out because of some reliability complaints, but making up for it with significantly lower prices than our top choice

The Nine-step electric board calls itself a ‘professional’ electric skateboard. Built with high quality components, like the LG 6.6 amp hour battery pack and the dual electric brushless electric motors, the Ninestep says it can power up a hill as steep as 30 degrees! If steep inclines are a part of your commute or planned pathway, then consider this electric skateboard, Canada!

It also comes with the longest advertised range of 30 kms per charge. All of that is traded off in the weight – it’s over 8 kgs so don’t plan on carrying it a long way.

While the price is less than the Boosted brand of boards, this is built in China and reliability seems to be less than stellar. That’s the only reason this board isn’t our top choice for an electric skateboard in Canada.

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