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By Mike Szostech

Only 3.7 lbs without the battery, this cordless string trimmer is not quite the cheapest, and yet it comes from one of the top rated companies when it comes to cordless lawn care! In fact, their cordless lawn mower was one of our top picks.

With a 12 inch cutting path and a 2.0aH battery, GreenWorks says this is ideal for yards up to 1/2 acre in size and provides a runtime of up to 35 minutes! Plus, the battery pack fits into more than 50 of their other 40v yard care tools.

For around $150, you can experience the gas-free, quiet freedom of the best cordless grass trimmer. It doesn't have the power or size that we would want for cutting blackberries or other thick stemmed plants, but for a typical city lawn, this is a great option.

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A budget cordless grass trimmer

When the plain brown cardboard box showed up at our doorstep, we started to wonder what we had purchased. The box definitely gives the impression of nothing fancy being inside.

Unboxing the best cordless grass trimmer in Canada

The packaging inside was very simple and plain as well – although each part of the string trimmer was in a separate little baggie, there was no foam or protective packaging around any of the parts. I guess that’s how Greenworks can offer this at only $149!

After unpackaging everything, we opened the instruction book to find that there are only 2 simply steps needed for assembly. The first is to put the two sections of the trimmer shaft together, and the other is to screw on the trimmer guard.

After that was done, we wanted to head out and test this cheap grass trimmer, but the battery indicator only had 1 of the 4 lights lit. According to the instructions, that means the battery life is at 10% or less and “requires charging soon”. So we put our excitement on hold and stuck the battery on the charger.

We were pleasantly surprised when we happened to notice the charger indicated the battery was fully charged only 40 minutes later. We hooked it up to the grass trimmer and headed out to test.

Impressions – What we did and didn’t like

Pull back on the safety with your thumb, squeeze the trigger, and you’re ready to trim away. We like that you don’t have to keep holding the safety once you squeeze the trigger.

The electric motor spins up quickly, although the auto-advancing head spits out a bit of extra string each time. The longer string runs into the trimming blade which causes a slight delay on trigger up. Not a big deal, unless you are stopping and starting lots (which would mean you use up some string each time you stop and start).

Cutting power is great – it handled the long wet grass along the edges of a retaining wall without any trouble. And that grass was long – about a foot tall.

We like the balance of the machine. With the adjustable second handle we could move it so that the machine was very evenly balanced so that one of our arms wouldn’t get tired before the other.

Battery life on this cordless grass trimmer is great with the included 2 Ah battery. We did our neighbor’s front and back yard, and our front and back yard, and the battery still shows 2 out of 4 bars of life.

The trimmer guard covers about 20% of the cutting circle which makes for easy cutting up to each side without having to maneuver the trimmer. However, that means that more stuff gets sprayed out and our shoes were full of grass by the time we were done. Next time we’ll wear boots.

Overall, this is a great little cordless grass trimmer that will do everything you need in a  normal yard. The price is among the cheapest in the market, the warranty is solid, and it comes from a company with a history of high quality outdoor cordless power tools.

We rate this the best cordless grass trimmer for most people. If you already have batteries from a different series of tools, then check out the options for those batteries, but if you’re looking at a cordless line-up to start in, Greenworks has some of the top rated cordless lawn mowers in the industry too.

GreenWorks cordless grass trimmer warranty

Included in the box is the instruction manuals. Since the battery and charger can be purchased separately, each of the trimmer, charger, and battery had their own manual.

Inside each manual, each piece was listed as having a 3 year limited warranty.

The warranty covers personal use that hasn’t been hired or rented for industrial or commercial use, and products must be maintained in accordance with the instructions in the user manuals.

Greenworks will repair or replace any and all parts that are found defective for a period of 3 years – but proof of purchase is required, so make sure you hold onto your grass trimmer receipt!