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Last updated June, 2022

If you need the best string trimmer in Canada to help keep your yard neat and tidy this summer, make sure you consider the best cordless string trimmer. With battery technology improvements, and super efficient and lightweight brushless motors, a cordless grass trimmer can now compete with the power and torque of a gas powered weed eater.

Plus, with a cordless grass trimmer, you won’t need to worry about engine maintenance, spilling while pouring out of a jerry can, and you can probably share batteries with your power tools, or with your lawn mower.

As with the best cordless lawn mower, the best cordless string trimmer will be light enough to handle, run for long enough to finish your lawncare job, and have enough torque to cut through thick grass or tall weeds – depending on how forest-like you let your yard get in between cuttings!

In reality, pretty much any options on the market that fill all of your needs will be the best string trimmer for you. Make sure to check things like warranty length on the tool and on the batteries, but all of the big name brands now have reliable and durable cordless weed trimmer options available for purchase online or in-store at any of the big box stores.

Some considerations when choosing the best grass trimmer

The higher voltage systems provide better torque and a higher motor speed, but they also cost more. As battery voltage drops, so does the width of the cutting circle, so you’ll also take longer to trim the same amount of area.

Larger, more powerful tools also weigh more. If you aren’t keen on swinging 15 lbs around the edges of your lawn, or if you have some young adults who help with yard chores, the best cordless weed trimmer might be the less-powerful, lighter and smaller option.

Also something to keep in mind is how many batteries you might need in order to finish your front and back yards. Typical runtime is around 20 minutes per charge for a 2 AH battery. That’s probably most for a simple front and back yard with a mailbox, and a flower bed or two. But a larger, more complex yard layout, or a commercial application will require a larger battery pack, or a second battery to swap out when the first runs out.

Many of the more expensive cordless grass trimmers have an ability to remove the string trimmer head and add an attachment such as a pole saw, or even a small cultivator. If you need those other tools, you can save money by buying a 1-in-many option over each individual tool, even though the attachment versions cost more up front.

Best Cordless String Trimmer Comparisons:

Hey Canada! This section helps you compare the features of these products to help you choose the best option for you! Click on the product name to jump down to that specific review.


Battery Capacity



Best Cordless String Trimmer - EGO Power+ 15inch Grass Trimmer

EGO is a leader in cordless lawn care tools, and their mower is our top choice for a cordless lawn mower. This cordless string trimmer has a brushless motor, carbon fiber shaft with a lifetime warranty, and uses the same 56 volt batteries as the mower.

Of course, it comes at a cost. At over $400, this isn't a budget pick - it's the no compromise option for those that want the best cordless grass trimmer available!

POWERLOAD technology automatically winds your trimmer. Replacing your string line is as easy as feeding the line into the head and pressing a button! The EGO POWER+ 15-In POWERLOAD String Trimmer has a Carbon Fiber shaft that is stronger than any other string trimmer shaft on the market today. The shaft is equipped with a lifetime warranty so the strength and durability is guaranteed to last forever!

Get the best price EGO POWER+ 56-Volt 15 inch String Trimmer in Canada from:

Best Cordless String Trimmer - EGO Power+ 15inch Grass Trimmer review details:


Battery Capacity2.5Ah

Weight7.27 lbs, 10.14 with battery

Warranty5 yr, lifetime warranty on shaft

EGO POWER+ 56-Volt 15 inch String Trimmer Reviews

Tech Gear Lab ranked it as the #5 on their list claiming it was the 'Top Pick' in their product review. [source]
TechGearLab chose the EGO string trimmer as a top pick, but cautioned it may have too much power for average yards, and say it's a great heavy-duty option.

ProToolReviews ranked it as the #1 on their list claiming it was the 'Our Favorite' in their product review. [December 2020]
They chose the EGO as the best battery powered string trimmer because of it's carbon fiber shaft, it's PowerLoad head and it's quiet 80db volume while running.

Wirecutter ranked it as the #1 on their list claiming it was the 'Our Pick' in their product review. [May 2022]
The best string trimmer. It far outperformed other brands in run time and power, and it was among the quietest.

Budget Pick: GreenWorks 40v String Trimmer

Only $146 at time of publication! It has a smaller cut path and a smaller battery pack, but with great performance it's the average homeowner's best choice.

Only 3.7 lbs without the battery, this cordless string trimmer is not quite the cheapest, and yet it comes from one of the top rated companies when it comes to cordless lawn care! In fact, their cordless lawn mower was one of our top picks.

With a 12 inch cutting path and a 2.0aH battery, GreenWorks says this is ideal for yards up to 1/2 acre in size and provides a runtime of up to 35 minutes! Plus, the battery pack fits into more than 50 of their other 40v yard care tools.

Get the best price GreenWorks Best Cordless Grass Trimmer in Canada from:

Budget Pick: GreenWorks 40v String Trimmer review details:


Battery Capacity2.0Ah

Weight3.7 lbs

Warranty3 yr limited warranty

Read our full review of the Budget Pick: GreenWorks 40v String Trimmer

Best 'Expandable' String Trimmer - Ryobi 40v Expand-It

For under $250, this is about the cheapest high-voltage string trimmer you can buy that is attachment capable - in case you want to buy a pole saw head, hedge trimmer attachment, or brush-cutter trimmer attachment.

GAS-LIKE POWER, attachment Capable and well balanced. Now with 10% more power, 50% more run time, and 40% lighter weight than the previous model. For fast and simple reloads, this unit is equipped with the REEL EASY bump feed head with speed winder, that can be reloaded in 60-seconds or less. The cutting width is adjustable for longer run time or wider cutting width.

Get the best price Ryobi 40v EXPAND-IT String Trimmer in Canada from:

Best 'Expandable' String Trimmer - Ryobi 40v Expand-It review details:


Battery Capacity4Ah

Weight8.5 lbs, 11.35 with battery

Warranty5 year limited

Ryobi 40v EXPAND-IT String Trimmer Reviews

The Spruce ranked it as the #1 on their list claiming it was the 'Best Overall' in their product review. [March 2022]
They like the attachment availability, variable speed, and the adjustable cutting width, and they were reviewing the older model that heavier and less-efficient!

Wirecutter ranked it as the #3 on their list claiming it was the 'Also Great' in their product review. [May 2022]
Not as powerful, but attachment-ready

Best Cordless String Trimmer under $100: Black+Decker

While not a particularly powerful or sturdy option, this Black+Decker cordless string trimmer will do the job if you just need to trim along the driveway and around a few flowerbeds.

This cordless grass trimmer gets bogged down easily, so if you tend to end up with large sections of long or wet grass then you'll want to look at a more powerful option.

Thanks to its lightweight, adjustable design and automatic feed spool that smoothly feeds line without any bumping, this versatile cordless string trimmer provides complete convenience and premium performance in one perfect package.

Get the best price BLACK+DECKER 20V String Trimmer in Canada from:

Best Cordless String Trimmer under $100: Black+Decker review details:


Battery Capacity1.5Ah

Weight4.5 lbs

Warranty2 yr limited warranty

Folding String Trimmer - DeWalt 20v MAX String Trimmer

DeWalt makes strong reliable tools, but that does come with a cost - they're more expensive, and they are heavier than some of the cheaper cordless string trimmers. These are definitely more of a 'pro' option.

This 20V MAX 14 -inch cordless String Trimmer features an innovative folding hinge mechanism that reduces the length by 40% for accessible storage and quick portability. The 14 -inch swath gives a large cutting radius for knocking down wide sections of overgrowth in one pass. The variable speed trigger offers precise power control, as well as performance and runtime management with the Hi/Lo speed control switch.

Get the best price DeWalt 20v MAX Folding String Trimmer in Canada from:

Folding String Trimmer - DeWalt 20v MAX String Trimmer review details:


Battery Capacity5Ah

Weight7.9 lbs, 9.4 with battery

Warranty3 year

DeWalt 20v MAX Folding String Trimmer Reviews

ProToolReviews ranked it as the #4 on their list claiming it was the 'Best for contractors' in their product review. [December 2020]
Since it uses the same batteries as DeWalt's huge 20v tool range, they label this the best battery powered string trimmer for contractors

WireCutter [May 2022]
They like the DeWalt string trimmer, saying it was light, agile and comfortable to use. Runtime wasn't great but if you have DeWalt tools you can share batteries.

Consider the Weight of Your Decision

The weight of a cordless grass trimmer can make a big difference. And the difference between our homeowner pick and the professional options can be 5 or more pounds. When you’re waving the string trimmer around the edge of your lawn, that’s a lot of extra effort.

If you are concerned about the weight, or if you have an elderly parent or younger child who helps with the chores, make sure to consider the weight before you choose which is the best cordless weed trimmer for you and your family (and sometimes that means getting a less robust model).

Other Options for the Best Cordless String Trimmer in Canada

The options listed above for the best cordless string trimmer in Canada don’t take into account an important factor – brand loyalty, and existing cordless tools and batteries that you may already own. If you’re just starting out a cordless tool collection, or if you’re unhappy with your current cordless tools then refer to the options above.

If, however, you just want a cordless grass trimmer that you can swap batteries with your existing tools, these are all reasonably good options.

Every big chain store has started offering their own brand of cordless power tools. Canadian Tire has their Mastercraft lineup, HomeDepot has Ryobi, and Lowes has their Kobalt tools. All of these brands offer a cordless string trimmer.

If you already have a selection of 20v Mastercraft batteries, then the basic Mastercraft 20v Brushless String Trimmer could be what you need. For under $200, you can get it with a 4Ah battery, or you can buy just the tool only for around $139 if you already have Mastercraft 20v batteries. It’s nothing special, it’s just a basic 12 inch cordless string trimmer, but it’ll get the job done and it has a 3 year exchange warranty from Canadian Tire.

Or, if you already have some 48 volt Yardworks tools, then the Yardworks 48v Cordless String Trimmer will provide you with up to 35 minutes of runtime on the included 2Ah battery pack.

Lowe’s Canada carries the Greenworks cordless string strimmers as well as the EGO brand which is our top pick for the best cordless string trimmer listed above.

Noticeably absent from this list is Home Depot’s Ridgid tool line. I’ve been impressed with their cordless hand tools, but they still do not have a cordless string trimmer, a cordless chainsaw, or lawnmower, or any other lawn tools. This is even despite their parent company, TTI, offering cordless lawn tools on their other ‘brands’ overseas.

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