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Last updated October, 2020

From striking fear into the eyes of your opponents to downright ridiculous, this roundup of wild gaming chairs in Canada might get you excited.

It could be said that Acer started it, with their Predator Thronos gaming chairs in Canada. Either way, there’s more options now, and most are cheaper than the $10,000-$30,000 that Acer wants.

If you’re looking for a more typical option, check out our best gaming chair Canada round-up.

Gatling Pro Imperator Gaming Chair

No, sorry, this ultimate of all gaming chairs does not actually drive around - but how awesome would that be!

If you want a gaming chair that intimidates your competitors, the Gatling chair is it. The only problem is that it will only intimidate people that are in the same room as you.

Either way, there's no doubt this ridiculous gaming chair is awesome! With a PU leather seat with an electric control recline up to 160 degrees, this gatling chair can support up to 3 monitors.

Make sure you have the space for it - it weights 570lbs and takes up quite a bit of space.

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IW-SK Imperator Gaming Chair Canada

This lighter gaming chair weighs in at a mere 330 lbs. Surprisingly, this scorpion sting automatically - there is electrical control for up and down of roof arms, and reclining to a flat position in zero gravity.

Works for users up to 330 lbs and 6'5" tall. Monitor mounts allow one ultrawide 49" or up to 3 - 29" monitors.

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HYCJJL Boss Gaming Chair

This is one of the most expensive gaming chairs in Canada.

This gaming chair uses a racing style reclining seat made of PU leather with a removable headrest and waist pad. A built in tilting device allows the whole chair to be tipped backwards while working or gaming.

The base rotates 360 degrees, and the monitor angle, armrest position, and footrest allows for customizing to your body shape.

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IWR1 Imperator Gaming Chair

This gaming chair in Canada receives high reviews, especially for those with bad backs or spine issues. The zero gravity reclining and massage function make it easy to stay in the chair for hours - for work or for gaming.

Weighing 400 lbs, this gaming chair has an executive leather seat, and can handle up to 53lbs of monitors - either one 49" ultra-wide curved monitor, or 3-32" monitors, but some people have mounted a 57" monitor.

Features motor control for open and close of the workstation, up and down of the monitor arms, for extending the footrest, for moving the keyboard rest, and for reclining up to 128 degrees.

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Lumbar Massage Cockpit Gaming Chair

The chair has a removable headrest and waist pad, and the built-in tilting device allows you to lie on the chair, which can provide you with extra comfort during long working hours.

The height of the seat and armrest is adjustable, and the base rotates 360 degrees to optimize your gaming position.

Chic and stylish appearance is very suitable for your living room or your office.

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Can’t afford any of the ultimate gaming chairs in Canada?

If you’re handy, if you love a project, maybe you should consider building your own ultimate gaming chair.

Take a look at the options above and see what features you like. Maybe you want your gaming chair to tilt all the way flat, maybe you want massage, maybe you want a heated or ventilated seat?

You could start with a massage chair off of Craigslist, or maybe a racing bucket seat from a Corvette.

Then, you could add some electric actuators from Princess Auto to control the seat tilting, and the monitor positioning.

What about programming up a Raspberry Pi so that when you sit down, it recognizes you’re there and it automatically lowers the monitor arm and tilts your chair back. Hmmm… might be a summer project for me and my boys.

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