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With so much going for Ryobi’s One+ system, this Ryobi cordless tool review will help you decide if Ryobi One+ is the right cordless tool platform for you.

If you want selection and variety all on the same power tool platform, Ryobi is arguably one of the best cordless tool platforms. Ryobi is also among the very cheapest of the cordless power tools, but still have enough quality and performance to do well for the DIY-er.

For a homeowner or weekend project warrior, Ryobi will give you the best bang for your buck from cordless power tools allowing you to fill your whole garage with tools that all use the same battery pack. In fact, Ryobi has said they will never change their battery connection terminals so that you can continue using batteries you bought years ago.

When comparing Ryobi cordless tools to the other big brands like DeWalt and Makita and Bosch, the price is definitely lower. In fact, if you wait for a sale on Ryobi One+ tools, you can get a combo pack of 4 or 5 tools for the same cost as a DeWalt Drill/Driver combo.

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What tools does the Ryobi One+ Platform have?

From all the basic power tools like drills and drivers, to saws and inflators, Ryobi has it all. In fact, with the One+ platform, Ryobi even offers lawncare tools and a cordless stick vacuum!

Ryobi One+ Tools Available

Over 175 tools in total run off of the same battery platform. DeWalt is the only cordless tool platform beating them right now, with over 200+ 20V DeWalt tools available.

Ryobi is constantly expanding their product line, and just in 2021 they added these new products:

  • 1/2″ Drill/Driver Kit (PBLDD01K)
  • 1/2″ Hammer Drill Kit (PBLHM101K)
  • 1/4″ Impact Driver (PBLID01B)
  • 4-Mode 1/4″ Impact Driver (PBLID02B)
  • 4-Mode 1/2” Impact Wrench (P262)
  • 1″ SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer (P223)
  • Reciprocating Saw (PBLRS01B)
  • 7-1/4″ Circular Saw (PBLCS300B)
  • Jig Saw (PBLJS01B)
  • Multi-Tool (PBLMT50B)
  • 4-1/2″ Angle Grinder/Cut-Off Tool (PBLAG01B)

There are also two new batteries:

  • 18V ONE+ 4Ah High Performance Lithium-Ion Battery (PBP004)
  • 18V ONE+ 2Ah High Performance Lithium-Ion Battery (PBP003)

Here is an overview of what’s available in Ryobi’s One+ Cordless Tools:

  • Lawncare tools like lawn mowers, string trimmers and leaf blowers
  • Woodworking tools
  • Plumbing Tools like pipe cutters
  • Painting tools including cordless paint sprayers
  • Cordless stick vacuums and cleaning tools

Ryobi Cordless Tool Deals

As the cordless tool space heats up and more retailers enter the space with their own brand of tools (think Mastercraft at CanadianTire, Kobalt at Lowes, Ridgid at HomeDepot), Ryobi is getting more competitive.

If you can be patient, wait for a promotion at HomeDepot. There are often promotions where you can buy a driver/drill combo kit and get a free battery, or buy a 5 piece combo kit and get a free tool.

Where can I buy Ryobi Cordless Tools?

In Canada, Ryobi One+ tools are sold exclusively at HomeDepot. There also seem to be quite a few for sale on Amazon – which could be people buying the combo kits from HomeDepot and splitting them up for resale.

Of course, if you don’t mind used, although that means there’s no warranty, you can always check Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for extra tools that you only need once and a while.

Ryobi vs Ridgid Tools

Since Ryobi and Ridgid are both exclusively available at Home Depot, it makes sense to compare them. They are both, in fact, licensed by the same parent company as well, so it’s possible that many of the internals are similar.

When comparing the two, there are a few main differences that come up. The Ridgid tools have the only lifetime warranty in the industry, while the Ryobi cordless tools have a 3 year warranty – which is still pretty decent. Because of this, the Ridgid cordless tools are slightly more expensive.

Ridgid has quite a few tools, but nowhere near as many as the Ryobi with their One+ system. That makes the comparison all the harder if you don’t know what tools you might need in the future.

For example, if I am looking to start buying some cordless tools, I like the looks of the Ridgid combo kit. But, I may want a cordless chainsaw in the future – and Ridgid doesn’t offer one, but Ryobi does.

No Ryobi cordless tool review would be complete without some quick price comparisons. Although Ryobi cordless tools are often cheaper at first glance, HomeDepot usually adds bonus batteries to their Ridgid tool offers.

Ryobi One+ ToolsRidgid 18V Tools
$229 – Brushless Drill/driver combo and (2) 1.5 Ah batteries and free compact brushless reciprocating saw$449 – 5 brushless tool combo with (2) 4.0 Ah batteries
hammer drill, impact driver, 7 1/4 inch circular saw, reciprocating saw and flashlight
$35 – Ryobi Flashlight
$168 – 7 1/4 inch brushless circular saw
$149 – 1/2 inch impact wrench (300 ft/lbs) with 4.0 Ah battery$189 – 1/2 inch impact wrench with 4.0 Ah battery
$229 – portable band saw and 4.0 Ah battery$249 – portable band saw and 4.0 Ah battery
Has chainsawNo chainsaw option
Has lawnmowerNo lawnmower option
Warranty: 3 yearsWarranty: Lifetime
Total Cost: $810Total Cost: $887
Total Battery Capacity: 11.0 AhTotal Battery Capacity: 16.0 Ah

From the table above, you can see that after I’ve added up the tools that I want, the Ridgid comes in at about $80 more than the Ryobi cordless tools (about 10%). However, the battery capacity because of the free battery offers is higher on the Ridgid tools.

Although I am interested in getting a cordless lawn mower and other yard tools, Ridgid doesn’t offer them. This isn’t a deal breaker for me because 18V is pretty low for cordless power tools, and I’ll likely be looking at a 40v or 60v option even if it was from Ryobi.

Who owns Ryobi?

Ryobi is managed by TTI International, which also manages Ridgid tools – the other in-house brand at Home Depot. Interestingly, the Hong Kong based manufacturing company Techtronic Industries (which is linked to TTI international) also manages Milwaukee tools.

Ryobi Cordless Tool Warranty

Techtronic Industries warrants the original purchaser of Ryobi cordless power tools that it be free from defect within 3 years if the product is used for personal, family, or household use.

The warranty is limited to 30 days if the Ryobi tools are used for any other purpose, such as commercial or rental. It isn’t clear where a trades person using the tools for themselves would fall.

Click here to view the full warranty on the Ryobi Tools Canada website.

21 thoughts on “Ryobi Cordless Tool Review”

  1. I bought a 18 volt drill driver from Home Depot 7 months ago. For the last 2 or 3 weeks the chuck will not hold the drill bit, and the bit falls out after 4 or 5 drill holes. Apparently this is not an uncommon problem. Home Depot said they will do nothing because it is more than 3 months since purchase. The unit is guaranteed for 3 years. I was told to call the Ryobi 800 number. That rep told me that I would have to drive to Toronto to drop it off [1 1/2 Hours each way]. or mail t at my expense. I asked why I couldn’t simply drop it off at Home Depot nearby and replace it. He said they won’t do that, and my only option was to return it to the Toronto service center. He said that Home Depot cancelled the arrangement where Home Depot handled the repair/replace on guaranteed products in the store. If I send the drill to Toronto, I might be days or weeks without a drill. In conclusion I must say that Ryobi service is nothing short of “ROTTEN”.

  2. I am a big fan of Ryobi cordless tools. I always thought that battery operated tools would not have enough power to do the job at hand. Man was I wrong. The first item that I bought was the cordless lawnmower. First off I have a huge property in the city (London Ontario) with a lot of grass to cut! Not only did it handle both my front and back yards , It had power to SPARE!!
    I couldn’t believe it! From that point on, I don’t buy any other cordless tools. Only Ryobi! I now have, the chain saw blower, trimmer, lawnmower vacuum cleaner and still counting. Thank You Ryobi!!!

  3. Last year I bought Ryobi lawn mover, which is amazing. Next I bought the blower, trimmer with the batteries.

    This year I bought edge trimmer and it serves the purpose.

    Moving forward for any garden tools I have decided to go with the brand.

  4. Do not recommend this company. They told us the redemption flyer we are trying to redeem was redeemed prior to our purchased. Playing phone/email run around with these ppls and nothing they can do. They basically told us to go away. Customer service is terrible. Snow Blower was weak and not working well. Do not recommend this company at all. Save your money for better products.

  5. DO NOT RECOMMEND Ryobi Snow blower at all. I purchased the snow blower on Dec 30, 2021 and used it once. Twice in Dec 2022 and the $1000 bucks gone into total waste. The snow blower stopped working on the day I need it. I can’t tell you enough how frustrated and disappointed I was. DO NOT BUY!

    1. Hi Tania, thanks for taking the time to leave some feedback about your Ryobi cordless snow blower. Do you have any idea what happened when it stopped? Are the batteries charged and the control lit up, does it make any strange noises etc? Also, what model did you buy?

  6. I have had a ryobi impact driver for over ten year dropped it many times keeps on working purchased new one gave my old one to grandson hope new one as good

  7. I own many Ryobi cordless tools and accessories from chargers to wet dry vacuum, drill, 1/4″ impact driver,high power stick vacuum and many batteries from 2ah up to as much as 6ah and I’m extremely pleased with every one, I’ve had no problems at all 11 out of 10!
    Perry Bervoets

  8. I have also a lot Ryobi tools, I like Ryobi tools. The flashlight with 3000lumen is powerful. Its more powerful than other brands.

  9. This past spring, I purchased the battery operated small lawn mower and edge trims, mainly based from the description provided and was very pleased with the instructions and easy set up. Weight of pieces is ideal for me and allows me to operate them both with ease. Batteries life and effectiveness was as promised, as a result I then purchased the hedge trimmers, another success, now I’m looking to purchase the chain saw. I also realized that I should consider purchasing another set of batteries, as back ups since I am sure the continuous use of the two existing ones I have will eventually expire. I did receive notifications to write reviews when I first purchased the pieces, how you can give an honest review with out using them for at least a season is beyond me – you might want to rethink that idea.

  10. I bought a Ryobi grass trimmer last year July. Upon using yesterday it didn’t work. Battery is good.
    Few naked wires coming out from bottom.
    Customer service refused to replace.
    Home Depot refuse to attend.
    Where to go What to do ?
    Help help

    1. Wires coming out the bottom? Not sure what you mean. There are no wires down at the bottom, only the trimmer string. If you mean the bottom of the motor (the top part), then sounds to me like something is broken – and likely why Home Depot isn’t attending like you said. Do you have the receipt? Did you take it into the store?

  11. Just purchased a 21 inch 40 volt lawn mower. Works great but make sure that the grass is dry before you cut The deck gets jammed with the wet cuttings Overall it’s a good product.

  12. I recently purchased the Ryobi 2 stage snowblower. I was blown away by the ease of assembly and by the performance of the product. I was doubtful that a battery-operated snow blower could rival my old gasoline product. It cleaned my two-car driveway and my neighbor’s driveway before the battery ran low. The quality of the product is exceptional. Thank you, Ryobi for getting me off gasoline fumes.

  13. I have an 18 volt Ryobi impact wrench.

    The batteries have worn out and Home Depot has only lithium batteries which will not recharge in my existing charger. This appears to me to be a case of planned obsolescence. Like Gene I will buy only other makes from here on.

    Tom Matheson

  14. I bought a Ryobi one plus water sprayer 18v and it is frustratingly useless and weak, the first few times I used it the plastic connector coupler (close to trigger) that feeds into a hose to put in a bucket leaked. The spray is poor, and does not exceed 15 feet which is the first, and last Ryobi, I would ever purchase. After the battery was fully charged I put the hose into a large bucket and filled it with water and the battery motor would come on but no water spraying out of its nozzle, sad for a $165.00 purchase. You get better results from a good summer water gun. Not impressed with this product and save your money…..

    1. Thanks for your feedback! What did you buy the water sprayer for? And can you share the model number – we aren’t sure if you are talking about the chemical sprayer or something else?

  15. I just bought a Ryobi electric pressure washer. It’s so easy an handy plus no gasoline or loud noises . The size an handling is light weight an easy mobility. I’m so happy to have this efficient tool, even my wife can use this. The Ryobi has made my work so enjoyable I’ve presser washed our aluminum boat house, our garage fiber glass, our front porch floor an pvc fence- got green growth off an now washing our house for new shutters we are adding. A great an useful tool. Love it!!! Bill .

  16. I have a garage full of Ryobi tools between shop and yard. Just found out they stop making the 24 volt battery for my trimmer and now it’s a throw away. I Will never buy another product by this company. Never know when the next item will be junk. I’m glad I found out now because I was looking at the 0 turn lawnmower that’s just over $4000.00 that’s not going to happen. Bye ryobi

    1. Thanks for the comment, Gene. Can you tell us how old your trimmer is? Ryobi Canada does seem to only carry the 18v One+ system and the 40v tools…

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