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By Mike Szostech

In the search for a garden hose that will last more than a summer or two, and withstand the perils of everyday use on the driveway, in the garden, and with the kids in the backyard, the Bionic Steel Garden Hose claims it can handle it all.

This hose has an outer jacket made out of 304 stainless steel, making it extra strong, durable, kink-free, and has a 500 PSI burst strength!

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Why is a steel garden hose better than other hoses?

The sturdy stainless steel outer layer makes the hose virtually kink proof – and from what we’ve seen as we used the hose, you’d really have to yank on it to get the steel to bend. It forms a tight curve without kinking, and forcing it beyond that point requires a great deal of force.

And since it’s strong steel, you can drag it around corners of your house or your trees, and if anything, the hose will damage your house!

With an inner diameter of 5/8 inch, you still get the same amount of water flow out of this hose as you do with a standard 5/8 inch hose, and the solid brass fittings are crush resistant.

Brand new for 2021, the PRO model has upgraded brass fittings that are ‘nearly uncrushable’, and even comes with a lifetime warranty (although the Amazon listing says 2 year warranty, and the image says 5 year warranty, the hose we received says lifetime warranty on the box).

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