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Last updated November, 2021

Looking for Hot Wheels, Canada? Here are some of the biggest, baddest, bestest track sets that’ll add onto any other Hot Wheels tracks. The more pieces you have, the longer kids will stay entertained building, un-building, and re-building their track city!

When your kids get out all of their track sets and create a Hot Wheels city, it’s a good idea to think about where they’ll be building this. For us, the playroom is off of the main living area, so we try to steer clear of the motorized Hot Wheels sets.

We’ve found that the booster motors can be quite noisy, and while it is cool to set up a loop that just keeps going and going, it can really get on our nerves as parents to have to hear the noise. Sometimes our kids will turn it on and leave the room, so it’s been a better choice for us to choose the Hot Wheels Canada sets that don’t use batteries, but use a good-ol manual car launcher.

You’ll have to decide what is the best choice for your family, and here are some great Hot Wheels track sets at great prices!

Massive Loop Mayhem Track Set

The Hot Wheels Massive Loop Mayhem track set will definitely make kids loopy from the thrilling excitement! This epic track includes a huge 28-inch wide loop that's designed for multi-car play. Vehicles whip around the loop and avoid nail-biting near-misses with each other!

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Unlimited Infinity Loop Kit

​The Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited Infinity Loop Kit transforms a standard loop into two thrilling and challenging set-ups that invites kids to experiment with momentum in visually exciting ways! The stand launcher sends cars speeding into the infinity loop and then onto an exit track with a jump that flips vehicles into the catch cup.

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Unlimited Triple Loop Kit

Hot Wheels Track Builder delivers unlimited experimental building with the innovative Triple Loop Kit plus kids’ imagination! Three graduated sized stunt loops make kids’ track builds 3 times cooler with the first-ever triple loop stunt with amped up jump stunts to keep the thrills challenging! Multi-use pieces can be used in nearly endless combinations to unlock creativity. Easy storage and simple portability for on-the-go fun with friends.

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Vertical Launch Kit

The Hot Wheels Track Builder Vertical Launch Kit is nearly 50 inches tall so kids can take their stunts where they've never been before with three awesome configurations! The set is easy to set up and the innovative vertical track secures against the wall with 3M Command Strips.

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Monster Truck Scorpion Sting

While this Hot Wheels Canada set has a motorized booster (and up above we complained about them being noisy), we do like that this track combines the monster trucks and the standard sized hot wheels together.

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks delivers an over-the-top boosted set for Hot Wheels cars and Hot Wheels Monster Trucks with a striking new nemesis— a giant scorpion! Team your Monster Trucks with Hot Wheels 1:64 scale vehicles to defeat the deadly scorpion nemesis in this thrilling large track set with an awesome banked turn and booster for multiple vehicle play.

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