By Mike Szostech

Olight provided me with this sample flashlight for the purpose of this review.

OLight has built a solid, tough flashlight with a ton of features into a small and rugged design. The Warrior Mini 2 is built of titanium, and is packed full of features. In fact, this little flashlight has so many features that I had to pull out the manual to figure out how to use it.

Sure, basic functionality is easy to figure out – push one of the two buttons, and the light turns on. But what about the auto-dimming feature? What about the maximum brightness (they call it turbo mode) that says 1750 lumens for 4 minutes, and then 29% for 206 minutes?

Review Contents:

Warrior Mini 2 Flashlight Modes

This flashlight may actually have too many light modes (if that’s possible) – it would take some time to remember all of these functions without having to reference the instructions!

The side switch turns the light on and off. When turning the light on, it returns to the previously memorized light mode.

To change the brightness while the flashlight is on, press and hold the side button and the light will cycle through the low, medium, and high modes.

If it’s dark and you want to maintain your night vision, while the flashlight is off you can press and hold the side button for more than one second to enter ‘moonlight’ mode which is a very dim setting to provide just enough light to see in total darkness.

Unlike other flashlights, the Warrior Mini 2 doesn’t automatically throw you into strobe mode – and that’s a good thing. If you do feel the need for strobe, you can click the side button 3 times to enter strobe mode.

For Turbo mode, quickly click the side button twice and the flashlight will switch into blinding-your-foes mode!

Tail switch flashlight functions: The tail switch provides different features. In the factory default setting, you can half press for medium brightness, and full press for Turbo mode. Or, you can change the programming to half press for turbo and full press for strobe.

Light sensor

Inside the LED end of the flashlight, there is a light sensor. It can tell if too much light is being reflected back (from being too close to something, like in a pocket, or right in front of a piece of paper while in High or Turbo mode), and the light will automatically dim itself.

This is a safety feature to prevent overheating, but it’s actually a cool feature to prevent you from blinding yourself while lighting up something close-by. Ideally, this would dim to the low setting, not just the medium setting as it still seems too bright – but this wasn’t the original intention anyways.

Flashlight Specifications

  • 1,750 lumens on Turbo mode, 500 lumens on high, 120 lumens on medium, 15 lumens on low
  • Light throw up to 220-meters
  • Runtime of 3 hours on high, 19 hours on medium, 164 hours on low, or 45 day on moonlight mode with the included lithium-ion battery
  • waterproof to IPX8 levels (which means it can handle continuos submersion of 1meter or more)
  • weighs only 145 grams – it’s heavy enough to know it’s a solid build, but light enough to be portable and easy to handle

Charging the flashlight

The magnetic charging cable is just a cool feature! It’s easy to line up the cable, even in the dark and/or with one hand. The light on the cable changes colors so you know when the flashlight is charging and when the charging completes.

One concern would be the magnet on the end of the flashlight – both the cable and the end of the flashlight have a magnet, which makes for a really strong pull when they connect, but can also attract other metal to the base of the flashlight – causing a drain on the battery.

The instructions do include a warning about this, but it doesn’t sound like it’s a big deal. With a multi-meter I tested and there was voltage visible so it is possible to short it out – I couldn’t bring myself to test by sticking the flashlight in my pocket with my car keys.

Shipping from Olight

Shipping was fast and easy. From the time the package was sent from , it was only 1 week until it arrived at my door. The box was damaged when it arrived, but that was probably UPS’s fault. The flashlight box had a slight dent, but the flashlight itself was undamaged.

There was no customs charge on the shipment even though it came from overseas.

Inside the nicely designed box, you’ll find all of the instructions and accessories. It includes a silicon wrist lanyard, an aluminum finger ring (that black circle on the orange card), the 2 direction pocket clip that’s already attached to the flashlight, and the magnetic charging cable.

They also shipped me the bonus little keylight (with this cute little guy to hold it for you).

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