By Mike Szostech

Chiphy provided us with the fabric floor lamp and LED bulbs for the purpose of this review

Based on the Japanese paper lanterns, canvas/fabric/paper floor lamps have exploded in popularity recently. And with the low-energy and low-heat LED bulbs, they’re a great way to add a glowing ambiance to any room. If you want to pair the lamp with a color changing LED bulb then you can match the colors to your gaming setup or other decor.

With a simple stainless steel frame, and a white Tyvek fabric stretched around it, this floor lamp produces a warm glow and the canvas material provides interesting patterns on the lamp shade. A simple push-button foot switch makes it easy to switch between the 3 brightness modes of the lamp.

The lamp has space for 2 light bulbs, giving it a bright and full glow the whole length of the fabric, and sending enough light out to not just be nice to look at, but to also light up the room for reading and other activities.

We first started with the color changing RGB light bulbs, and those were lots of fun. They have a remote that controls them – you can turn each one on and off separately, and you can change their colors independently. Or, you can set them to cycle through the colors. Once I showed my kids the remote, they all wanted to fight over who could play with the lamp!

Since the floor switch turns the power on and off, and the remote can turn the power on and off, it ended up getting confusing as to figure out which one, or both, needed to be turned on to get the lamp to light. Also, one of the light bulbs seemed to stop responding to the remote, so we swapped back to the normal soft-white-light bulbs and put the floor lamp in the living room.

Review Contents:

Assembling the fabric floor lamp

The fabric floor lamp ships in a compact small box, and it’s easy to assemble. The trickiest part, which would help to have a helper, is stretching the fabric over the frame, and then having to reach your hand inside to screw in the light bulbs.

Overall, assembly only took a few minutes, and all of the pieces of the floor are clearly labeled, and went together smoothly.


The lamp is dimmable with 3 light intensity levels by the foot switch. You will surely find a brightness level just right for your activity. Two 12W bulbs of the lamp offer a pleasant warm white light(2700K) for your room.

This lamp can go both in a modern room and a more rustic or antique looking room. If you are simply in the mood for a TV show, movie or chat and want to add some soft ambience to your dark room.

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