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Newly released from Dyson is a humidifier and purifier and fan combo – the Dyson Pure Cool Canada. The first 3-in-1 from Dyson, it’s an air purifier, a fan, and a humidifier all in one compact unit.

Dyson has integrated some smart features into this Pure Humidify+Cool device – it contains sensors to automatically detect particles and gases, as well as humidity and temperature levels in real time. Based on the detection, it diagnoses and reports them on the integrated display in real time.

The purifier humidifier has an activated charcoal filter and a HEPA filter that captures gases and particles – up to 99.7% of them. The Dyson Pure cool  + humidify also has an ultraviolet light that removes 99.9% of the bacteria in the water that you add to the humidifier system. This ensures that you aren’t blowing new bacteria into your filtered air.

Dyson Pure Cool Canada Humidify+Cool

Don’t get confused by the product name and think this is an air conditioner, because it isn’t. Since the humidifier adds moisture to the air, this moist air can blow over you in warmer weather and help cool you down.

The Dyson Pure Cool Canada also has a sleep mode, which runs the unit at its quietest settings, with a dimmed display.

It’s also Wi-fi ready so if you want, you can use the included remote control, or you can control it through the Dyson Link app from your phone or even using Amazon Alexa.

Review Contents:

Dyson Pure Cool Canada Reviews

Reviews for the Dyson Pure Cool Canada + Humidify are overwhelmingly positive. When there have been some negative complaints from people that purchased the Dyson Pure, it’s been things where the unit wasn’t functioning properly and Dyson’s customer support quickly handled the problem with a replacement.

One thing to keep in mind is the quietness of the unit – one buyer complained that even in sleep mode, the humidifier was too noisy for their liking. At the same time, someone else was amazed at how quiet the unit was, so this is clearly a personal preference thing.

There’s no doubt, however, about the compactness and sleekness of the Dyson Humidify+Cool machine. It replaces the need for a purifier, humidifier, and fan, and leaves you with a multi-function sleek machine that does it all.

No matter what your opinion is, you can buy the Humidify+Cool Dyson Pure Cool Canada with peace of mind because of Dyson’s free shipping and returns, and their 30-day money back guarantee.

The Dyson Pure is a purifier, humidifier, and fan - all in a single sleek machine.

  • Automatically purifies and humidifies the air in your house
  • Connects to the Dyson Link app
  • Diagnoses and manages your air quality automatically
  • Hassle-free deep clean cycle to keep the machine operating effectively

Available in a White/Silver color combination, or an Exclusive Black/Nickel color combination only direct from Dyson Canada.

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