By Mike Szostech

July marks the start of a strange summer – a ‘summer’ that started months earlier when kids stopped going to school and the country locked down to prevent COVID from spreading.

We want to highlight the most popular products purchased through this site for the month, but we purposely skipped the top few. Face masks, mops, and all sorts of cleaning supplies were the best sellers, but we wanted to focus on fun, exciting, and energizing things.

We see these best selling items as the various ways that people are coping with the stay-at-home mentality. From video games to exercise, and a renewed interest in cooking and gardening, we like to think that Canada is showing it’s resilience!

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With restaurants shut down and people having more time on their hands, cooking at home is again becoming popular. Earlier in the spring there was an overwhelming surge in demand for breadmakers, but as the COVID saga kept on, cooks started expanding their culinary interests. Things like the InstaPot and rice cookers became popular. And whether it’s the desire for healthy cooking, or simply durability, these rice cookers with a stainless steel inner pot were top sellers in July.

Elite Gourmet Rice Cooker with Stainless Steel Inner Pot

A great priced rice cooker with a stainless steel inner pot, the Elite Rice Cooker is a simple and easy to use rice cooker that products great results every time.

Best Expandable Garden Hoses

Spending more time in the garden? A good hose is necessary to prevent frustration. There’s nothing more annoying than a leaking, tangle hose when it comes time to water your precious seedlings. The newest craze is expandable garden hoses (not to be confused with expendable).

TheFitLife Expandable Garden Hose

A triple latex core and brass fittings make it easy to see why this expandable garden hose is a top seller during the summer months, Plus, it comes with a free spray nozzle. Available in lengths of 25 feet to 100 feet

These hoses expand when water is turned on and pressure builds. When you are done watering and shut the water off, the hose contracts again automatically into a compact bundle, no fuss and no tangles. There are a few downsides to these hoses – they are susceptible to UV rays (but so are conventional garden hoses), so store them in a shady spot.

Another slightly annoying feature is that when you squeeze the nozzle and start spraying water, pressure drops slightly causing the hose to contract slightly. This is only annoying when trying to water at the farthest limits of the hose, so keep that in mind when deciding what length to purchase. Get a slightly longer expandable hose than you think you’ll need to reach the farthest corners of your yard.

The best expandable garden hose is branded as TheFitLife, and it comes in four lengths – 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet, and 100 feet. It features a triple core latex hose with brass fittings, and it even comes with a spray nozzle.

Headphone sales have been on fire. As more people work from home, as more kids are doing Zoom calls, and as more people are looking for more ways to entertain themselves, a good set of the best headphones have been something that everybody needs.

At the lower end of the spectrum is the no-name brands that feature decent sounds quality, bluetooth connectivity, and a reasonable price. These are likely the ones people are buying for their kids.

Top Rated Bluetooth wireless headphones by MPow

MPow branded bluetooth wireless headphones are way cheaper than name brand headphones, and these come with stellar reviews. For under $40, you get a lot of quality. From the 40mm neodymium drivers to the memory foam ear pieces, these wireless headphones are top quality - and they have a 25 hour battery life!

At the other end of the spectrum are Apple’s AirPod Pro – in fact, they are so popular that you’re lucky to find them in stock these days!

Apple AirPods Pro

Best Exercise Equipment

If you’re getting tired of sitting around and need to get physical again, check out these best selling exercise equipment. All-in-one exercise equipment has seen a real burst in popularity since the COVID lockdowns of gyms. They allow you to get a full body workout in a small space (aka your house or patio). TheFitLife sells a set of resistance bands that can be used in different combinations of up to 150 bls of resistance. They are the most popular exercise equipment in Canada for July 2020.

Best Resistance Bands – TheFitLife stackable resistance tubes

Stackable resistance bands that allow up to 150 lbs of resistance. Lightweight, they are portable so you can take them with you to the park, or to your hotel when on vacation. These are the best resistance bands in Canada according to number of sales and positive reviews.

If you have access to a body of water, or if you live in a province that doesn’t ban water sports because of COVID restrictions, you’d be among friends if you bought an inflatable kayak. Intex is the well-known brand that sells inflatable pools and water toys, and they’re starting to work their way up to more serious equipment.

Intex Challenger Inflatable Kayak

While not a professional white-water kayak, the Challenger series from Intex is a great blend of inflatable kayak portability, decent performance and ease of handling for beginners, and a reasonable price. The Intex Challenger Kayak was a top seller in July.

Everyone needs batteries

As summer camping trips increase because of summer, and as electronic toy use increases due to lockdown, everyone needs batteries! Amazon started selling their own brand of batteries called Amazon Basics, and they are the most popular battery purchased on Amazon. They are cheaper than Duracell or Energizer, and in some independent tests, they last just as long.

AmazonBasics AA Batteries

Home Office Explosion because of COVID Lockdowns

With everyone asked to stay home, there has been an explosion in people working from home. And with the surge in online buying, there’s no surprise that a digital post weigh scale was among the top sellers for July 2020.

Entertaining the little ones

Crayola Coloured Pencils

When this lockdown started, I should've bought stock in Crayola! The top 5 best selling toys are the simple and classic crayons and colored pencils. What better way to encourage your child's dexterity, creativity, and keep them entertained, then to have them drawing and coloring.

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