By Mike Szostech

Olight provided me with this sample flashlight for the purpose of this review.

When compared to the previous S2R Baton II, OLight has improved on this EDC flashlight in every way, making this one of the best flashlights of 2023!

Building on 16+ years of industry proven performance, OLight has taken what they’ve learned and created a small, powerful flashlight with huge light output and an impressive battery life.

OLight Baton 3 Pro

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The Baton 3 Pro has an incredible max output of 1,500 lumens that can light things up at a maximum of 175 meters away. Or, at the opposite end, has a moonlight feature with a very low-light output that can last for up to 4 months on a single battery charge!

Charging of the 3100 mAh battery is done via their signature USB magnetic charging cable, and takes only 3.5 hours to fully charge.

The flashlight comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee, as well as a 5 year warranty!

Review Contents:

How is the Baton 3 Pro?

After the flashlight showed up in the mail, we opened the box and read the instructions. It clearly states that the flashlight should be charged fully before first use, so we opened up the light and removed the battery protective film, and then closed it up and hooked it up to the charger.

Within a few hours, the red light on the magnetic charging cable had turned green, signaling that charging was complete. I played with the different light modes for a while and then finally let my kids try it out (finally according to them! it was literally 2 minutes).

The next morning we packed up for a camping trip, and through the Baton 3 Pro into our bags with our other gear. At the campsite, I went to use the flashlight, and instead of turning on, the button switch, with the built in battery-level indicator, lit up red indicating a dead battery. How did that happen? We just fully charged it?

Oh well, luckily I had taken a second flashlight along.

The next morning I asked my boys about it, and my 9 year old said “I locked it”. What? There’s a lock mode? How do I unlock it? It turns out holding the switch for 3 seconds turns on the moonlight mode, but if you continue holding for 2 more seconds (a total of 5 seconds), then the flashlight ends up in ‘lock’ mode.

This would be most useful if throwing the light into a bag to prevent it from being bumped on. And, if I had read the bright yellow warning insert (pictured farther down this page), I would’ve noticed the comment about locking out the switch to prevent heat build-up that could melt the lens or even cause close objects to burn!

Once I had that solved, we used the light around camp for 3 nights. The battery indicator still shows it’s fully charged, the moonlight mode was great for just enough light to put away gear before bed, and the turbo mode was great for illuminating the forest when we heard noises go bump-in-the-night!

Improvements over the S2R Baton II

When compared to the S2R Baton II, the new Baton 3 Pro has 450 more lumens of light output, and 40 meters of further light throw. When comparing battery life, it has a significantly longer runtime. Dimensions are basically the same, with only a mm difference in length.

And it’s not just the technical specs that beat out the S2R Baton II. Olight has improved the usability of it as well. From the wider and longer two-way clip (for greater durability and added grab strength) to the new design of the grip nurling pattern, the Baton 3 Pro can be packed, carried, hauled, or stored with confidence.

OLight also updated the switch, increasing the size so that you can find it easier in the dark, and also setting it into the body slightly to prevent accidentally activating the flashlight in your pocket or bag.

Baton 3 Pro Specifications

Series: Series Baton (EDC, General Use)
Form/Size Factor: Medium size (Permanent Marker)
Light Source: High Performance CW / NW LED
Light Mode: Side Switch
Max Light Intensity (Candela): 7,900 candela
Compatible Batteries: Customized 3200mAh 3.6V 18650 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Charging Type: MCC 3 Magnetic Charging Cable
Max. Performance (lumens): 1,500 lumens
Beam Distance (m): 175 m
Beam Distance (ft): 574 ft

Baton 3 Pro package with a warning label

Baton 3 Pro Light Levels

This EDC flashlight has multiple lighting levels. The longest running level is called ‘moonlight’. It’s a 0.5 lumen light that is just enough to see what you’re doing in the dead of night, and it lasts 120 days!
If you need more light than that, there are 3 levels of light that go from 15 lumens with 100 hour runtime, to 120 lumens with 17 hours runtime, to 600 lumens with a 180 minute runtime. There is an additional turbo mode that has a max output of 1500 lumens.
After 2 minutes, the flashlight automatically dims to the 600 lumen level. It seems that this is a protective feature to prevent the flashlight from overheating – and it likely helps lengthen the battery life as well.
Activating the moonlight mode is as simple as pressing and holding the button while the flashlight is off. The Moonlight mode comes on after approximately 3 seconds – but if you hold the button too long (about 5 seconds), the light will turn off and you’ll have locked out the switch. Simply click and hold for another 5 seconds to unlock.

The other flashlight modes are activated by clicking the button, and then while the flashlight is on you can press and hold the button to cycle through the 3 brightness levels.

Turbo mode is activated by a quick double click of the switch while in any mode. In addition, a triple click will give you a strobe light at turbo brightness – which can only be described as blinding and disorienting (that’s what happens when you let your kids play with your flashlight!).

OLight Baton 3 Pro

Olight Canada

Max output of 1,500 lumens and a max throw of 175 meters, runs up to 120 days, perfect for long work hours, powerful and useful in outdoor activities.

New body knurling design, non-slip and comfortable to grip; Newly enlarged and concave side switch, make it easier to use while reducing the chance of accidental activation. The widened and lengthened two-way clip is more secure when clipping in the pocket and backpack.

Available in cool white and neutral white. Choose the one that better suits your needs!

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