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We were provided a sample Assassin King gaming chair for this Anda Seat review

Anda Seat Review Assassin Gaming Chair

Built for those of us who are larger, or who just want a large gaming chair, the Anda Seat Assassin King boasts sturdy construction that can handle up to 400 lbs. And with a high back, there’s support for your head even if you’re up to 7’1″ tall. Click here to see where it ranks in our Best Gaming Chair Canada list (hint: it’s a great choice for big-and-tall gamers).

We tore open the box and set about assembling the gaming chair. Aside from missing the clear instruction that labeled which direction the base should attach to the chair bottom, assembly was a breeze.

Review Contents:

Assassin King Features

Anda Seat puts a lifetime warranty on their chairs, so they set out to build something that would last, well, a lifetime.

It all starts with a powder coated steel frame, with oversized bars that have 2mm thick walls to make sure the gaming chair is solid. And it’s only as solid as the base – which is a large, 5-leg aluminum base that can support up to 1500 kg!

The all-metal base and frame site on top of large, 65mm PU caster wheels that don’t roll so easily you move when you sneeze, but roll easily enough you can get our from under your desk when you want to.

Connecting the aluminum base to the powder coated frame of the seat is a Class 4 hydraulic piston. It’s an explosion-proof gas spring of international standards, that provides a consistent, stable, and safe method for raising and lowering your gaming chair’s height.

Anda Seat Review of Assassin King Build Quality
Assassin King gaming chair construction details

Next comes the high density mould-shaping foam. The Anda Seat gaming chairs are padded with cold-cured, super high density foam that provides a firm seat. Firm enough you won’t bottom out yet soft enough to be comfortable. If a straight back isn’t your cup of tea, the gaming seat also comes with a memory foam neck pillow, and a memory foam lumbar cushion that can be positioned (and will stay!) at any height along the back rest.

All of that foam is covered up with durable premium PVC leather. It offers the soft touch of a top grain leather at a much better price. It’s easy to clean, and it’s plenty strong to handle day after day of use.

Anda Seat Review of What we liked

We’ve done other gaming chair reviews, and we’ve found that the padding on those gaming seats is soft and comfy, but it just doesn’t feel like it would hold up to a large user day after day. The Anda Seat gaming chair, on the other hand, has just enough plushness to the foam to give you comfort, but also enough firmness to support you for weeks to come.

We also love the adjustable-ness of this gaming chair. Even from the simple up and down that every office chair has, the Assassin King stands out as a great gaming chair for tall people because the gas lift actually raises the seat high enough to give you that ergonomic 90-degree bend at the knees (for a 6’2″ tester).

Also, the armrests go up high enough to actually support the elbows of an equally tall person, and the back rest goes high enough to support our head. The lumbar pillow is adjustable too, so that you can position it where you want to support your spine, or you can remove it completely if you want that flat-back-feeling.

While we were doing this Anda Seat review, we also noticed the build quality and fit and finish. From the cross stitching on the seat base, to the embroidered logo on each of the pillows and even on the rear of the seat, this is just a nice looking gaming seat all around.

We also love the warranty – it’s a lifetime warranty on all functionality parts of the chair. That means the gas lift cylinder, the arm rests, casters, seat base, and the reclining features. The warranty doesn’t cover aesthetic defects and misuse of the chair.

Anda Seat Review Lifetime Warranty

Anda Seat promises to repair or replace any Anda Seat product or components that Anda Seat finds to be defective in material or workmanship within a Lifetime warranty on the steel frame and parts of our chairs.

This warranty applies only to products sold and used within Canada.

What we didn’t like about the Anda Seat Gaming Chair

No Anda Seat review would be complete without a list of things we didn’t like, or things we think could be improved upon. Overall we were impressed with chair and the comfort it provided after testing it in the office for a couple weeks.

Here are a few items that were the only things we could really think of that you might want to keep in mind if considering buying an Anda Seat gaming chair.

The wheels are listed as PU, so we expected them to have a softness to them that would make them roll quietly, and easily on a hard surface floor. They did roll easily, because of their large diameter they went over small cracks in the wood floor and over any crumbs that may have fallen (hey, so what, we eat while we type!). However, they were fairly loud compared to other PU wheels we’ve seen on gaming chairs, and they had a tendency to want so skid, rather than conform, to a small rock that got tracked into the office.

Speaking of crumbs, we did appreciate that when something fell in-between the seat bottom and the side bolsters we could push our finger down in the gap and the crumb would fall out the bottom onto the floor rather than trying to have to fish it out of the tight little crack beside the seat bolsters.

The reclining feature is great – there’s the backrest recline, and then the whole base/rocking recline feature with the lockout. We found it a little tricky to disengage the lockout when the base is rocked back because of the spring tension. That seems like an expected cause, but it required our feet to be able to touch the ground to push back against the spring while we released the lockout. If you have your feet up on a footrest, that would be difficult. We did find that you could release the lockout lever, and then throw your arms back above your head in a sort of reverse lunge that would cause the spring to release the lock – and we didn’t tip backwards in the process!

The 3d adjustable armrests are a feature, but through the course of a working day sitting at the desk, as our posture would worsen, some of the reviewers would push on the armrest to reposition themselves in the chair. That would cause the armrest to pivot or slide – which was a very small inconvenience.

We also found that the neck pillow wasn’t very comfortable. The height of the neck pillow isn’t adjustable, so it won’t land in the right spot on your neck unless your back happens to be the right length.

Assassin King Gaming Chair Specifications

Model Name

Assassin King Series

Maximum Seat Depth


Foam Type

High Density Mould Shaping Foam

Minimum Seat Depth


Adjustable Back Angle


Maximum Seat Width


Foam Density

60-65 Kg/M³

Minimum Seat Width


Frame Construction


Maximum Arm Height


Chair Cover Material

PVC Leather

Minimum Arm Height


Base Type

5-Star Aluminum Base

Backrest Height


Caster Size & Material

2.4″ Caster/PU

Backrest Shoulder Width


Armrest Pad Size

10.55″L X 3.76″W

Gross Weight

61.73 Lb / 28kg

Mechanism Type

Multi-Functional Tilt

Net Weight (Approximate)

72.75 Lb / 33kg

Seat Size

16.14″W(Front) X14.37 “W (Back) X 20.08″D

Gas Lift Specification


Package Size

35.83″L X 28.74″W X 15.35″H

Gas Lift Class


Anda Seat Review Summary

Designed in an ergonomic racing style, this gaming chair has contoured, segmented cushioning, a high back, and incorporated headrest with lumbar support. A gaming chair offering higher-performance convenience, for use during intense video gaming sessions, classes, or extended work hours.

Built with PVC leather-based and contrasting color fabric, the memory foam lumbar and neck pillow provide customizable comfort. This high back ergonomic gaming chair fulfills or surpasses business specifications for security and durability, and is also backed lifetime warranty.

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