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JBL has long been known for high quality audio products, and they’ve carried that reputation into their wireless bluetooth speaker collection.

There are so many JBL wireless speaker options that we decided to put together this comparison chart to help you choose the speaker for you that is the best JBL bluetooth speaker Canada!

Best JBL Bluetooth Speaker Comparison

JBL Bluetooth Speaker Battery Life

If you like to party all day long, and then long into the night, then you’ll want to make sure your JBL bluetooth speaker has the battery life to last.

Some of the more expensive models have a battery pack that can last up to 24 hours!

Regardless of how much music the battery pack is rated to play, remember that the battery life rating comes with a condition – playback time will vary depending on the volume of the music being played, and even the type of music.

I assume this means that bass heavy music will use up more power driving the large bass speakers, and if you are using any of the lightshow features that will decrease music play-time as well.

Comparing the Best JBL Bluetooth Speakers

This comparison chart contains all of the JBL portable bluetooth speakers that are currently available in Canada. Use the comparison chart to help you find the best JBL bluetooth speaker Canada for your needs.

Model Shop WeightBattery LifeBattery CapacityCharging TimeWaterproofSpeaker WattageFrequency ResponseFeatures
JBL BoomboxAmazon.ca11.5 lbs24 hours20,000mAh6.5 hoursIPX7 Waterproof2 x 30 watts plugged in, 2 x 20 watts on battery50 Hz - 20 kHzConnect+, Powerbank
JBL Boombox 2Amazon.ca13 lbs24 hours10,000mAh6.5 hoursIPX7 Waterproof2 x 40 watts plugged in, 2 x 30 watts on battery50 Hz - 20 kHzPartyBoost, Powerbank
JBL Charge 4Amazon.ca2.12 lbs20 hours7,500mAh4 hoursIPX7 Waterproof30 watts60Hz–20kHzJBL Connect+
JBL Clip 3Amazon.ca0.49 lbs10 hours1000mAh3 hoursIPX7 Waterproof3.3 watts120Hz – 20kHzSpeakerphone function
JBL Xtreme 2Amazon.ca5.27 lbs15 hours10,000mAh3.5IPX7 Waterproof2 x 20 watts when plugged in55Hz–20kHzConnect+, Powerbank, Speakerphone
JBL Go 2Amazon.ca0.41 lbs5 hours730 mAh2.5 hoursIPX7 Waterproof3.1 watts180Hz – 20kHzSpeakerphone
JBL PartyBox 300Amazon.ca34.9 lbs18 hours10,400mAh5 hoursNo240 watts45Hz-20kHz12v charger, mic and guit...
JBL PartyBox 100Amazon.ca21.4 lbs12 hours2,500mAh3.5 hoursNo160 watts45Hz-18kHzmic and guitar inputs, Lightshow
JBL Pulse 4Amazon.ca2.78 lbs12 hours7,260mAh3.5 hoursIPX7 Waterproof20 watts70Hz – 20kHz360 degree sound and lightshow, PartyBoost
JBL Flip 4Amazon.ca1.12 lbs12 hours3000mAh3.5 hoursIPX7 Waterproof16 watts70Hz – 20kHzConnect+, Speakerphone, Voice assist
JBL Flip 5Amazon.ca1.1912 hours4,800mAh2.5 hoursIPX7 Waterproof20 watts65Hz–20kHzPartyBoost
JBL Flip 5 EcoAmazon.ca1.2 lbs12 hours4800 mAh2.5 hoursIPX7 Waterproof20 watts65Hz–20kHzPartyBoost
JBL JR PopAmazon.ca0.26 lbs5 hours600 mAh2 hoursIPX7 Waterproof3 watts190Hz–20kHzLightshow, Kid friendly

Choosing the Best JBL Bluetooth Speaker Canada

We’d love to just tell you what the best JBL bluetooth speaker is, but there are lots of different JBL wireless speakers for a reason. Each of them fills a specific need, and it’s up to you to determine what that need is.

For instance, if you want to be able to use the JBL bluetooth speaker as a speakerphone when you get a phone call, then look for the ‘speakerphone’ listed under the features column in the JBL bluetooth speaker comparison chart above.

Or, if you need to be able to charge up a phone while you’re on the run, then make sure that you look for the wireless bluetooth speaker that has the PowerBank feature. The PowerBank function has a USB port on the speaker that allows you to charge a phone from the speaker’s large battery pack.

A few of the speakers are geared towards inside or nighttime dance parties, and those JBL bluetooth speakers have a function called Lightshow – that has LED lights that light up the party. The Party Box 100 and 200 even have microphone and guitar inputs.

Do you need a JBL waterproof bluetooth speaker?

Most models are IPX7 waterproof – and that doesn’t mean splash resistant – it means you can knock them into the pool, take them swimming with you, or leave them floating nearby in a lake all the while still blasting out your favorite tunes.

JBL mentions that IPX7 means it can be submerged up to 3 feet for up to 30 minutes without causing any harm.

Some of the bluetooth speakers above ARE NOT waterproof at all – so don’t splash the wrong models or you’ll end up with damage that isn’t covered under warranty.

Check out this video that shows the JBL Boombox being knocked into a pool

JBL PartyBoost vs JBL Connect+

Both of these features allow you to connect (wirelessly), multiple JBL bluetooth speakers to blast your tunes out of more than one speaker at a time.

However, the older Connect+ doesn’t connect to the newer PartyBoost, so if you’re looking for the best JBL bluetooth speaker Canada to add onto your existing collection, make sure they support the same JBL connection method.

Speaker Warranty

The limited warranty on these speakers is 1 year in length, and does not cover damage caused by accidents, neglect, or repairs performed by someone other than JBL. For the full warranty details, read this PDF on JBL’s site

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