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Last updated March, 2021

For years, us Canadians have watched all of the Prime benefits that the Americans were getting. After years of more subscription benefits being added in Amazon Prime Canada, we can now enjoy many of the same Prime perks in Canada!

What is Amazon Prime Canada?

Amazon Prime Canada is a paid subscription service that includes all sorts of member-only benefits. As early as 2005, it was offered on but it took until 2013 for a similar program to be offered in Canada.

Even then, the Amazon Prime Canada benefits for were minimal. Minimum shipping amounts were $35 CAD (compared to $25 USD on, and the Prime video Canada selection was sparse to say the least.

In the past few years, Amazon Prime Canada benefits have been steadily increasing, to the point that in 2020 the program is very similar to

Read on to find the answers to all the common questions like how much is Amazon Prime Canada, and what are the Amazon Prime Canada benefits?

Amazon Prime Canada Benefits

Amazon Prime Canada Benefits

Shipping Benefits

For Amazon Canada shoppers who aren’t Prime members, free shipping is available on eligible items and orders over $35. Shipping times are typically 5-8 days. You can upgrade your shipping speed to 3-4 days for $5.00 or more (depending on the size and number of items), or two days for $9.00 or more.

With Amazon Prime Canada, two-day shipping is free with no minimum purchase amount.

In some areas, some items are free same-day and one-day delivery on qualifying orders over $25.

And, if you’re waiting for a soon-to-be released product, with Amazon Prime Canada you can pre-order items and get your package on release day.

Prime Member Perks – Exclusive Shopping Deals

Prime members get access to Lightning Deals on 30 minutes before other customers – which means that you’re more likely to get the deal before it’s sold out.

If you have young children, you can also save 20% on diapers through subscribe & save.

Plus, once a year, for 2 days, Amazon holds an epic sale called Prime Day. And it’s only accessible to Amazon Prime members. Prime Canada Rewards Mastercard

Eligible Prime members (meaning you can be approved for a credit card) can earn 2.5% back at when you use the Rewards MasterCard.

Non-prime members receive 1.5% cash back – so although you receive more rewards back, you would have to purchase $7900 or more in a year in order for the 1% back ($79.00) to pay for your Prime subscription. This means it’s not wise for most members to purchase a Prime subscription just to increase their credit card rewards.

Amazon Prime Canada Benefits: Video and Streaming Perks

As a Prime member, you get access to Amazon Prime Video. You can watch popular movies and TV shows at no extra cost, and you can stream them online or download them to a tablet or mobile device for offline watching. Plus, Amazon gives exclusive access of some of it’s TV shows (which they call Amazon Originals) only to Prime members.

In addition to Prime Video access, Prime members can also stream music for free. You can stream over 2 million songs ad-free and listen on any device, including Amazon Echo devices.

There are also Amazon Prime Canada benefits for gamers. There’s free “in-game loot every month” and there are exclusives, surprises, and a free Twitch Channel subscription every 30 days.

Kindle Reading Perks

Prime members can read as much as they want from a rotating selection of eBooks – including romances, thrillers, children’s books and more. Books can be read on any device using Amazon Kindle or Fire devices, or the free Kindle apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, PC and Mac.

This benefit was first added in 2019 (press release here), when Amazon Canada announced that Canadian Prime Members can enjoy unlimited reading from a rotating selection of books, comics, and more – at no additional cost.

Amazon Prime Canada Benefits – Free Photo Storage

This one might seem a little bit out of place, but remember that a huge portion of Amazon’s business is actually from it’s Amazon Web Services division. Because of that, they can add a Prime benefit like this at little to no extra cost to them.

As a Prime Canada member, enjoy unlimited free photo storage. By using a free app (available for Windows, Max, Android or iOS devices), add your photos to the app and see them on all your devices. Amazon Photos keeps your photos secure without lowering the resolution or the quality of them.

And by getting the photos off of your phone, you can save space on your device making this a nice addition to the Amazon Prime Canada benefits.

Is Amazon Prime Canada Worth It?

The reason we posted this in the Money section is because, while there are some nice benefits to this program, we only recommend it if you are already spending the money. At Canada Reviewed we never encourage spending money on something you don’t need, or something that will cause you to go into debt.

How much is Amazon Prime Canada?

For Canadians, the Amazon Prime Cost is $7.99 per month. How much is Amazon Prime Canada for a year? If you want to sign up for a year, you can save about 20%, and the total price is $79.00 per year (which works out to $6.58 per month). While the cost isn’t much, it’s still your hard earned money and you need to determine if Amazon Prime Canada is still worth it for you.

Here’s how we think you should determine if Amazon Prime Canada is right for you

We’ve created some questions for you to determine how much money you are spending, and if an Amazon Prime Canada membership will save you some cash.

  1. Do you often make small purchases that don’t meet the minimum $35.00 to get free shipping? If you spend money on shipping, or on fast shipping, at least once a month, then you will likely save money with the Prime membership.

    Prime delivery is fast, with 2-day shipping on most items, and discounted same-day or one-day shipping available in certain areas. Plus, there is no minimum purchase amount for shipping benefits for Amazon Prime Canada members.
  2. Do you pay for a Netflix or other streaming movie service? And if you do, would you cancel that and simply use Prime Video? If so, then you can cover the cost of your Amazon Prime subscription simply by doing that.

    Or maybe you pay for a pay-per-view once or twice per month, and could save that money by viewing an Amazon Prime Canada video instead.
  3. Do you have a Spotify or other music subscription? Amazon Prime is taking on all the media subscription services – and Amazon Music is part of your Amazon Prime Canada benefits.
  4. Are you a gamer? Check out Amazon Prime Canada Gaming – maybe there’s some ways to save money on other gaming services you’re a part of, which will help pay for your Amazon Prime membership in Canada.
  5. Do you make lots of credit card purchases? If so, you could make extra money as a Amazon Prime Canada member. You receive 1% of additional rewards as an Amazon Prime Canada benefits member on the Amazon Mastercard Canada. Spending $3950 in a year will reward you with half of your Prime membership fee. Spending $7000 on anything on your credit card in a year and you’ll pay for all of your Prime membership.

Amazon Prime Canada Membership

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4 thoughts on “Amazon Prime Canada Benefits and Perks”

    1. Your Amazon Prime Canada benefits will stay active in Canada, but they do not transfer over to Amazon Canada gives you the option to browse products based on shipping destination. In the upper left, simply click on ‘Deliver to Canada’ and choose the ‘Outside of Canada’ option and select the United States. You’ll notice that shipping times and product availability will change drastically.

      To enjoy all the benefits of Amazon Prime, I’d recommend paying monthly for Amazon Prime Canada while you are up here, and then paying the monthly Prime fee for while you are in Arizona.

      Possibly, Prime Video may also give you errors or issues while trying to play videos from outside of Canada.

    1. Hi Jill, to cancel your Amazon Prime Canada subscription, follow these steps:

      1. Log into
      2. Click on your username in the upper right (also labelled Accounts & Lists)
      3. Click on “Prime – View benefits and payment settings”
      4. Near the top, you’ll see an option to manage your membership with a label that says “Update, Cancel and more”
      5. Click on that, and select “End membership and benefits”

      And that’s it – your Amazon Prime Canada membership will be cancelled.

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