By Mike Szostech

Notice how your cats (or dog) don’t seem as excited about their food as you get down to the bottom of the bucket? That’s because the pet food has gone stale…. just like that opened box of Cheerios that’s been in your pantry for months. You need airtight pet food storage.

If you’re like us, you want to save money on your pet’s food, so you buy in bulk from Costco or PetSmart. The problem with bulk food is that you have to use it up before it goes bad. Pet food is the same.

Yes, your pet will likely eat the stale food – if you give them no other option. However, one of our cats is so picky it’s like he goes on hunger strike waiting for fresh food. He meows at our screen door until we let him in, then he paces around his food dish and looks at us disgusted.

Check out these airtight pet food storage options. They’re even raccoon proof – which is handy for us. We can finally leave the pet food outside in our shed or on the back porch.

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Gamma Vittles Vault Pet Food Storage

Image of Air-tight Pet Food Storage Gamma Vittles Vault Pet Food Storage

Airtight pet food storage, with a 35-pound capacity, will keep even the largest bags of dog food fresh to the last piece. If you really want to go big, there's even a stackle 65-pound capacity version!

With a double airtight seal, the Vittles Vault keeps pet food odor in the vault, making it safe to store this on the back-porch without feeding all the neighborhood raccoons.

Made out of USA-made plastics, it's food-grade, BPA-free so you could even store human food in it. Plus, the heavy duty construction will make this pet food storage vault last for decades.


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IRIS Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

Image of Air-tight Pet Food Storage IRIS Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

Not as extreme as the vittles vault, the IRIS pet food container is a great airtight option if you plan to keep it in the house. Plus, it has wheels that make it easy to move around even when it's packed full of pet food.

This IRIS container holds up to 42-lbs of dog food or 35-lbs of cat food. Made in the USA out of FDA-compliant plastics, it's BPA free.

The airtight seal on this pet food storage container helps keep out pests and moisture keeping the food fresh, longer.

This IRIS pet food storage Canada container is consistently top rated in Dog food and Cat food storage categories.

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