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This is the Zyliss can opener we used for 2 years in Canada, and then we took it to the tropics with us. It survived the hot, humid weather, and after 2 years there, it’s still going strong.

It’s easy enough to use this Can Opener that our children can use it. The initial squeeze to press the cutting wheel through the can is the difficult part (just like with all other can openers), but after the can opener is locked on, it’s easy to turn.

After the lid is cut, simply click the red ‘release’ button and then use the magnetic end to lift the cut lid out of the can and squeeze the release to drop it in the garbage (or recycling, or sink).

We did find that the magnet isn’t always strong enough to lift the cut lid, especially if it’s something sticky like tomato paste. However, this would be similar for any can opener and I blame the food more than the opener.

Plus, with over 14000 ratings, and an average of 4.5 stars out of 5, it's pretty safe to assume you'll be 4.5 stars satisfied with this locking manual can opener.

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Who is Zyliss?

Zyliss began over 60 years ago in Switzerland. Zyliss continues to rely on that heritage of excellence, ensuring every kitchen tool is designed to delight.

Each Zyliss can opener comes backed by the 5 year Zyliss Guarantee, ensuring it says free of defects in material and workmanship for 5 years.

Features of the Zyliss Can Opener Canada

From the ergonomic design of the handles to the non-slip grips, the Zyliss can opener is designed for superior comfort and efficiency.

The can opener works on all sizes of cans, and the Lock N’ Lift features a stainless steel cutting wheel that turns smoothly.

With the attached magnet, the lid can be lifted and then released for clean and simple disposal.

It comes in 3 different color options, although the gray option seems to be a few dollars cheaper most of the time.

Zyliss Can Opener Canada

Zyliss Can Opener Reviews

Wirecutter - The Competition [April 2020]
Easy to use, but it seemed to be harder to turn than others and the lid-catching magnet was hard to use.

Serious Eats - The Competition [February 2018]
The magnet was too strong to let go of the lid even after repeatedly pressing the release button.

Reviewed - Competition [July 2020]
Nifty magnet to lift the lid, but it's unstylish and plastic buttons look likely to snap off in time.

Watch the Zyliss Can Opener Canada in Action

This video comes from Zyliss, but it was uploaded in 2018, and appears to be a slightly older version of the Lift ‘N Lock can opener. The current version of the Zyliss can opener has a magnet release button (the red plastic visible in the pictures above).