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The Shark ION F80 series is almost the anti-Dyson of the cordless vacuum world. While the Dyson has a built in battery that puts the vacuuming temporarily on hold while it charge, the Shark cordless vacuum Canada comes with 2 batteries that are charged separate from the vacuum. The Shark cordless vacuums also have an off/on switch (rather than a press-and-hold-trigger), and they can stand up on their own, while the Dyson needs to lie down. If you don’t like Dyson for some reason, the Shark ION F80 is a great choice for a cordless vacuum in Canada.

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Shark ION F80 Discontinued? As of March 2021, the Shark ION F80 is no longer available in Canada, and it isn’t listed on Shark’s website under the ‘Cordless Vacuums’ section either. It appears that this model is finally discontinued. If you are interested in a Shark Cordless Vacuum, check out the Shark Rocket Cordless and the Shark Wandvac.

The Shark Ion F80 is surprisingly hard to find in Canada in-stores. As of the publication date of this review, it was not for sale at Best Buy, Canadian Tire, or Walmart. In fact, the only place to purchase the Shark Ion F80 Canada was on Amazon’s website. It appears the ION F80 is discontinued at stores like Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It’s unclear whether this is a temporary stock issue, or if it’s because the Shark Rocket is replacing the F80 (even though the rocket has a less powerful vacuum motor than the ION F80 does).

Shark ION F80 Canada Features

Battery pack and Runtime

The F80 comes with 2 batteries – while the Dyson vacuum has an integrated battery pack, this cordless vacuum from Shark has an easily removable battery. Since they provide you with 2 packs, the F80 comes with an 80 minute runtime. Plus, you can charge the battery pack on the vacuum, or on the included charger so it isn’t necessary to remove the battery every time you use the Ion F80 stick vacuum.

If you love the vacuum, and you need more runtime, you can always purchase a 3rd or 4th battery pack to make sure you have the power you need to get through cleaning your whole house.

You do have to plan ahead a little bit, or at least be prepared that it can take up to 3.5 hours to fully charge the ION battery power pack.

MultiFLEX Technology on the Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum

Another Shark-specific feature is the F80 multiflex technology. It’s basically a hinging break-point in the vacuum shaft that can bend at an angle to allow you to pick-up dirt under low furniture without getting down on your hands and knees.

This isn’t so much of a feature for us because we would end up sucking up a bunch of Lego – we have to get down and pick up toys before we can vacuum under furniture!

Here’s a demo video of using the Shark Multiflex technology:

However, we could see this being beneficial to someone less mobile and someone without little toys spread around the house. In addition, the MultiFLEX allows the vacuum to be folded in half for compact storage. When bent, the vacuum is freestanding and compact, allowing it to fit easily in a closet or sit in the corner of your mudroom.

Shark Ion F80 Canada showing MultiFlex advantage

Shark Cordless Vacuum DuoClean Feature

DuoClean is the name Shark has given to their innovative 2-roll cleaning head. Working in unison, the two rollers offer a unique feature that other cordless vacuums don’t have. One roll is soft and designed to pick up large debris (think cheerios or rice), while the bristled brush helps pick up finer dust particles and dirt embedded in carpets.

One of the main advantages you can see in the image below, is that the front lip of the vacuum cleaner head is raised exposing the soft roller to pull in large debris – unlike other cordless vacuum cleaners like the Dyson motorheads that simply snowplow the mess ahead of it.

Shark Ion F80 Canada - DuoClean Multi-Roller Function

Handheld Vacuum option on the ION F80

If you need a more portable vacuum for cleaning hard to reach places, or for taking out to the car, the ION F80 vacuum motor can be removed from the stick to be used as a cordless handheld vacuum. Accessory tools can be mounted directly onto the handheld vacuum.

This is a fairly common feature among cordless stick vacuums, but there are a few of the cheaper brands that don’t have this ability.

Power Settings and Suction Power

Like most other cordless stick vacuums in Canada, the Shark Ion F80 has 2 power settings – Power and Boost. The boost mode ups the suction power, but also rapidly decreases battery life. To combat this, Shark has added a neat feature that, after 60 seconds, automatically switches back to Power mode.

In Power vacuuming mode, the ION F80 pulls 24 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air. In Boost, mode, it increases to 38 CFM – which is over 50% increase!

Technically, that translates into about 120 AW (it stands for airwatts – read about it on Wikipedia) and puts it right on par with the Dyson V7 and V8. The newer (and more expensive) V10 and V11 models have almost double the airwatt ratings, so if it’s purely suction power you need, you may have to increase your budget.

The ION F80 also has headlights on it, so you don’t need to switch on and off lights as you vacuum around your house.

Filters on the Shark ION F80 Cordless Vacuum

As for filters, the Shark Ion in Canada has 2 filters – one before the motor, and one after it. This first filter gets rid of the big damaging chunks that could damage the vacuum internals, and the second filter makes sure that any missed dust particles don’t get sent back into your house’s atmosphere. Neither of these filters is a HEPA rated filter, so if you have allergies or severe dust sensitivities, this may not be the vacuum for you.

What’s Included with the Shark ION f80 Cordless Vacuum?

In the box, the ION F80 comes with 2 ION power pack batteries and the charging cord and charging dock. The battery pack can be charged while on the vacuum, and you can have the second battery charging on the dock while using the first battery – for a total of 80 minutes of vacuuming.

For cleaning accessories, the Shark ION F80 comes with an 8″ crevice tool for getting into tight spaces (down beside a carseat, or for in the house, inbetween couch cushions or beside your fridge).

It also comes with an upholstery tool.

Shark Ion f80 Canada Reviews

WireCutter ranked it as the #4 on their list claiming it was the 'Also Great' in their product review. [July 2019]
Works well on bare floors and short rugs

Helpful Habitat ranked it as the #2 on their list [August 2019]
Excellent Cordless Vacuum with innovative features

What owners are saying about the Shark ION in Canada

Many users seem to be happy with this cordless vacuum from Shark. Of course, there are a few disgruntled buyers who have either received an item that was damaged in transit, or for some reason didn’t work when they opened the box.

However, of all the legitimate complaints, they seem to mostly discuss things like not enough suction, too small of a dust bin, and the fact that emptying the dust bin isn’t a one-handed operation (like the Dyson can be).

Shark ION Small Dust Bin Capacity

The Shark ION F80 Canada dust bin is rated at being able to hold 0.3 dry quarts. At that point, the ‘full’ line will be reached and the dust bin will need to be emptied. This is a smaller dust bin than the Shark Rocket Pro line, and it’s also about half the size of the dust bin on the Dyson V8 Absolute Canada model, and one third the size of the dust bins on the Dyson V10 and V11 models.

While typically not a big deal, remember the special DuoClean brush head? If you’re vacuuming up cheerios, you could pack that dust bin full in just a minute or two.

Emptying the dust bin is easy. Simply hold the vacuum over a trash can, and release the flip down door. If something gets stuck to the dust cap, you may have to give that a quick wipe with a paper towel, but one ION F80 owner says “I had to quickly wipe out the dust cup a couple times in normal cleaning, and once after accidentally vacuuming liquid (I highly advise not doing that!). It is very easy to clean out; a dry tissue was all I needed for the most part.”

Shark Ion F80 Narrow Cleaning Head

The cleaning head on the F80 is 8.6 inches wide. That means that each time you pass over the floor, you are vacuuming a path that is 8.6 inches wide (or perhaps slightly less because the rollers don’t go to the very edge of the cleaning head).

The Shark Rocket Pro vacuums have a wider head – it’s 10.6 inches wide.

The narrower head is a disadvantage as far as how quickly you can vacuum a space, but it’s also an advantage. It makes the overall weight of the vacuum less, and it also allows the F80 cleaning head to fit into narrower spaces.

Short Battery Life when using Boost mode

Shark implements a 60 second timer on Boost mode to help improve battery powered runtime, and they did it for a reason. When running the Boost mode, each battery lasts around 10 minutes. When running in normal mode, it’s closer to 40 minutes on hard floors, or 30 minutes on carpeted floors.

The ION F80 is very light and compact, and without the cord, it makes it an ideal vacuum for cleaning carpeted stairways – as long as you don’t take longer than 10 minutes!

Here is an official image from the Shark website showing the approximate battery run times you can expect from a new battery pack:

Shark Ion F80 Canada - battery pack runtime

If you have wall to wall carpet, it’s hard to beat a plug-in vacuum. But for quick pickups and before-the-guests-get-here vacuum jobs, the convenience of the Shark cordless vacuum is hard to beat…. now you just have to try and find a Shark ION F80 Canada!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to clean the Shark ION f80?

Yes, you can easily remove the cleaning rollers to pull off hair or strings that have been wrapped around them. The dustbin is also easy to empty, making sure that you maintain full suction power on your cordless Shark ION F80 Canada!

How long does the Shark ION battery last?

Shark says the battery life expectancy is about 2 years - and so it comes with a 2 year limited warranty. When you register your product, your purchase is recorded and Shark Customer Care can see if your battery is under warranty.

What's better - Shark or Dyson?

Both companies build cordless vacuums that are easy to use and clean well. The Dyson vacuums are usually more expensive, slightly heavier, but also have more suction power. The Shark ION f80 is an example of a Shark vacuum that costs less, is a little lighter, but doesn't have quite as much suction power as the comparable Dyson cordless vacuums.