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The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Canada is a powerful and compact laptop with a fold out keyboard/case combination. While not a true laptop, it can definitely work as one with the attached keyboard.

If you don’t appreciate the touch-screen tablet features, than we’d recommend going for a full laptop as the price of this is higher because of the tablet base.

Specifications on the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Canada can get you anywhere from a starting price around $1000 all the way up to $3000.

The base model has an Intel Core i3 with 4GB of ram and a 128 GB solid state drive. Customize for your needs, all the way up to a Core i7 processor with 16GB of RAM, and a 1 TB solid state drive.

Note: For some reason, even though all of the images from Microsoft show the type cover, the type cover actually costs $199 extra.

Compare Microsoft Surface Pro 7 vs all laptops with our Laptop Picker
Model Shop CPU GPU RAM HDD Screen Battery
$2350.43 at
i7-1065G7Intel Iris Plus Graphics16GB1 TB SSD12.3"10.5 hrs2350.43
$2459 at
i7-1065G7Intel Iris Plus Graphics16GB512 GB SSD12.3"10.5 hrs2459
$1899 at
i7-1065G7Intel Iris Plus Graphics16GB256 GB SSD12.3"10.5 hrs1899
$1479.99 at
i5-1035G4Intel Iris Plus Graphics16GB256 GB SSD12.3"10.5 hrs1479.99
$1421.66 at
i5-1035G4Intel Iris Plus Graphics8GB256 GB SSD12.3"10.5 hrs1421.66
$999 at
i5-1035G4Intel Iris Plus Graphics8GB128 GB SSD12.3"10.5 hrs999
$789 at
i3-1005G1Intel UHD Graphics4GB128 GB SSD12.3"10.5 hrs789

More versatility with the Surface Pro

The newest version of the Surface Pro tablet from Microsoft is even slimmer and lighter. It weighs in at only 772 grams (depending of course on size of hard drive etc)!

Now it features increased connectivity with the USB-C and USB-A ports, and it has a battery that can last up to 10.5 hours.

For the new world order of videoconferencing – whether that’s down the office hallway or across Canada – the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Canada has dual microphones with far-field Studio quality audio capturing.

And for the various lighting conditions you may find yourself working in, the high resolution 12.3 inch PixelSense touchscreen display automatically adjusts brightness as it senses ambient light changes.

The Surface Pro 7 comes in either a Platinum or Matte BlackĀ  color, and the keyboard and mouse and pen accessories come in a variety of more exciting colors.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Canada Reviews

The Guardian ranked it as the #1 on their list claiming it was the 'Best Windows Tablet' in their product review. [March 2020]
The Surface 7 is arguably the best windows tablet money can buy.

T3 ranked it as the #9 on their list claiming it was the 'One of the best 2-in-1 laptops' in their product review. [June 2020]
Excellent hybrid, but hardly any noticeable difference to what Microsoft already had in the Surface Pro 6

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Canada

Overall Impression of the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Canada

The Surface Pro has been a winning formula for a hybrid tablet (2-in-1 laptop or whatever you want to call it) for years now. That’s partially led to Microsoft being lazy, or at least being reserved when it comes to innovating.

The Surface Pro 7 tablet doesn’t change much from the previous generation, and it doesn’t look any more modern. There’s still a large bezel around the screen, and with the newer processor, battery life actually goes down slightly from the Surface Pro 6.

It now comes with USB-C, and it also supports the newest and fastest Wi-fi 6 standards. The i7 chipset makes it a performance that shouldn’t give you any lag problems. Plus, the boot time is seriously fast.

All that said, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Canada is a great compromise between the smaller Surface Go 2, and the larger, bulkier, Surface Book 3.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 in Canada

In fact, the Pro 7 walks the line not just between different products, but also runs the line between a tablet and a laptop, which means that the keyboard is more robust and feels way better than most other ‘keyboards’ that you can use with a tablet. That makes the Pro 7 a much better choice if you want a tablet that can double as a serious workstation for school or office work.

Because it is splitting hairs and competing with so many different market segments in personal computers, it could be said that the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Canada doesn’t do anything the best, but it does it all pretty well.

As an enjoyable little surprise, the Surface Pro 7 comes with Windows 10 straight from Microsoft. There’s no extra android apps or bloatware installed that you have to uninstall as soon as you boot up your new tablet.

If you can wait, the Surface Pro 8 might come with some better battery and performance specs, and maybe even an updated look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Surface Pro 7 really worth it?

The Pro 7 is a multipurpose tablet that doubles as a 2-in-1 with an almost real keyboard that you can add-on. Since it's focusing on being so many things - a tablet, a laptop, it's not the best at any one thing. However, if you are looking for the flexibility of a tablet with the ability to do some real tasks on it, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 in Canada is definitely worth looking at.

Is the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 good for university?

The Surface Pro 7 is a well-liked, highly recommended 2-in-1 tablet that would definitely work for a college or university student. The drawing pen accessory could be a great advantage to students in an artistic program.

However, it might not be suited for students that need to do a large amount of typing because, even though the keyboard is pretty decent, it's not the same as a laptop keyboard. It would be best to test out the Surface Pro 7 in person before buying it specifically for typing tasks.