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The Leesa Hybrid mattress (originally called the Leesa Saprisa) is a good balance between a foam mattress and an innerspring mattress.

The 11″ thick mattress has over 1,000 – 6″ individually wrapped pocket springs, and multiple layers of foam on top. The Leesa Hybrid mattress is designed, assembled, and made in the USA.

Certified by CertiPUR-US means that the polyurethane foam in this hybrid mattress has low off-gassing. That leaves us guessing about the rest of the materials used in the mattress, but Leesa is a Certified B corporation which means they meet the "highest standards of social and environmental responsibility."

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Not sure if the Leesa Hybrid Mattress or the Leesa Original is a better choice?

The hybrid is the better choice for a sleep that makes shifting positions easier, and it’s a little firmer than the Original. The foams in the Hybrid are denser and will be less likely to leave body impressions over time. Plus, with the springs in the Leesa Hybrid mattress, it gives an extra feeling of response and more bounce than the Leesa Original.

Because of the denser foam, it’s also a top mattress choice for people that weigh more than 200 lbs.

How does the Leesa Hybrid Mattress do at isolating movement?

If you share a bed with someone who has the jimmy legs, you’ll feel more motion transfer than with some other hybrid mattresses. The soft top foam and the 6-inch coil springs make you sing nicely into the bed, but then moving around takes more effort and causes movement to transfer to the sleeper on the other side of the mattress.

Leesa Hybrid Mattress Reviews

Wirecutter ranked it as the #1 on their list claiming it was the 'Our Pick' in their product review. [January 2021]
It offers better cooling and has a thicker cover than the competition, at a great price.