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The Dell G3 15 Canada with the 10th generation Intel processor (i5-10300H) makes this thing scream – it can run Fortnite at 140 fps at full 1080p resolution. That puts it’s performance above the Acer Nitro 5 with the same GPU but the 9th generation Intel CPU.

Plus, this cheap gaming laptop’s design doesn’t scream ‘gamer’ quite as loud, and the keyboard contrast is easier on the eyes.

Watch for sales on this gaming laptop - Dell will sometimes mark it down up to $250 off, making this a great price and putting it at the top of our list of best gaming laptops under $1000.

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Model Shop CPU GPU RAM HDD Screen Battery
I3500-7722BLK-PUS$1748 at
i7-10750HNVidia RTX 2060 6GB16GB512 GB SSD15.6"1748

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX16550 with 4GB GDDR6 memory and the 10th generation Intel Core i5-10300H processor allow the Dell G3 15 Canada laptop to perform well with all of your favorite games (frame rates are based on independent tests listed on’s website).

  • League of Legends – 190 frames per second at full 1080p HD
  • Gear 5 – 60 frames per second at full 1080p HD
  • Fortnite – 140 frames per second at full 1080p HD
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – 100 frames per second at full 1080p HD
  • Rainbow Six Siege – 150 frames per second at full 1080p HD

Dell G3 15 Canada Reviews

CNet [January 2020]
If you want a cheap -- and more travel-friendly -- gaming laptop, the G3 15 is worth a look.

LaptopMag - Top under $1000 pick [November 2019]
Dell G3 15 is a great revamp of a cheap gaming laptop, with excellent performance, good gaming utilities, but still comes with a dull display

Dell G3 15 Canada
The Dell G3 15 Canada gaming laptop is available in Eclipse Black or Alpine White finish with blue accents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the G3 15 battery life like?

For a gaming laptop, the battery is impressive. It lasts 6 hours and 41 minutes while surfing the internet. Expect less battery life while gaming.

Does the G3 15 come with alienware?

The Dell G3 15 Canada comes with Alienware Command Center software. It allows you to add and launch games from the center, and customize the performance of each game. You can also monitor temperature and usage of the CPU, GPU and RAM.

Is the Dell G3 15 worth it?

The G3 15 is a great refresh of an already budget gaming laptop. Solid performance and good battery life are it's greatest features, but some complain the display is dull.