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By Mike Szostech

The board is made of high grade Military Ultra Light PVC Drop Stitch Fabric. Constructed with additional PVC layer of board rails are highly strengthened the board. Deflated it’s only 1 foot in diameter by 38″.

Even though this was our top recommendation in 2022, it still ranks as one of the best paddle boards in Canada for beginners, It's the top selling in Amazon's Inflatable Paddleboards Canada category, and it often goes on sale for under $300. It also comes in 8 different color patterns and designs.

With over 4300 ratings, and an average 4.5 stars out of 5, this iSUP had one of the cheapest prices so we decided to buy one for ourselves for our paddle board reviews Canada!

It has all the same features as more expensive options, and we like it so much we added it to our roundup of the Best Paddle Board Canada.

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After purchasing this cheap paddle board for our aqua plus 11ftx33inx6in inflatable sup review, Amazon had it at our doorstep in only 2 days. It came in a plain cardboard box, and we got to unboxing it right away.

Once we pulled all the separate paddle board parts out of their plastic, we noticed that the unrolled the paddle board and got ready to pump it up. One of the common features among all cheap paddle boards in Canada is that they all seem to have a similar looking 2 stage pump.

The 2 stages means that the pump will inflate as you pull up, and as you push up – during both stages. Even after switching the pump to only pump on the push stroke – that you can use your weight to help you achieve enough pushing power – it can still be a workout pumping up the paddle board.

And after reading lots of paddle board reviews, we knew that these pumps are sometimes confusing to use. We were even more confused, but we soon figured out it was because our pump had 2 little pieces of plastic broken. When we tried to insert the valve for 2 stage pumping, the valve wouldn’t stay in because those pieces were broken off.

Since the box wasn’t damaged looking, we assume the pump bumped into another paddleboard piece in shipping. We couldn’t find these little pieces in the box, so it could be that they were broken off before the paddle board was put in the box. Either way, we were stuck pumping up the paddle board with the single-stage-push-only pump.

We’ve reached out to AquaPlus to see if they will send us a replacement pump or if we should consider returning the whole paddle board. Shortly after contacting them, they notified us that they were sending out a replacement pump. We received it within only a few days. Great customer service! (and we didn’t tell them we were writing a aqua plus 11ftx33inx6in inflatable sup review!)

In the end, after working up a sweat to get the inflatable paddle board up to about 12 PSI, we realized that the hardest part was near the end when we would’ve used single stage anyways.

Another difficulty we encountered was the first time we removed the pump to insert the plug in the valve, the valve had come ‘unsealed’ and we lost about 4 PSI. After re-pumping, when we removed the pump the second time, the valve did it’s job and held air while we got the plug in.

This also happened on a second outing with this paddle board, even though we were more careful with the pump and valve placement.

Just as we were about to start kicking sand and throw rocks, we heard the distinct ‘hissss’ and then a shout of frustration from across the beach. It turns out the more expensive Body Glove paddle board can experience the same problem!

AquaPlus Paddle Board Review Canada

Now that we were pumped up, we took a look at the board. The construction seems good – the vinyl side pieces (green and grey) are fully glued along the main white vinyl pieces that make up the main part of the board. We had seen some paddle board reviews that mentioned the cheap paddle boards can have poor construction leading to leaks, but this doesn’t look like it will be a problem on the AquaPlus.

The paddle is long – and sturdy. We had to tighten the cam-lock tighter than it came from the factory, but we like how, even when extended, the paddle is stiff and straight. Plus, unlike some other cheap paddle board paddles that sink (seriously!!), this paddle has a plug that will keep water out of the hollow shaft to help it float.

One thing of note is that this cheap paddle board only has a single fin – some of the other options have the main remove-able fin, as well as 2 smaller, outrigger fins.

AquaPlus Dimensions – Cheap Paddle Board inconsistencies?

One of the reasons we bought this for a paddle board review is because we are beginner paddle boarders. A wider paddle board is more stable and easier to use for beginners so we wanted something wide!

The AquaPlus lists the dimensions as 6″ thick, 11 feet long, and 33 inches wide (which is why it’s listed on Amazon as aqua plus 11ftx33inx6in inflatable sup). Once fully inflated, we measured the cheap paddle board and realized it is and inch longer than 11 feet, but it’s really only 31.5 inches wide!

AquaPlus paddle bard reviews Canada

Deflating the paddle board is easy, simply unscrew the valve plug, and then push on the spring loaded valve – prepare yourself for an ear-splitting hiss for a few seconds as the initial burst of air is released.

Everything fits nicely into the provided backpack. The pack is made of a fairly thin material and the straps don’t have much padding, but we did like that the pack has a mesh section on the bottom to allow all any remaining water to drip out the bottom. This could be good for draining while your hiking back to your vehicle, or bad for draining once you place it in your vehicle?

Once we hit the water we’ll be able to see how the feel of this paddle board compared to other cheap paddle boards we reviewed.