Product Review Contents:
By Mike Szostech

Go for a highly realistic gaming experience with this Acer 31.5″ LED monitor. Its curved 16:9 display and 1440p WQHD resolution offer a highly immersive visual experience with exceptional picture quality. The 1ms response time, 165Hz refresh rate and 100,000,000:1 contrast ratio offer smooth and fluid gaming visuals.

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Unboxing and mounting the Acer EI322QUR Curved Gaming Monitor

This box is big, but that’s because there is a big curved monitor inside! Unboxing is straight forward and not too exciting. The difficulty started when we tried to connect to our VESA monitor arm mount.

We looked at the back of the curved monitor, and other than a nice smooth spot where the stand bolts onto, there was no indication of how to connect to a VESA mount.

We decided to give in and pull out the instruction manual….  and there was absolutely no information in there about attaching the monitor to a mount, or even that it was possible.

Uh oh! We quickly pulled up the listing on BestBuy and confirmed it did say it is compatible with a 75mm VESA mount. So what gives? On Google a quick search turned up an image of the back of a curved acer mount.

Yes, so that is what the 4 standoff screws included in the box are for. There are 4 screws to remove, and then twist in the standoffs to create a flat VESA mounting surface on the curved back of the monitor.