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The extra wide design creates an incredible all-around board for riders of all skill levels. These paddle boards can be used in the ocean, freshwater lakes, and rivers. It has an industry-leading weight of only 17.5 pounds—that’s 20% lighter than competitors’. Board dimensions are 10’ long by 33” wide and 6” thick with a weight limit of 300 pounds. Pets love them to!

Originally, we overlooked the ROC paddleboards as they were about $75-$100 more than some of the cheap paddle boards in Canada. However, if you can get it on sale for under $300, then the ROC is a decent option (see the 'impressions' section below for why we don't officially recommend this paddle board anymore).

Plus, this is a short and maneuverable paddle board that's 33 inches wide making it very stable and easy. It's one of the best paddle board for beginners.

Now, heading into the fall season, prices for these paddle boards are ridiculous, upwards of $700! Because of the inflated prices compared to other paddle boards, we no longer recommend this iSUP in Canada.

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Our Impressions on the ROC paddle board in Canada

We love this board. While it doesn’t track quite as straight as the longer and narrower stand up paddle board we have, we like the extra 4″ of width that really increases stability. I’ve stood up paddling on this board with a small child at the front and another one at the back of this board and there was no concern of capsizing.

We also liked the higher quality pump and bag that came with this iSUP.

However, after only a few uses, while I was carrying the inflated board from the beach to the water, one end of the carrying handle ripped off of the paddle board. This didn’t damage the board, but it damaged the foam pad around where the strap was attached.

Then the next trip out, while using the handle as best we could, the other end pulled off of the board too. After reaching out to the company, we received a quick response asking for details and a picture of the damage. We sent a picture, along with our Amazon order number, and we are waiting…. it’s now been a month and still no reply on how to move forward.

Because of the increase in price, and the seemingly poor customer service, we don’t recommend the ROC inflatable paddle board in Canada. If, however, you’ve read our ROC paddle board review and you find it on sale, it’s still a great option for an inflatable iSUP in Canada.

Unboxing the ROC inflatable paddle board for beginners

When we received the box on the front step, it was damaged. There was a rip in the box on at least 3 of the sides, and it looked pretty sad. We started to wonder if perhaps that’s why Amazon had it listed for a 28% discount?

We did confirm that the listing said the condition was ‘new’ before we purchased it, so we took some pictures to document the box damage in case the paddle board was also damaged.

Once we opened it up, it looked like everything on the inside of the box was still in good shape so we unpacked it all and took a look.

The paddle board was wrapped independently from all the other parts, and the two outer fins had some blocks of foam protecting them. We realized that one of those fins was perhaps the cause of the damage on one side of the box – rather than something poking in from the outside, it could’ve been one of the fins forcing it’s way out from the inside.

This paddle board has 3 fins to give it increased stability and that makes it a great choice for the best paddle board for beginners. The outer fins are made of a slightly flexible – but very firm – plastic, and the one fin seems to be bent to the side slightly.

We could bend it back into shape, but imagine that when it’s packed up in the backpack for storage it could bend back again. Since it’s just bent over at an angle and will still glide through the water – rather than twisted sideways causing more drag in the water – we aren’t concerned.

With the foam protectors n the side fins, you can see that the tip is bent from being thrown around in the box. It does bend back, and once it’s out in the warm summer weather it should return to it’s original shape.

Inflating the ROC Standup Paddle Board

After unrolling the paddle board, we hoked up the pump and started pumping. The ROC paddleboard doesn’t come with a 2 stage pump, but we were impressed with how the pump performed. Since it is only a single stage pump, it only pumps when pushing down (not extending and pulling up). This made pumping feel easier since the pull up stroke was a little rest, and pushing down with your weight is easier.

However, don’t let us fool you into thinking that pumping up this paddle board for beginners was easy. It took 200 strokes on the pump to get it to this stage.

After 325 pumps, the gauge read 8 psi and pumping was getting difficult. Fully pumped up was close to 400 pump strokes, and by that time we had worked up a sweat and were ready to jump in the lake!

ROC Paddle Board Review the Dimensions

The advertised dimensions of the ROC paddle board were 10 feet 6 inches long and 33 inches wide. We’ve found some misleading advertising (or poor quality control) with some of the budget paddle boards for beginners not being the actual dimensions they are listed as.

After the ROC paddleboard was fully inflated, we measured it.

This inflatable paddleboard is 10 feet long
The best paddle board for beginners is wide for stability
33 inches wide just as advertised. This extra width makes it very stable and a great paddleboard for beginners