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The Bosch Bulldog is an amazing tool for hammering into concrete, and for small demolition project that require a handheld jackhammer!

Bosch Bulldog Hammer Drill Overview

The Bulldog Xtreme rotary hammer is an extremely versatile tool. It uses an 8.0 amp motor to drive a powerful hammer that delivers 2.0 ft-lbs or energy and 5800 beats-per-minute. All of this is in a compact durable package that weighs only 6.7 lbs.

The Bulldog Xtreme uses a D-handle design for comfort as well as easy multi-position drilling. An integral clutch disengages if the bit gets bound up. A variable speed trigger with reversing offers accurate bit starting, and a vario-lock positioning system allows a chisel to be rotated and locked at the perfect angle for the job.

The multi-function selector allows three modes of operation on the Bosch Bulldog Xtreme – rotary hammer, rotation/drilling only, and hammer only (which I like to call jackhammer mode).

Bosch 11255vsr Specifications

  • 8.0 amp motor
  • 6.7 lbs weight
  • 0-5800 beats per minute no-load speed
  • 0-1,300 no load drilling RPM speed
  • Max torque of 2.0ft-lbs impact energy EPTA
  • Max hole in concrete – 1″
  • Voltage – 120 V
  • Width 3.5″, length 17.25 inches, height 6.0 inches

Bosch Bulldog 11255vsr Comes Includes

  • (1) 11255VSR 1 In. SDS-plusĀ® Rotary Hammer
  • (1) Auxiliary Handle
  • (1) Depth Gauge
  • (1) Carrying Case

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Our experience: A Bosch Bulldog Review

When we lived in the tropics for 2 years, we took the Bosch Bulldog down with us. We used the 11255vsr for everything from drilling holes in cinder block walls to hand curtain rods, to using the chisel drill feature for demolishing part of a concrete wall and footing so we could run a new rainwater drainage pipe out to the street to keep our yard from flooding.

The Bosch Bulldog 11255vsr is easy to use. Even my little boys used it, and they were able to break apart a concrete drainage-way that was right in the middle of our backyard (which we replaced with an underground pipe).

The only complaint I had with the Bosch Bulldog is that sometimes the SDS bit would fall out – often it was when using a chisel in ‘hammer only’ mode, and usually when the chisel bit bound on the concrete and I tried to pull it out.