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Juno mattress review Canada showing the Juno mattress box
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Juno Mattress Review Canada Summary

There isn’t a better mattress for under $500 in Canada than the Juno mattress in a box! It has features that more expensive mattresses have – like a long trial period, a long warranty, foam infused with cooling gel – and it’s a Canadian mattress made in Canada by a Canadian company.

Juno Mattress

Juno Mattress

The Juno Mattress is made in Canada, and starts at only $578 for a Queen size. This 8" thick mattress is rated as 'Medium Firm'. offers a 120 Night Trial period and a 15 year warranty.

Materials Used: cooling gel, viscose
Certifications: Certi-Pur US
Other: Fiberglass free details

Shop Now $578 for a Queen

Not convinced? See how it compares to other Canadian value mattresses.

Unpacking the Juno Mattress

The Juno comes in a big box with 2 punched-out handles. Since this is only an 8″ thick mattress, the box isn’t overstuffed and you can actually get your fingers into the handles. Plus, the mattress isn’t real heavy so it’s manageable for one person.

Sliding it out of the box, there’s an outer layer of plastic film that is wrapped around the mattress. After unrolling that, the mattress started hissing and expanding – there must have been a small hole in the vacuum pack somewhere that allowed the mattress to start pulling air in.

Unboxing the Juno foam mattress and unwrapping it from the plastic makes it hiss and expand

With the satisfying slice of a knife, the Juno mattress in a box could start expanding to it’s full potential. Of course, the mattress ended up being upside down, but it was easy enough to flip over, and plus – we wanted to read the tag and unzip the cover first anyway.

Juno mattress materials and care instructions

A concern with many Canadians looking for the best foam mattress is making sure the mattress doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or materials. Fiberglass is a big concern recently, so we checked the Juno mattress tag and unzipped the cover to take a look.

The mattress cover is removable, but Inc doesn’t recommend machine washing. Rather, if there’s a spill or stain on the mattress, you can spot clean the mattress cover and lay it flat to dry.

Juno Mattress Tag
Closeup of the tag on the Juno foam mattress

The tag confirms the claims made by Juno, that the mattress is made in Canada. We also noted there is no fiberglass listed on the Juno mattress tag.

We can also see that the cover bottom is made of polypropylene – that’s the same stuff they use to make rope. It’s plastic based and it’s strong and so they likely chose it to keep the bottom of the mattress cover from tearing when moving the foam mattress around. Plus, it’s woven in a way that it’s breathable to make sure the foam doesn’t get mould or mildew growing on it.

The top portion of the cover is made of polyester, lyocell, and HDPE. For our Juno mattress review Canada, we got the optional Cool+ cover upgrade. The lyocell is likely the added material to give the cover extra cooling properties. Lyocell is made from plant cellulose and processed into fibers. It’s breathable and moisture-wicking, antibacterial, and it’s gentle on skin with it’s soft, smooth texture. The HDPE, according to, is a strong and flexible fiber that can help give a fabric flexibility (for motion isolation) and dimensional stability (to keep the cover from shrinking if it gets wet).

Next for our Juno Mattress Review Canada, we unzipped the cover to see the foam layers. There are 2 layers of foam.

The (upside-down) Juno foam mattress in a box with the cover unzipped

The 6 inch thick supportive foam layer is responsive and supportive, yet keeps motion transfer from interrupting your sleep (or so they say – in our tests below the Juno mattress didn’t do very well at isolation motion). The 2 inch thick cooling gel foam layer is infused with cooling gel, and is open-cell foam to keep you cool and comfortable all night. It also conforms to your body to prevent pressure points and discomfort.

How does the Juno Mattress compare to other foam mattresses?

This is the part where most Canadian mattress reviews give you all sorts of opinions about how soft or firm the mattress is, and how they like it or don’t like it. We don’t want to just give our opinions – we want to show you what you need to know to help you decide if the Juno mattress is the best foam mattress for you.

After unboxing the Juno Mattress, we put it through our test procedures to help us give you unbiased mattress reviews.

We started by piling over 170 lbs of weights only 3 inches in from the edge of the mattress to see what kind of edge support this foam mattress in a box did or didn’t have. And, to be fair, doesn’t tout that this mattress has any edge support. As you can see, it doesn’t.

Testing the edge support on the Juno foam mattress in Canada

We also dropped a 20lb weight onto the mattress to see what sort of bounciness the mattress had. Some people don’t want a mattress to bounce at all as it can lead to extra jiggling and motion transfer, while others prefer a foam mattress to have some bounce to help them move around. And for certain adult activities some bounce can be a good thing too (and we aren’t just saying that, it’s a common question!).

The Juno mattress had a substantial amount of bounce, but we think that also contributed to lower marks for motion isolation. Since the weight bounced so much, it also caused the mattress to shift so much that our water test really sloshed around.

In our mattress test the weight did a big bounce and really tossed its sleeping partner (the water pitcher) around

We also slept on the Juno mattress for a few nights, and for the price, we’re pretty impressed by it. The Cool+ sure seemed to do the trick of keeping us comfortably cool, and even though there’s only 2 layers of foam, it was soft and sinky on top with a reasonable amount of support for our bodies.

It was a little bit of a soft mattress for our liking (my wife and I), but that’s so specifically biased to our needs that it’s not worth putting any weight of it into your decision of whether the Juno mattress is the best foam mattress in Canada for you.

When comparing to a more expensive mattress like the Douglas (from the same mattress company, the Douglas seemed to be firmer at first glance. But after sleeping on it for a few nights, it was actually softer feeling, but at the same time it had better full body support for sleeping on your back or your side.

The Juno let you sink in more, but then it had a tendency to make you feel stuck while at the same time it was firm enough to cause shoulder pain on our sides and didn’t support our lumbar when sleeping on our back. This is likely from the cheaper foam – the top layer is soft, but too soft and let’s you sink right through and end up being supported by the firmer base layer.

All in all at the end of our Juno Mattress Review Canada, for the price we still think it is the best budget mattress Canada.

Questions and Answers from our Juno Mattress Review Canada

Is the Juno mattress any good?

The Juno is a value mattress, meaning that it’s not the most luxurious, but it’s inexpensive. For the price, we’d say it’s worth it. It’s built in Canada, it’s made with quality foam, and it’s a super affordable mattress without sacrificing support or comfort.

It’s our pick for the best budget mattress as you can get a Queen size for under $600, and all of the materials are CertiPUR-US rated without any harmful chemicals or fiberglass layers.

How soft is the Juno Mattress? ranks the Juno mattress firmness level as not too soft and not too firm, calling it Medium-Firm. They say that the Juno mattress is the ‘perfect mattress for all sleeping types’.

Who makes the Juno foam mattress?

Juno is one of the sub-brands of the Inc company. They build seven different mattress models – all of them are made in Canada specifically for the Canadian market. Recently, they have started offering their mattresses to the USA market as well.

Are Juno and Douglas the same company?

Juno and Douglas are both bed-in-a-box models sold by the same company: Juno is their value mattress, while Douglas has an additional Elastex foam layer for latex-like responsiveness and pressure relief.

Is the Juno mattress true to it’s dimensions?

Juno is reported to be 8″ thick, and after unboxing and waiting for the mattress to fully expand, we measured the mattress to be a true 8″ thick.

Does the Juno Mattress go on sale?

If you’re searching for a Juno Mattress deal, or Juno mattress sale, you won’t find it. doesn’t offer discounts on their mattresses – they always have them priced at the lowest possible price. They do, however, offer freebies like free pillows, or a free weighted blanket, depending on the promotion at the time.

Juno Mattress Sizes Available

The Juno foam mattress is available in Canada in all of the standard mattress sizes. doesn’t make the Juno mattress in any RV sizes, so if that’s what you need you’ll have to look at the slightly more expensive Douglas mattress.

Mattress SizePrice   
Twin XL$528.00
Full / Double$558.00
Cal King$678.00
Split King$1,056.00

Juno vs Douglas

For slightly more, the Douglas mattress has 2 inches more of the top layers of comfort foam which gives it a softer feeling on your shoulders and hips while side sleeping than the Juno mattress. At the same time, it still ends up providing better support for your lower back while sleeping on your back. If your budget allows, it could be worth upgrading from the Juno foam mattress.

Here are some things to consider when comparing the Juno Mattress vs Douglas Mattress. The Juno Mattress is 8" thick, while the Douglas Mattress is 10" thick. Thicker mattresses tend to be more comfortable, but they also typically cost more. These mattresses are both rated as being Medium Firm by the manufacturers.

The Juno Mattress has a 15 year warranty, but the Douglas Mattress has a 20 year warranty. Warranty is especially important for an online mattress since you can't return it to a store. The Juno Mattress has a 120 Night Trial compared to the Douglas Mattress that has a 365 Night Trial. A longer trial period gives you more time to see if you purchased the best mattress in Canada for your needs. The Juno Mattress is Made in Canada. The Douglas Mattress is Made in Canada.

Juno Mattress

The Douglas Mattress

Shop Now $578 for a QueenShop Now $779 for a Queen
FirmnessMedium FirmMedium Firm
Materials Usedcooling gel, viscosememory foam, cooling gel, cooling fiber or fabric, tencel, removable cover
CertificationsCerti-Pur USCerti-Pur US
Weight Limit250 lbs per sleeper, 500 lbs maximum
Made InCanadaCanada
Warranty and Trial15 year warranty warranty
120 Night Trial trial period
20 year warranty warranty
365 Night Trial trial period

We did a full review of the Douglas Mattress

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