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Dyson is constantly revolutionizing the vacuum industry, and the Dyson stick vacuum is the most popular cordless vacuum in Canada.

Since cordless vacuum reviews are such a hot topic right now, we decided we need a Dyson specific cordless stick vacuum comparison page on this site because:

  • Dyson cordless vacuums are the most common, and arguably, the first cordless stick vacuum manufacturer
  • Dyson stick vacuums are often the most powerful, most expensive, and perhaps most controversial?
  • Dyson has so many different models, sometimes with very small differences between them

If none of this scares you off, then scroll down the page to where we get into the meat and potatoes of the Dyson Cordless Vacuum Comparison chart.

Do you want to see how the Dyson stick vacuum stack up against the competition? Check out our review of all brands to find the best cordless vacuum Canada. Or, if you aren’t sure if a cordless stick vacuum will have the cleaning power you need, check out our recommendation for the best canister vacuum in Canada.

Consumer Reports Downgrades Dyson Stick Vacuums

In March, 2019, Consumer Reports removed their ‘recommendation’ from Dyson’s stick vacuums due to reliability issues. Their site starts the article saying that “nearly half of Dyson stick vacs develop problems within the first five years.” Read their full article here

They conducted a survey of their members, and based on that, Consumer Reports “estimates that close to half” will “develop problems or break within five years”.

Compared to Shark, which they say is the most reliable brand for this type of cordless stick vacuum, Consumer Reports says around a quarter of those develop issues in 5 years. Looking at it one way, it’s easy to say Dyson will break twice as often as Shark cordless vacuums, but it also points to the fact that in general, stick vacuums just don’t have long term reliability. I attribute this to a few factors:

  1. Cordless vacuums use a battery. Lithium-ion batteries are only good for a certain number of recharge cycles before they no longer work. As a matter of fact, CR even mentions that a dead battery was the biggest problem – and it’s typical for cordless vacuums and Dyson is no worse than other brands.
  2. In order to make an appealing cordless vacuum cleaner, it needs to be light. That means that it will either cost an arm and a leg because it’s built out of space-grade titanium, or it will be built out of plastic parts that can break.

Another item not mentioned by Consumer Reports is how many people had their issues dealt with under warranty. They do mention that Dyson still earns their top rating for owner satisfaction – Excellent. The only other brand to rank excellent with owner satisfaction is Shark, and Shark is also ranked excellent for predicted reliability, mainly due to their wildly popular Shark Ion F80 Canada.

All of the models of Dyson Stick Vacuum reviewed for Canadians
The V11 Dyson Stick Vacuum Outsize is the newest model from Dyson

Extensive Dyson Cordless Vacuum Product Line

It seems like there are almost countless combinations available of different attachments, so there are many specialty Dyson models – like the Dyson HEPA vacuum filter line, or the Dyson PET vacuum line, or the new Torque Drive.

Here are all of the Dyson cordless stick vacuums available in Canada in 2022. Scroll below the Dyson Comparison chart for details on specific features.

Dyson Stick Vacuum Comparisons

Model Shop Battery LifeWeightExtra ToolsNoise LevelCostWarrantySuction Power
Dyson V15 Detect Total CleanAmazon.caDyson.caLong - 60 minutesAverage - 6.04 lbsHigh torque head, heair s...Below Average 71dbHigh - $949 at time of publicationAverage - 2 year185 AW
Dyson V11 OutsizeAmazon.caDyson.caVery Long - 60 minutes x 2 batteriesAverage - 7.05 lbsLarge Motorhead, Mini Mot...Below Average 71dbVery HighAverage - 2 year185 AW
Dyson V11 Absolute PlusDyson.caLong - 60 minutesAverage - 6.68 lbsMini Motorhead, soft roll...Below Average 71dbVery HighAverage - 2 year185 AW
Dyson V11 Absolute with DOKAmazon.caDyson.caLong - 60 minutesAverage - 6.68 lbsMini Motorhead, soft roll...Below Average 71dbVery HighAverage - 2 year185 AW
Dyson V11 Torque DriveAmazon.caDyson.caLong - 60 minutesAverage - 6.68 lbsMini Motorhead, 4 tools, docking stationBelow Average 71dbVery HighAverage - 2 year185 AW
Dyson V10 AnimalAmazon.caDyson.caLong - 60 minutesLightweight - 5.7 lbsMini Motorhead, 5 tools, docking stationAverage - 75 dbHighAverage - 2 years140 AW
Dyson V10 MotorheadAmazon.caDyson.caLong - 60 minutesLightweight - 5.7 lbsBrush, Crevice, Docking stationAverage - 75 dbHighAverage - 2 years140 AW
Dyson V8 AbsoluteAmazon.caDyson.caAbove Average - 40 minutesLight - 6 lbs3 tools, soft roller head, docking stationLow - 67 dbHigh - $679 at publicationAverage - 2 years115 AW
Dyson V8 AnimalAmazon.caAbove Average - 40 minutesLight - 6 lbs3 tools, docking stationLow - 67 dbHigh - $679 at publicationAverage - 2 years115 AW

Dyson V7 Motorhead Canada
Dyson.caAverage - 30 minsLightweight - 5.45 lbsBrush, Crevice, Docking stationAbove Average - 72.6 db$399.99 at publication timeAverage - 2 years100 AW
Dyson V7 AnimalAmazon.caAverage - 30 minsLightweight - 5.28 lbsMini Motorhead, 5 tools, docking stationAbove Average - 72.6 dbAverage - 2 years100 AW
Dyson V7 CompleteAmazon.caDyson.caAverage - 30 minsLightweight - 5.28 lbsMini Motorhead, 5 tools, docking stationAbove Average - 72.6 dbAverage - 2 years100 AW
Dyson V7 OriginAmazon.caDyson.caAverage - 30 minsLightweight - 5.28 lbsCrevice, BrushAbove Average - 72.6 dbAverage - 2 years100 AW
Dyson Omni-glideDyson.caShort - 20 minutesLightweight - 4.19 lbsdocking station, crevice toolBelow Average 69db$549Average - 2 yearAverage

Dyson Cordless Vacuum Terms and Definitions

Outsize is the name given to the larger Dyson V11 vacuum. It has a 25% wider motorized cleaning head which means less passes over the floor to clean the same area. It also has a much larger dust bin – by 150%. And with a 2nd clip-in battery that comes in the package, the Dyson Outsize also has twice the run time.

The VancouverSun reviewed the V11 Outsize Dyson stick vacuum in March 2021, and noted that “It takes a second to get used to the larger bin at the top of the machine, but itโ€™s easy to use now.”

This is the name that Dyson has given to their stick vacuum motors – that spin up to 125,000 RPM and generate twice the suction of other cordless vacuums (Dyson gives the footnote of “Tested at the cleaner head to ASTM F558, dust-loaded” to that claim).

Dynamic Load Sensor
The newest Dyson cordless vacuum technology uses sensors inside the high torque cleaning head that monitors the resistance on the brush bar up to 360 times a second. The motorhead then automatically adjust the power across different floor types and cleaning jobs.

Storage DOK
Many Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners come with a wall mount docking/charging station. However, if you don’t want to mount to a wall, then you have had to manually plug and unplug the charging cord – until now. With the Dyson DOK, you can insert and remove your Dyson stick vacuum into a freestanding charging dock.

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