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Douglas Alpine mattress in a box
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Douglas Alpine Mattress Review Canada Summary

Built by the Canadian mattress company, the Douglas Alpine mattress has 3 layers of foam that provides soft, comfortable sleep surface with a good base support layer. We were impressed by the motion isolation, with the only motion really being transferred from the mattress cover itself.

And this mattress is among the cheaper options – available in Canada for under $1000 (the very similar Douglas original mattress made our list of the Best Mattress under $1000).

The Douglas Alpine Mattress

The Douglas Alpine Mattress

The The Douglas Alpine Mattress is made in Canada, and starts at only $999 for a Queen size. This 11" thick mattress is rated as 'Medium Firm'. offers a 120 Night Trial trial period and a 15 year warranty.

Materials Used: memory foam, cooling gel, cooling fiber or fabric, tencel, removable cover
Certifications: Certi-Pur US
Other: Fiberglass free details

Shop Now $999 for a Queen

Unpacking the Douglas Alpine Mattress

The Douglas Alpine queen size mattress weighs 69 pounds so it’s a good idea to have a friend help you unbox the mattress. Once the mattress is wrestled out of the box, unwrapping and cutting open the package is the easy part.

The mattress was folded up so that once it was unfolded the mattress was upside down. This coul be so that the nice Douglas mattress cover is visible when it’s pulled out of the box, but it’s probably because the softer, top layers of foam can more easily be manipulated into a tight mattress sausage.

Once the Alpine mattress was set free of it’s plastic cage, it sprung up to it’s full 11″ thickness and we couldn’t help but unzip the cover to see what was hiding underneath.

Douglas Alpine Mattress materials

The Douglas Alpine mattress is the same as the Douglas Original best-selling mattress, but with improved motion isolation and increased cooling and pressure-point relief.

There are 3 foam layers inside a CoolSense washable top cover that wicks away moisture to help you stay cool and dry. We also noticed there are no additional mattress socks or layers of fiberglass (which confirms that Douglas mattresses in Canada do not have a fire sock).

The base layer is 6.5″ thick and consists of high-density foam designs to almost completely eliminate motion transfer between sleepers. It also provides good support right up to the edge of the bed.

On top of the base foam, this mattress has a middle transition layer of Elastex foam. It’s topped off with 2.25″ of Douglas’ trademark top layer of foam. It contains cooling gel foam and has enhance Polar temperature balancing technology.

According to, the Douglas mattress Polar temperature balancing is a phase-change material that keeps your mattress within a comfortable temperature range both in warm and cold conditions.

The materials tag on the Douglas Alpine Mattress in a box

The materials listed on the tag of the Douglas Alpine mattress are exactly the same as the Douglas Original mattress in our Douglas Mattress Review Canada.

The covers on the two mattresses are the same – they are made up of polyester, tencel, and elastene. They are machine washable as long as you don’t use bleach and tumble dry on low heat settings.

And the foam layers are basically the same but thicker on the Alpine mattress. The top layer foam on the Douglas Alpine contains Polar Temperature balancing, which must be a different mix but still falls under the polyurethane foam and polyurethane gel descriptions.

Testing the Douglas Alpine Mattress-in-a-box

We let the mattress expand and settle for a few days before running these tests. We try and replicate the tests as similarly as we can for each mattress so that we can better compare one mattress in a box to another.

Edge Support

The Douglas Alpine doesn’t specifically have edge support, but since it has a hefty 6.5″ thick base layer of support foam, it aids in providing sturdy support near the edges of the bed. We stacked 177 lbs just 3 inches from the edge of the mattress, and the weight really only sunk through the top layers of cooling and memory foam before finding firm grounding on the base layer.

Overall, it’s suitable edge support that will keep you from feeling like you’re falling out of bed if you roll near the edge.

Responsiveness and Sinky-ness

The top layers of foam in this mattress definitely do their job of cushioning. When we dropped a 20 pound weight on the mattress from a height of 20 inches, it sunk all the way down out of sight into the mattress but the base support layer of the foam held firm and sent the weight almost 4 inches back above the mattress.

We tested further by measuring how far a weight sinks into the mattress and observed the same thing. The soft top layers allowed sink, but the mattress’s base layer kept it supported.

What does that mean? It means that the top layers will do well to cradle your body and relieve pressure points, but the base layer keeps you from sinking too far, and provides a bounciness that is helpful for moving around in bed.

Motion Isolation

At the same time, while providing a soft supple top layer of plushness for your body to sink into, the foam does a really good job of isolating movement. We did a movement test a few different ways. Each time, the 20 lb weight was dropped only18 inches away from our jar of water.

The first mattress review test for motion isolation we done with the water jar 6 inches from the end of the bed (at the 1:20 mark in the video). The motion transfer was quite large, and we were initially disappointed.

Dropping 20lbs on the mattress barely moves water

Then we tested again with the weight being dropped on one side of the queen size mattress in a box. The water jar was 18 inches away towards the other side of the mattress simulating 2 sleepers about 18 inches apart (and one moving quite violently!).

With this test, the water barely moved – which backs up Douglas’s claims of great motion isolation on this foam mattress in Canada. When reviewing the slow motion video, it appears that the first test pulled on the cover more than the second test since the water jar was close to the edge of the mattress in the first test.

Overall, this mattress scored very good on our motion isolation test.

Douglas Alpine Mattress Availability in Canada

What started out as just a single Douglas mattress has grown in popularity so much that they’ve created the Alpine mattress, and it’s available in all standard bed sizes and even RV mattress-in-a-box sizes in Canada.

Mattress SizePrice   
Twin XL$839.00
Full / Double$899.00
Split King$1,678.00
Cal King$1,099.00
RV Bunk$799.00
RV Three-Quarter$899.00
RV Short Queen$999.00

Douglas Alpine vs Douglas

Here are some things to consider when comparing the Douglas Alpine Mattress vs Douglas Mattress. The Douglas Alpine Mattress is 11" thick, while the Douglas Mattress is 10" thick. Thicker mattresses tend to be more comfortable, but they also typically cost more. These mattresses are both rated as being Medium Firm by the manufacturers.

Each of these Canadian mattress-in-a-box mattresses have a 15 year warranty. The trial period on these mattresses is 120 Night Trial. The Douglas Alpine Mattress is Made in Canada. The Douglas Mattress is Made in Canada.

The Douglas Alpine Mattress

The Douglas Mattress

Shop Now $999 for a QueenShop Now $779 for a Queen
FirmnessMedium FirmMedium Firm
Materials Usedmemory foam, cooling gel, cooling fiber or fabric, tencel, removable covermemory foam, cooling gel, cooling fiber or fabric, tencel, removable cover
CertificationsCerti-Pur USCerti-Pur US
Weight Limit250 lbs per sleeper, 500 lbs maximum
Made InCanadaCanada
Warranty and Trial15 year warranty warranty
120 Night Trial trial period
15 year warranty warranty
120 Night Trial trial period

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