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Searching for a cordless drill can be daunting, as there are literally hundreds of models. Wanting to find a DeWalt Cordless Drill Canada? Check out this comparison chart to learn the differences between all the cordless drill models offered by DeWalt. If you aren’t yet set on a DeWalt cordless drill, check out our review of the best cordless drill in Canada.

This chart contains all of DeWalt Cordless drills from the 2023 DeWALT catalog.

Every single drill, every product that starts with DCD (which stands for DeWalt Cordless Driver) that was listed in the catalog is in this chart.

DeWALT Cordless Drill Canada

How to use the DeWalt Cordless Drill Comparison Chart

Clicking on a column heading will sort the cordless drills by the value in that column. For some columns it might not make sense, but if you are looking for the lightest cordless drill or the most powerful one, sorting could be useful.

In addition to sorting by the columns, you can enter a keyword in the searchbox. For example, if you want to find a DeWalt Cordless Drill with high capacity battery packs, you could type in 4.0 or 5.0 to filter by all the high-capacity battery offerings.

If you are looking for a drill with a hammer drill option, or specifically without the hammer drill feature (because they do cost more), you can sort by the ‘Max BPM’ column. The BPMs are the beats-per-minute of the hammer function, and a non-hammer cordless drill will not have a value in that column.

The Made In USA column keeps track of all of the DeWALT cordless drills that are built in the USA, or more specifically, assembled in the USA with global materials.

For contractors of multi-worker job sites, you might want to look for the cordless drills that come with the DeWalt Tool Connect feature that allows you to track tools with a cellphone app.

Model Shop Max PowerSpeedsNo Load SpeedChuck SizeChuck TypeTool Only WeightBrushlessIncludesTotal Battery AhDrill LengthMax BPMMade in USATool Connect
DeWalt DCD708C2 AtmomicAmazon.ca340 uwo20-450/0-1650 rpm1/2"Plastic, Ratcheting2.4lbsYes(2) 20V MAX* Lithium Ion ...3.0 Ah6.3 inches
DeWalt DCD709B AtomicAmazon.ca34020-450/0-1650 rpm1/2"Plastic, Ratcheting2.5lbsYesBelt Hook00-28,050
DeWalt DCD740C1 Right Angle DrillAmazon.ca34020-650/0-2000 rpm3/8"Keyless, Ratcheting3.0lbsBelt Hook and 2" Phillips...1.5Ah

DEWALT DCD771C2 Canada
Amazon.ca30020-450/0-1500 rpm1/2"Plastic, Ratcheting3.6lbs(2) 20V MAX* Lithium Ion ...3.0Ah

DEWALT DCD777C2 Canada
Amazon.ca34020-500/0-1750 rpm1/2"Plastic, Ratcheting3.5lbsYes(2) 20V MAX* Lithium Ion ...3.0 Ah
DeWalt DCD778C2Amazon.ca34020-500/0-1750 rpm1/2"Plastic, Ratcheting3.6lbsYes(2) 20V MAX* Lithium Ion ...3.0 Ah0-29,750bpmYes
DeWalt DCD780C2Amazon.ca35020-600/0-2000 rpm1/2"Metal, Ratcheting3.4lbsBelt hook, (2) 20V MAX* L...3.0 AhYes
DeWalt DCD785C2Amazon.ca35020-600/0-2000 rpm1/2"Plastic, Ratcheting3.5lbs(2) 20V MAX* Lithium Ion ...3.0 Ah0-34,000bpmYes
DeWalt DCD791D2Amazon.ca460 uwo20-550/0-2000 rpm1/2"Metal, Ratcheting3.4lbsYesBelt hook, (2) 20V MAX* L...4.0 AhYes
DeWalt DCD792D2Amazon.ca46020-550/0-2000 rpm1/2"Metal, Ratcheting3.4lbsYesBelt hook, (2) 20V MAX* L...4.0 AhYes
DeWalt DCD796D2Amazon.ca46020-550/0-2000 rpm1/2"Metal, Ratcheting3.6lbsYesBelt hook, (2) 20V MAX* L...4.0 Ah0-9350/0-34,000bpmYes
DeWalt DCD797D2Amazon.ca46020-550/0-2000 rpm1/2"Metal, Ratcheting3.6lbsYesBelt hook, (2) 20V MAX* L...4.0 Ah0-9350/0-34,000bpmYes
DeWalt DCD980M2Amazon.ca53530-575/0-1350/0-2000 rpm1/2"Metal, Ratcheting3.9lbs(2) 20V MAX* XR®Lithium ...8.0 AhYes
DeWalt DCD985M2Amazon.ca53530-575/0-1350/0-2000 rpm1/2"Metal, Ratcheting3.9lbs(2) 20V MAX* XR®Lithium ...8.0Ah0-34,000bpmYes
DeWalt DCD991P2Amazon.ca82030-450/0-1300/0-2000 rpm1/2"Metal, Ratcheting3.8lbsYes360° Side Handle and Bel...10AhYes
DeWalt DCD996P2Amazon.ca82030-450/0-1300/0-2000 rpm1/2"Metal, Ratcheting3.4lbsYes360° Side Handle and Bel...10Ah0-38,250bpmYes
DeWalt DCD997P2BTAmazon.ca82030-450/0-1300/0-2000 rpm1/2"Metal, Ratcheting3.4lbsYes360° Side Handle and Bel...10.0Ah0-38,250bpmYesYes
DeWalt DCD998W1 Power DetectAmazon.ca107230-450/0-1300/0-2000 rpm1/2"Nitro-carburized metal, Ratcheting3.5lbsYes8.0 Ah battery, charger, ...0-38,250bpmNo
DeWlat DCD999B FlexvoltAmazon.ca121930-450/0-1300/0-2000 rpm1/2"Nitro-carburized metal, Ratcheting3.54lbsYes360 degree side handle, belt hook0-38,250bpmNo

How to understand DeWalt cordless drill model numbers

In doing this project, we dug deep into catalogs and documents to determine if there was a rhyme or reason to DeWalt Canada’s tool numbering system. Here’s what we discovered:

  • The DCD stands for DeWalt Cordless Driver. Driver is the term used for the drill/driver tools – different than the DCF line of tools that are the DeWalt Cordless Fastening tools.
  • A model number that ends with a B is simply the bare tool – no kit, no batteries, no charger.
  • A model number that ends in a C2 comes with a cloth bag and 2 batteries.
  • A model number that ends in D2 comes with a durable plastic carrying case and 2 batteries
  • We did find one model in DeWalt Canada’s catalog that ended with an L1, and all we could guess is that it came with 1 large-capacity battery pack

DeWalt Brushless Cordless Drill vs Brushed Motor

DeWalt says that the brushless motor improves efficiency by about 57%. That translates into less energy used, which means each battery charge lasts you longer. Since it’s newer motor technology, it costs more, but that extra cost could be worth it for professionals who need the most get-done-power possible on each battery charge.

You may not notice at first, but there are some other subtle changes between the brushless Dewalt cordless drills and the brushed motor versions.

It could simply be because of the newer/updated designs, but the brushless versions weigh slightly less and deliver the same UWO (unit watt output) power rating. In addition, the dimensions of the brushless drills are slightly shorter – perhaps the brushes at the end of the motor required a larger body dimension in the older cordless drills.

The older, brushed motor versions have an LED worklight that is just above the trigger. This casts a large shadow directly where you need it most – at the end of the drill. The newer brushless motor Dewalt cordless drills have the LED worklight down just above the battery, which casts much better light on the project at hand.

Why should you trust us?

We went over these DeWalt Cordless Drill Canada models with a fine-toothed come. A few times, we think we even did a better job than DeWalt and Amazon did!

For example, the DeWalt DCD778L1 was listed in the DeWalt catalog twice – the same model number, same specs, etc. The only difference is a ‘made in the USA’ label on one. Why? Was it a typo, or is there a model missing? We don’t know, but you can check it out for yourself in the DeWalt catalog PDF here. The 778L1 is listed on page 25 of the 241 page PDF (labelled in the catalog as page 24 because of the cover page I guess).

In another example, we found a weight discrepency between Amazon’s product listings and the DeWalt catalog. On Amazon, the drill was listed at 2.6lbs, and in the catalog it weighs 1 pound more.

Still unsure on which DeWalt Cordless Drill Canada is best?

Did we miss something? Is there a specific type of information missing from this comparison chart that would make your decision easier when looking for a Dewalt Cordless Drill in Canada?

Please let us know! Leave a quick comment below, we’d love to improve the site and make it more useful for you.

7 thoughts on “The Ultimate Dewalt Cordless Drill Canada Comparison Chart”

  1. I am looking to buy my son a good drill for his first home with set of bits 2 batteries and a carrying bag as a Christmas present .. which one do you recommend for around the house jobs? . Also is 3/8” or 1/2” better and 20 volt cordless ? Was looking at Canadian tire but very confusing and no help
    Thanks in advance👍

    1. Good question! 1/2″ is definitely more versatile, 3/8″ drills are typically lighter but can be limiting in the size of drill bit you can use. As for brand, it depends if your son might want to work on larger projects (like home renos rather than just assembling bookshelves or hanging pictures) or if he might want to expand his cordless tool collection in the future. Something simple for around the home tasks would be fine with a cheaper Black&Decker drill. Mastercraft cordless drills cost a little more and have a pretty decent 3 year warranty. Otherwise, I’d recommend Ryobi cordless drill for a budget tool that has hundreds of other tools that use the same battery pack. Or for a little bit more you could go with Ridgid from HomeDepot for a cordless drill with a lifetime warranty on the battery packs!

    1. If you’re just needing one or two small holes in fresh concrete, then the 1/2 drill with hammer feature will work ok, but it’s slow going and I would only use it in a pinch if that was all I had available. It will be better then a non-hammer drill, and it’s nowhere near the same as a real hammer drill.
      If you need serious concrete drilling power, look for something ‘SDS’ like any of these options from DeWalt: They cost more ($350 and up), but I’ve used both and there is really no comparison.

  2. Have you encountered any chuck problems with the Dewalt drills? I have read that bits have a tendancy to fall out.

    1. Haven’t heard anything like that! Are you talking about the keyless chucks on a drill, or the push in/quick release 1/4 inch chucks on the DeWalt impact drivers?

  3. I am in the market for a good drill and have just started my homework. Some review sites say that Dewalt chucks are prone to problems. (ie) bits falling out. Have you encountered such problems?

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