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We were provided a sample EVO gaming chair for this Secretlab review. At the time of publication, the chair was on sale on the Secret Lab Canada website for $709.

Started in 2014, Secretlab is a Singapore based global brand that produces high quality gaming chairs. And they’ve been successful! They’ve sold over 2 million gaming chairs, and they constantly receive rave reviews from all around the world.

Built on the experience of the founders, who are also former professional esports players, Secret lab Canada is always testing and improving their gaming chair designs. The latest in their lineup of gaming chairs is the Titan Evo.

The Titan Evo combines all the greatest features of their previous Omega gaming chair and the Titan gaming chair, and improves on many of the features too!

Review Contents:

Assembling the chair

This chair is heavy! Not in a bad way, but in a wow-I-wish-this-box-was-already-in-my-office sort of way. A heavy box makes us think this gaming chair will be strong, sturdy, and lasting. It’s a little bit heavy when assembling, but this has been thought of by Secretlab as the backrest is wrapped in sturdy plastic with handles cut into it for easy lifting and positioning during assembly.

Once we got the Secretlab gaming chair box to our assembly location, we sliced it open and started assembling. And, to be honest, assembling the gaming chair did not take very long. We love the magnetic pieces that are so quick and easy to attach. Other gaming chairs require you to carefully line up and bolt on hinge covers (sometimes with great difficulty), where as these covers you can basically throw into place and the magnets pull them right into location!

Assembly was quick and easy, and every step of the way you can tell that Secretlab carefully planned out the unboxing and assembly process. Even the little toolkit they provided was miles above the typical weak-as-cheese hex keys.

Once the Secretlab chair was assembled, we rolled it into our office and sat down to work.

Our Opinion on the Secretlab Titan Evo Gaming Chair

Closeup of the high quality materials on the back of the Secret Lab EVO gaming chair in Canada.

Down to the smallest detail, the Secretlab Titan Evo is a high quality gaming chair. Don’t believe us? Check out Secretlab’s Technology page. It’s loaded with details about how the chairs are constantly tested, advanced, and improved over previous versions.

These chairs are built to withstand hours and hours (dare we say years?) of plopping down, pushing up, tilting back, twisting around, rubbing – every motion your body can do in the chair.

To test, Secret Lab drops weights on the seat, they push against the backrest, they rub the fabric, and they twist the swivel base. They even tested the packaging by dropping it several times from height to simulate rough handling during shipping.

Secret Lab Canada Gaming Chair Review

All of this testing and improving results in a chair with a great feel. The quality of the fabrics, the softness of the memory foam neck rest, and the just-firm-enough but supportive seat base is immediately apparent when you sit in the chair.

And while initial comfort is important, the real merit of a gaming chair shines through after being in the seat for hours. We’ve used this chair at our desk for the past 10 days, and we still like it.

As a tall ‘skinny’ guy, the magnetic neck pillow can be moved high enough up the backrest to actually be where my neck is. On some other gaming chairs that have the 5-point-harness wholes with straps that hold the neck pillows in place, the pillow doesn’t get high enough and instead would push my shoulders forward. On those gaming chairs I would immediately remove the neck pillow and do without. On this Secret Lab gaming chair, however, the memory foam neck pillow is a great addition when I need to lean back for a quick rest break.

In addition to the headrest positioning, we love the 4-way adjustable lumbar support. Typically, the lumbar supports built for the average person are too low to be helpful with a long back. Secretlab’s lumbar support not only is adjustable in and out, but also up and down – putting the curve in the right position for your particular back. While the Titan EVO gaming chair costs more than some others, the cheap gaming chairs usually just come with a lumbar cushion which, once you sit for a couple hours with, you’ll feel the difference the adjustable lumbar can make.

The armrests are fully adjustable in every direction you can imagine. They go up and down, and luckily for us the full down position just barely clear our desktop so we can push the chair in at the end of the day. The armrests also go in and out, to accommodate different body width, and they also rotate. While all this adjust-ability is common, we really appreciate the locking mechanism. Other chairs we tested in our review of the Best Gaming Chairs in Canada didn’t lock, so when we pushed on the arm rests to adjust our body position, the armrests would move around.

We typically shy away from leatherette fabrics as we’ve had bad experiences in the past of them peeling and failing after a year or two. The test gaming chair sent to us by Secret Lab Canada comes with their SoftWeave™ Plus Fabric and we love it. It’s comfortable, seems highly durable, and doesn’t give that sweaty feeling that a leatherette can.

However, we’re so impressed by Secretlab’s innovative technology, we wouldn’t be afraid to try their NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette as they specifically designed it to avoid peeling:

Regular PU leather peels because of moisture from the environment. When the middle foam layer absorbs moisture, it becomes susceptible to a hydrolysis reaction that degrades it. To avoid this, we stripped out the middle layer and reinforced the base layer with a bespoke 3D structure of ultra-fine polyester fibers for exceptional strength, flex, and abrasion resistance.

In fact, we wouldn’t hesitate to buy any of the gaming chairs Secretlab offers!

Questions about the Secretlab Gaming Chair Canada

How durable is the Secretlab Titan Evo gaming chair?

In 2020, Secretlab received many complaints about the durability of the covering on their chairs, with customers complaining the covering of certain chairs sometimes peeled away. Since then, Secretlab has improved their materials so that their leatherette is 12 times more durable and can withstand a 300% heavier load, and their softweave fabric is 3.5x stronger than its predecessor.

Do Secretlab chairs ever go on  sale?

Yes they do. While the discounts may not be huge, they still are a discount – and any money saved while getting a top quality gaming chair is a win.

Does Secretlab ship to Canada?

Yes! While the chairs aren’t made in Canada, Secretlab does indeed ship to residential or commercial addresses in 10 provinces in Canada. Secretlab Chairs  Canada are often shipped out the next day as well!

The Secret lab Canada warehouse is in Ontario, so shipping to British Columbia or Newfoundland can take up to 8 working days, but most orders are delivered in 4 working days.

How much does the Secret Lab EVO 2022 gaming chair cost?

In August 2022, there was a sale on the Secret Lab Canada website. The EVO 2022 started at $679 for the hybrid leatherette, and $709 for the SoftWeave Plus fabric (which is the version of the chair we tested).

Where to buy the Secretlab EVO 2022

One of the reasons that Secretlab can offer the EVO gaming chair at such a reasonable price is because of direct to consumer sales. There is no middleman, no store overhead.

Visit the Secret Lab Canada website for more details and to check current pricing:

More comfort. Deeper personalization. Exceptional durability. With research-backed design innovations engineered for serious performance, the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 is the first gaming chair of its kind. Elevate your game with pro-grade ergonomics — the choice of the world’s best players and professionals worldwide.

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