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Clotting gauze has been around for a long time, as it helps to fill a large wound and aid in the blood clotting up quicker, to limit bleeding.

QuikClot is a special type of non-woven gauze that is impregnated with KAOLIN. Kaolin is an inert, inorganic mineral that accerates theb ody’s natural clotting ability. It doesn’t contain any animal or human proteins or botanicals.

Check out this YouTube video explaining how QuikClot works:

In 2008, CoTCCC chose QuikClot combat gauze as the only hemostatic dressing used by all branches of the US military. It isn’t often carried by ambulances due to the cost, but some police department medics do have it on hand in case of gunshot wounds.

Quikclot is more expensive than some other clotting bandages, but it just works.

I’ve employed it. It immediately staunched all arterial bleeding on a double-finger amputation on a worksite. Amazingly effective…! – Dan K, British Columbia

You can find QuikClot clotting gauze online and at some gun supply stores across Canada.

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