By Mike Szostech

Unbeknownst to me, cleaning gel is apparently an already popular thing. I’d never seen it before!

The idea is that you can take the slime-like gel and slowly force it into complex and tight areas – air vents in your car, your laptop keyboard, or air vents on your air conditioner and other appliances.

Then as you slowly pull the gel back out, it takes with it all of the dust and junk that you could never get to before.

There are hundreds of different companies offering these universal cleaning gels, but ColorCoral seems to be the most sold cleaning gel in Canada.

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Tips for using cleaning gel

  1. Don’t try to clean the gel! The purpose of the gel is to stick to the dirt and grime and that means the gel will start to become filled with the junk.
    If you try and wash it, you will make the gel too runny and it will no longer work – and likely will just make a sticky mess everywhere. Instead, keep using the gel until it is so dirty it is unusable, and then throw it away.
  2. Work slowly! If you shove the gel into your air vent and then yank it out again, it will likely leave behind little pieces of it everywhere. Work slowly, allowing the gel to mold to the contours, and then distort to squeeze back out when you remove it.

ColorCoral universal dust cleaning gel, simple and convenient cleaning kits for home and office electronics cleaning, such as PC keyboards, car vents, camera, printer, telephone, calculator , speaker, air conditioner, TV and other appliance.

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