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We picked two of the cheapest cooling mattress toppers on Amazon to compare them for our mattress topper review. Since we liked them so much, we added them as budget picks to our list of the best mattress topper.

Both of them have gel cooling beads and holes for ventilation, and both mattress toppers also have a copper memory foam layer to combat bacteria.

They are both 4 inches thick, and we ordered them both in the most common Queen size. The price was within a few dollars of each other at the time we purchased these budget mattress toppers.

The first thing we noticed when they arrived on our doorstep is that both of them have a shipping label from the factory they were made – and both are from the same town in China.

Even before opening them up, we realized these cooling mattress toppers may even be made by the same company, and simply marketed under different names on Amazon Canada.

Cooling mattress topper made in China

Despite being packaged in exactly the same manner, there are a few differences between these two cooling mattress toppers.

The Maxzz mattress topper (on the left) is not quite as thick, measuring at about 3-3/4 inches thick, while the BedStory topper measures just a hair less than 4 inches thick.

The Maxzz has a cooling gel memory foam layer that is about 1-3/8 inch thick and a 2-1/4 inch thick copper foam layer. The BedStory mattress has a very generous 2-1/2 inch thick layer of cooling memory foam with a 1-1/4 inch thick layer of antimicrobial copper foam. If you’re looking for more memory foam, then the BedStory is the best budget mattress topper for you. Or, if you want more copper-injected foam, then the Maxzz is a better bet.

As you can see in the animation below, the thicker memory foam seems to allow more ‘sink’ with the weight placed on it, so you’ll feel more cradled and supported. Interestingly, however, is that the thinner layer of memory foam on the Maxzz budget mattress topper seems to hold it’s memory longer after the weight is removed.

If you’re concerned about feeling like you have to roll up and out of your cooling memory foam, then the quicker response (shorter ‘memory’) of the thicker memory foam of the BedStory topper will be the best cooling mattress topper of the two.

The BedStory’s memory foam is grey in color because it’s made with some bamboo charcoal in it that helps mitigate odors – this could also be why it’s memory function isn’t quite as good as the Maxzz mattress topper.

Review Contents:

Mattress Topper Dimensions Comparison

Both of these budget cooling mattress toppers were purchased in queen size.If you have a queen mattress it would be helpful for you to measure the actual dimensions of your mattress. While a standard queen size is 60 by 80 inches, there may be some variance in your mattress – just like we found in these cooling gel mattress toppers.

They are both rated as 4 inches thick, but while the BedStory measures 4 inches thick, the Maxzz topper is actually only 3-3/4 inches thick (this is after allowing them to decompress from packing for over 5 days at room temperature – 3 days longer than suggested by the companies).

Width-wise, the Maxzz is 3-4 inches wider than the 60-inches of a queen mattress, while the BedStory is 1/4 inch shorter. And for length, these mattress toppers are almost 2 inches different. The Maxzz is 78-1/4 inches long, while the BedStory comes in right at the 80-inch length of a standard queen mattress.

Maxzz mattress topper dimensions: 60-3/4(W) x 78-1/4(L) x 4(H)

BedStory mattress topper dimensions: 59-3/4(W) x 80 (L) x 3-3/4(H)

Cooling Mattress Toppers – How do they feel?

Both of these mattress toppers are plenty soft. While the BedStory does feel more cradling (likely because of the thicker memory foam), when laying on both side by side, there is little noticeable difference.

Since they’re just a layer of memory foam, they of course don’t provide the support like a hybrid mattress with tiny coil springs does.

Both of these cooling gel mattress toppers have vent holes to help prevent warm air from sitting near your body causing you to overheat. In addition, there is cooling gel – but that is only in the memory foam layer.

These mattress toppers both mention that you can flip the mattress over for a softer feel, but that would mean that the cooling gel isn’t going to help much. On the other hand, the antimicrobial copper foam layer likely won’t help much if you have that layer on the bottom, away from your body.

Our Verdict on the best cooling mattress topper

Since we couldn’t make a judgement on these just by looking at their product details, we purchased these and did some real world testing. And? Well, there’s very little difference.

If you want a topper that is exactly the same size as your mattress, then check out the dimensions above.

Otherwise, either of these will make an excellent cooling mattress topper to help soften up your mattress and improve your rest.

We’ve noticed that sometimes one or the other will have a coupon or discount offfered, so we recommend buying the one that’s the best deal at the time.

BedStory Bamboo Charcoal & Copper Memory Foam Topper Mattress

BedStory Bamboo Charcoal & Copper Memory Foam Topper

The BedStory Bamboo Charcoal & Copper Memory Foam Topper is made in China, and starts at only $176.99 for a Queen size.

This 4" thick mattress topper has a 'Customizable' firmness. BedStory offers a 10 year warranty.

Materials Used: memory foam, cooling gel, breathable foam, copper, activated charcoal, bamboo
Certifications: Certi-Pur US $176.99 for a Queen
Maxzzz Gel Copper Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Maxzzz Gel Copper Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The Maxzzz Gel Copper Memory Foam Mattress Topper is made in China, and starts at only $171.99 for a Queen size.

This 4" thick mattress topper has a 'Customizable' firmness.

Materials Used: memory foam, cooling gel, copper
Certifications: Certi-Pur US $171.99 for a Queen

Do these cooling mattress toppers stink?

We figured these memory foam mattress toppers would do some off-gassing, so we opened them in the garage and planned to let them expand and spend a few days out there.

However, even though some reviewers said they stink, there was very little ‘plastic’ smell to these. In fact, we had to get right down and sniff the mattress toppers before we could detect any smell. We attribute this to both of the cooling mattress toppers using Certi-PUR US foam.

Should I buy a mattress topper?

Mattress toppers are a less expensive way to improve your sleep without buying a whole new mattress. However, if your mattress is past it’s usable life – if there’s a big sag in the middle or other problem – then a mattress topper probably won’t fix it. We recommend checking out our reviews of the best Canadian mattresses.

A plush mattress topper will work well if you have a mattress that is too firm, or if you have a mattress that would benefit from some cooling memory foam.

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