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There are lots of options for the best WordPress hosting, but most of them are located on servers outside of Canada. If you’re looking for the best wordpress hosting in Canada, check out these Canadian companies!

Because of Canadian privacy laws and safety regulations, many businesses need to have their websites physically located on servers in Canada. Large US companies like GoDaddy, BlueHost, and WPEngine are great options, but their servers are in Chicago, LA, or even overseas sometimes.

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Websavers Canadian WordPress Hosting

Located in Eastern Canada, Websavers is run by a small group of Canadian tech gurus. I’ve had websites hosted with them since 2007, which is shortly after they started their business in 2004. They’ve always been quick to respond, and super helpful – not the typical ‘read from a script’ help you get sometimes with bigger companies that outsource their tech support overseas.

Websavers has their physical servers located just outside of Montreal, Canada, which puts them where you need to meet Canadian privacy laws. While they offer all sorts of hosting, including shared hosting, PLESK reseller hosting and VPS services, Websavers also offers WordPress hosting.

If you only have a single wordpress site, and you haven’t purchased a domain name yet, they offer free wordpress hosting if you purchase the domain through them. Websavers also has cheap wordpress hosting plans for single domains, or unlimited domains.

Our powerful WordPress hosting tools — available to sites both with and without our Hands-On Support — help you work faster and smarter with WordPress. Easily backup, import, clone and automate common WordPress functions. Plus, you get to choose on a per-site basis whether you need fully managed Hands-On Support. Prefer to have us manage just one or two sites, but not all of them? No problem.

We highly recommend Websavers for fast, reliable, and friendly wordpress hosting in Canada! Prices start at $7.00 per month (in CAD dollars of course!) with discounts available if you subscribe for a 1yr, 2yr, or 3yr plan.

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WPCloud Managed WordPress Hosting Canada

If you know you want managed wordpress hosting, and you’re willing to pay a little bit more for full service treatment (including things like plugin updates where they first test for issues before updating), then WPCloud is the best wordpress hosting in Canada for your website.

Since 2015, Canada Reviewed has been using WPCloud and we are very impressed with them – why else would we have been using their managed WordPress hosting for over 7 years?

WPCloud has servers physically located in cities across Canada, including Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto, so you can choose the location closest to your target market. Their office is located in Port hope, Ontario and it’s run by a group of dedicated Canadians.

Since WordPress hosting is all they do, if you have a website that has other software packages too (like a PHPbb forum or other sorts of features), then you’ll need to host these elsewhere. WPCloud says that their WordPress security comes from only dealing with WP hosting, and not having to worry about security flaws in other software.

WPCloud is a fully managed WordPress hosting provider. We offer a high level of support, service & reliability, our sole focus is WordPress Hosting.

Our Canadian based WordPress support team will provide WordPress core updates, plugin updates, backups & a full host of performance & security improvements. We constantly monitor all WordPress sites & are notified of any issues or updates required […] all updates are performed & tested by a WordPress expert.

While not the lowest price for cheap wordpress hosting, we think the price is more than reasonable for all of the features they provide. Pricing starts at $30 per month for up to 2 wordpress installs, and they have plans all the way up to agencies for 25 wordpress installs.

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